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So much for royal protocol prince william himself is punching the air and his royal highness raheem sterling has england where they want to be a quarter an hour away from the european championship. Quarter. Final short on the march and here’s brelish and there’s kane and england reach out a vast national embrace a moment in time. Perhaps the garu self gave the redemptive moments for which he has waited a generation harry kane. At last england, modern england writes their own new history. This time at wembley, the german giant was slain a day for which a nation has thirsted a redemptive day for which the nation’s football leader has longed. An ambition attained it’s only the last 16 it’s only a place in the quarter final, but this is a fixture which resonates with relevance which echoes with history, which matters almost more than any. Other hurdles lie ahead. England can believe they can go all the way, but for now the crestfallen germans must take their plane home. This is a trophy which won’t be theirs, and all three of the group of deaths – france and portugal and germany have disappeared in a choice. This boy’s got energy away from berezinski. This is brilliant from mack and he squeezed this shot in his own work. Robert mack, with something just a little special he’s made a mug of a fallback and he’s found the gap where they’re ought to have been one and he has established a shock lead for slovakia.

Poland have to change the mood of the match lewandowski and by zielinski rivers, liberty, it’s, taken seconds at the start of the second half for poland to repair the damage. We could expect an elevated workload now in by mack. Oh, what a hit Applause and the bratislava boys are bouncing a man up a goal up simply up slovakia, where they want to be chesney of juventus beaten by skriniar of inter and poland have very probably now let it get away for slovakia, one of the truly Special days, these slovakian celebrations tell their own story. They made it happen. Milan squinyard, who became the improbable hero with a thumping winner and how slovakia cherish and relish that rung in by deployment off the goalkeeper and surely in belgium, do break through radetsky. So often the hero is forlorn for his, for surely the telling touch the marlon man mountain got big for the head up. It is belgium who finally pierced, but is that enough to broader lukaku for sure he has pinned that in and no one will rob him of that one. You know he’s so strong. He just rolls his defender and absolutely drills it home and that’s game. Over now and that does it beautiful belgium, progress with perfection, 10 wins out of 10 in qualifying three wins out of three in tournament: football last 16 and with power to add. However, belgium are certainly involved, and indeed they are to be feared.

Applause lukaku in glorious isolation with as much time and space as he would wish to feast upon at all, with the cross and it’s turned in by money bouncing off the bench and into the limelight Applause. The belgians are buoyant Applause through here for lukaku to seal the deal few hottest strikers in europe right now. One slip one glimpse his eye perpetually on the prize when he’s on it. He is nyon unplayable belgium at a canter. They have ripped up russia again and no one has done more, ripping than romelu emil forsberg to establish sweden as likely progresses into the last 16. Forsberg delivers with certainty and sweden look forward in the sizzling saint petersburg sunshine. The last 16 prepares to embrace these smiling scandinavian folk Applause inside the first minute and a half. The swedish number 10 has struck again scorer of both their tournament goals and the man who immediately punctures the polls for smart smashing goal. He just cannot help himself his tournament his day again and surely now sweden’s deal is sealed, worrying, lindelof, levantovsky beauty class is permanent and his class is of a very, very high level. If they do say farewell, they say farewell in style with their greatest stylist. Oh, this is extraordinary from levandoski. Surely you’re not going to attempt to shoot from there, but this is robert lewandowski and it’s game on again koski lifts it in and lemon dusty scores for poland who have six minutes to find salvation? Can it happen? Can it really happen and poland, for whom, today only a win, will be sufficient victory and they are through anything less and their tournament is over taken away by kulesepski full of running wanting to impact late to the party, and the job is done for sweden with Finality and finesse by victor clarsen and poland now must succumb and accept the certainty of their departure.

That’S, a really cool finish, and congratulations to group winners. Sweden, who march on the final score at the end of uh, a really thrilling game as it turned out in saint petersburg, sweden, three, poland, two here, rancho miranda, that is a super goal, delicate in its construction, certain in its execution, Music Applause with a goal for Which the russian nation thirsted in by click and touched in from unmissable range for poland by jacob smierchock, his first international goal, barely three minutes in the perfect uplift for paulo souza and all folk poland, delicious ball from golovin, aimed it at chuba and squeezed in at The back post for russia by the first real threat they have summoned and they have struck creeping in almost unnoticed blind side beyond pukats, who was on his heels and we’re back where we started too much on it for lapport hammer through the crowd, though, by jordi Alba and vira very kind or cruel deflection, spain have a prompt lead, and here is foiler and there’s. Shaqiri at switzerland are level shakiri bearer of the swiss armband with a moment of potential swiss salvation they were peering into the abyss.

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