England national football team, UEFA EURO 2020, Italy national football team r Italy: WHO WILL WIN the Final? | The Ultimate Euro 2020 Final Preview

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So thank you surf shark and now to the preview Music. So italy come into this final, having competed in three others winning once and losing twice. They had to beat belgium and spain on their way to the final and remain unbeaten in 33 matches now, having won 13 consecutively. If you count the shootout win as a straight up victory, regardless with a win, they would stretch the unbeaten run to 34 matches. One shy of the unbeaten records held by both spain and brazil. As for england, this is the first european championship, final, that they have ever competed in and in fact, their first final in a major tournament since they won the world cup in 1966 55 years ago. There was plenty of undermining done for each of these teams. We had guys, like patrick vieira and gary neville originally stating that italy won’t have enough when they come up against a real opponent. They certainly did have enough against belgium and got it over the line eventually against spain, england. They defeated. Germany then took on a poor ukraine side and then denmark, probably the toughest opposition they faced this tournament and they looked pretty great in the process. Dubious penalty aside, england were deserving winners of that match. Even if they didn’t get that penalty, they probably would have gone on to win it either way unless it went through a shootout which you never know at that point, but it’s interesting. The teams who got to stay in one city for the entirety of the group stage all made it to the final four, spain and seville, italy and rome, denmark and copenhagen and england and london.

England they’ve had the added bonus of getting to play three of the four knockout matches, including the final at home, at wembley, giving this tournament that was supposed to be shared with europe, a bit of an odd feel to it. Now, when one team benefits in that matter, but i mean that aside, the home advantage does give some sort of edge to england doesn’t it. For this final, it must, as the english fans have been, you know, jubilant throughout the tournament, but this italian side is like nothing they have faced thus far. The italians have shown that they are ferocious on the counter and perhaps they will be happy to allow england to have the ball, just as denmark did against england, england sometimes labor to create good scoring chances and if denmark had just a bit more quality going forward. Perhaps they could have hurt england on the counter the amount of times that kyle walker covered for that back line. This italian side will carry some of the elements that denmark displayed. You know compact defensively comfortable in defense, quick to transition, but it’s fair to say that the italians are a much more talented side with all due respect to the danes, who can absolutely be proud of their euro 2020 results. Bonucci and keolini have been one of the best defensive pairings in the tournament. Well, donnarumma, in my opinion, is without a doubt the best keeper at this tournament, but that defense of solidity did show a bit of weakness against spain didn’t it as the movement of spain’s attackers, coupled with the service from pedry, provided opportunities that the spanish failed to Take you have to wonder if those chances had fallen to england would they have punished the italians? Something tells me they would, and so i do wonder if england can find a semblance of the dominance that they exhibited going forward against denmark, coupled with getting kane in the box with room to shoot.

Will this be a big problem for italy and at the other end, how will england deal with the italian attackers? How will england’s midfield stand up to the great trio of verratti varela and jorginho? It’S certainly going to be a fascinating final and i really do look forward to it and there’s two guys that i know will be waiting with some eager anticipation, matisse armani and, of course, uncle sharma, two great friends of the channel, so let’s chat with them about Sunday’S, big final, and so speaking of this final, going into it up against italy, what scares you the most going into it? Do you know i think it’s that midfield. You know that that georginio verratti that press from the counter press the way that they’re able to retrieve the ball so hard. The pitch they’re, very energetic barreller as well didn’t have the greatest game last game at spain. I thought he’s. Probably the weak point gave the ball away a bit too much. But he’s had a very good tournament, and i know georginio very well as well, so that midfield is, is very capable of controlling as they’ve done, um and knocking the ball about and having england chase and that’s. Where now mason mound, who will probably start to match up phillips rice as the three um will have to you, know, they’ll have to contain that and they’ll have to try and get the ball of them as in most big games, the midfield battle will be will Be the key it’ll be interesting to see is a very you know, contrasting styles of football.

You know and that midfield kind of encapsulates their thing. You know georginio, verratti varela, you know the technical, small, inventive, midfielder whitley against. You know declan rice and calvin phillips. You know the the the old school kind of hard physical england midfield, but also you know fair play to them, technical as well. They combine both sides of the game, so i am that will be. I think the key battle of the of the whole game to see who takes control of that of that midfield. Both teams are going to have to assert themselves and i think that’s why i make early slight favors for me at least because their midfield is just very, very, very strong. At the moment, the performance against austria give you some pause after coming out of the group stage. Looking so strong, not really, but you know yeah the austria one kind of put a little bit. You know one or two percent doubt in my mind in terms of how italy struggled a little bit with austria’s, more physical nature of the game and how they pressed quite hard and we weren’t able to dominate, as we did in the previous matches, with the spain. One i can’t, you know you just kind of have to expect that you’re going to give up possession because that’s just their their bread and butter, but again yeah. I expected a little bit more from from italy’s. You know star midfield, which is you know, the every.

