England national football team, Raheem Sterling, Harry Kane, World Cup, UEFA EURO 2020 "I thought it was a penalty at the time" | Harry Kane reacts to England reaching Euro 2020 final!

We can talk as much as we want and talk about how we’ve learned from 2018 and um it’s about doing it on the pitch, and we definitely showed that today, like i said first time, we’ve been behind credit to them. There’S, a great free kick, but we stayed calm. There was no panic uh, we kept the ball, we kept getting into spaces. We actually created a few more chances uh. Just after that, uh michael made a great save from raheem, and then obviously we managed to get the breakthrough and then um yeah. I mean the second half: we we controlled it. Well, we had a few half chances um, but look these these games are about character. They’Re about digging in about belief – and we definitely have that as a squad, so this will just give us more going into sunday now thanks, i mean next to javier caceres hi harry um. I would ask you to share some thoughts on italy. I don’t know if you have seen the game yesterday against spain their win. On the one hand, the other thing is across europe, there’s, quite a discussion on the penalty uh, whether it was foul or not. I don’t know if you had clear side on it and if it was enough of a contact to to award a penalty to your team yeah, i mean first and foremost, really are obviously a great side. They’Ve had a great tournament. So far, obviously, defensively got a great record and got some amazing attacking players as well, so we’re going to have to be obviously fully prepared for for what they bring in terms of the penalty from from live.

I thought it was a penalty um. Obviously i haven’t seen it back yet, but i mean i thought i should have had a penalty as well in the uh in the second half, so um that’s football. Sometimes they go away. Sometimes they don’t uh, it probably even itself out throughout the game. Today, thanks javi uh duncan wright, hi harry congratulations. Can you just sum up your your feelings of leading this team and and the reaction in in the stadium afterwards sum it up for us yeah it’s hard to it’s hard to sum up into words, if i’m totally honest, um i’ve said as a footballer as a Professional it’s always just about the next one, on to the next one, on to the next one and it’s really sometimes hard to take it all in taking the crowd, taking, obviously everyone at home, watching um yeah, so sometimes like nights like tonight. You just have to to be here with the fans sing with the fans. We know we haven’t won nothing yet, but you have to enjoy nights like this. You have to enjoy winning which we’ve done well in this tournament um, but of course, really there’s. Always that feeling, in the back of your mind, that we’ve got one more to go, so we don’t want to get too carried away, but i’m extremely proud to obviously be the captain on this side. We’Re showing great resilience we’re a credit to each other, not just the players who play but the whole squad.

The staff um and look we’re we’re excited for obviously a final one on our home ground. Thanks duncan alex howell bbc sport hi harry congratulations. Um! Do you think the way you manage the game at the end show shows how you’ve grown as a team and do you how tempting was it to go for the uh third goal yeah? Definitely i was um. That was a great sign of what we’re about um. Obviously, there was a couple of times where you thought about maybe running into the box trying to get the third um, but that shows a team, this unselfishness of the team. It was all about winning today and i think we ended up keeping it for a good few minutes towards the end of the game and really killed uh denmark off so um yeah, that’s, that’s part and parcel winning. You have to be brave in their moments. Get on the ball trust each other and that’s. What we’ve done today so um but, like i said, full credits of denmark. They gave us a great game. They’Ve been a credit to themselves throughout the whole tournament, so they should be proud um. But of course it was our night tonight, so we should enjoy it. Thanks alex uh joe prince right, nbc sports hi harry congratulations on the win uh, obviously, for you uh. The tournament started closely now um it’s, all about a team of have you got your eye on that goal, but you’ve already got one from the premier league this season.

Are you thinking about getting a couple in the final to take the golden boot home as well as a trophy? Well, i mean golden boots, are always a bonus and, of course, if i end up winning that it means i’ll, probably end up scoring one or two goals in the final, which gives our team a great chance of winning the whole thing, which is the ultimate goal. And obviously, all of our aim so um yeah look if if we end up winning it and i don’t win a golden boot i’m, not going to be too fast if i’m, if i’m totally honest, you know as a striker, you want to help your team and Obviously, scoring goals is a big part of that, so thankfully i’ve been able to do that so far. In this tournament, um and yeah, we go into sunday with with loads of confidence. So um let’s see what happens thanks joe we’ve got time for two more starting with simon peach and pa. Congratulations, harry um, you’re gon na be the second man in history to lead england out in the final you’re doing it at wembley. Following the footsteps of bobby moore, can you just sum up: what can you even sum up what that’s gon na feel like and the opportunity that you’ve got no it’s gon na be uh it’s, going to be an amazing occasion for sure um, like i said, extremely Proud to be leading the boys out in any game for england, no matter making history and getting to our first final, so um yeah, i mean, as the game gets closer i’m sure uh the excitement and the nerves will kick in and um it’s going to be.

A special day, but, of course there’s there’s, going to be a winner and a loser, so we’ve got to make sure we’re on that winning side. We want it to be a special day for everyone gone after the 90 minutes as well after the 120 minutes. So um yeah looking forward to it. I know the boy is a buzzing. What an occasion to see the fans like it was after the game, so um yeah it’s hard to take it all in at the moment, but i’m sure i’m sure we’ll we’ll all enjoy it for sure. Thanks simon and we’ll finish with jonas dalgard from bold dk hi harry, this is jonas from from danish media, and you, you gave credit to the danish uh team for for the performance today. Can you can you elaborate how they felt playing against the danish team and what you made of their performance? Yeah they’re, a really tough side uh, they played great football um. We found it difficult at times to press them. They got out of press pretty well and uh obviously created a couple chances so um. Obviously they went one to out with a great free kick uh they’ve got great individuals, but i think their biggest strength is just there togetherness. I don’t know a lot of people have been talking about christian and what that’s, what that’s done to the team and galvanized the team? But, to be honest, i think they’ve had that all along you know we played them in the nations league and it was very tough to break down a very tough tough team.

They don’t get beaten too often, so we had to go the whole way. Today we had to go into extra time to get the job done. Um so, like i said, i said to them after they should be proud of what they’ve achieved that’s football. Sometimes it goes one way or the other and thankfully, for us it went our way.

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