The whole team is built around this elite elite midfield of barrett la verratti georginio. So i was expecting a little bit more in terms of them being able to beat the press beat the pressure, but overall, i think those performances, even though they weren’t stellar. They convinced me even more that these guys just know how to get get the job done and get it over the line. I was actually going to ask you about that. How will you feel about southgate, but i think that’s pretty clear, you know he. You can’t really complain about a guy. Yet who is you know winning every match? Who had that clean sheet record and everything it’s i mean, and i always bring it back to portugal. People are going to fall asleep on me, but with fernando santos i think we’re starting to see the other side of that where he got that goodwill from winning euro 2016. But now, as the results, don’t roll in it’s a results. Business right as the results. Don’T really roll in you start to question it more and more and wonder you know: why are we playing such unattractive football when we could be playing better football and i feel like that could be something that we’d see in england as you do with any other Team had things gone sour, you know yeah, but now, like you’re saying with him with him, potentially winning this it completely flips the narrative doesn’t it it does.

I mean i i am i mean for me personally, like i said i’m shocked and i think now he would want that new contract, even if he loses to italy. For me, i think he’s done a great job because i think he eliot a favorite so just to get to the final that’s another step further than this team has ever been before. I would say england are definitely the favorites right now in terms of how they got to got to the final it’s, their home stadium they’ve been at home for most of their matches. Apart from one you know, they’ve haven’t had the hardest run into this. This final as well, so i would definitely not say that italy, a favor i think the bookmakers have um england as favorites as well. So italy, i think, as you said, the little chip on the shoulder underdog mentality. I think kind of helps. Italy um we’ve, seen that in the past is our 2006 world cup. That was kind of you know. The culturally scandal coming into things seemed to kind of galvanize. The team 2012 was all the euros. You know. People probably didn’t expect that performance to get into the final, then as well, um 2016 with conte as well. You know awful team on paper, but still we’re. You know overachieving so yeah. I think most people are expecting england to win this match. In my opinion, from what i’m hearing in the in the streets and my colleagues and friends over here so yeah i’m, actually i quite like it.

I think that that plays into italy’s hands the performance against spain. Did it raise any red flags for you at all? With you know how many chances they were able to generate against this italian backline yeah, that was, that was a little bit worrying, how they were clear, creating some clear chances, which you know, oyo zabal and you know morata of course, should have probably um. You know done better with their conversion, though was you know, issued the whole the whole tournament, but with italy yeah a little. Some cracks are starting to appear and i’m worried about the physical condition more than anything with italy. At the moment you know bonucci and killini. We know the oldest partnership in the whole tournament. I believe so they’ve got this far already in this. You can see it’s taking a toll on their bodies. Both defenses are, are very solid. Um england obviously conceded their first goal against denmark, but it was a screamer to be fair, so i’m, not really too disappointed in that going in. I think you know that’s, probably one of the goals of the tournament up there with them and um yeah. I think, but i think both attacks. You know italy are very aggressive going forward. You know they really do try to get in your face and england to be fair to them. You know in the opening you know. 10 20 minutes of the last two matches have been quite similar.

England’S backline hasn’t really been tested. Yet this tournament, we saw there’s been a few times where teams have got in behind them, and carl walker or you know someone with their pace, kind of recovers them or manages to you know, recover the situation for them. We saw against denmark damsgard going behind them. A couple of times so i think you know there are gaps that john stones and maguire can leave that italy can exploit for sure. I think he mobility has hasn’t been great, but i think when he gets space in behind defenses he can. He can hurt you a little bit and i’m just putting my trust in in that front three. They didn’t really perform that well against spain, but i think you know against italy, against england at wembley big stage. I think i think this italy team will come through and that midfield will uh will be england’s midfield with sterling. You still see people trashing him on twitter and yeah it’s, like what does this guy have to do? He’S been arguably the best player in this tournament. I think he has yeah and you know it’s sure, he’s wasteful sure he had a bad season. But you know facts change and he’s good now, and you have to give people props when they’re doing well, and i think the same thing goes for southgate, where you know this sort of the situation has changed now, just give it up to him.

Let go of the agendas or the bias or everything there are some people out there that are actually giving him the props that he deserves because, like you were saying he has this sort of strange relationship with the rest of the country it seems like where. Well, i i would say it’s more, i mean you could speak to this better than i could, but it seems like there’s, more of a noisy minority, yeah like to speak out against them and some stupid daily mail, articles and stuff like that, but anyway, um moving On from that let’s, the final question here, i know that you were anti prior to the tournament, but are you singing it’s coming home? Have you joined in? I have to say um, i haven’t. Well, you know i’ve done a few skits and that’s that’s always fun, but i haven’t actually really do you know what is with england and it’s it’s part of what you just mentioned there there is, you know a part of the population, much as like myself and I’Ve seen um a podcast as well with savage dan who works with chelsea as well he’s another one that kind of brought this up, and i brought up with with miz as well on. One of my shows is that there is a disconnect with england and i don’t i don’t, really know what it is for some of us, but you know in terms of potentially you know, like you said: the daily mail there’s underlying racism in parts of society and Things like that um there is that disconnect and there’s a disconnect with even the flag and and the way that is because it again it gives you sometimes fear you know it’s it’s, a weird link to the flag.

Unfortunately it’s, not it doesn’t give you joy. So when england score to be honest, i’m i’m happy for them, but i don’t get overjoyed and going crazy, like i do with chelsea, so it’s, probably gon na, take us actually winning it for me to actually go crazy, so i’m gon na go out there on Sunday um get amongst it, try and get the vibe, and – and hopefully it contains me and takes me on to another level that i haven’t reached yet with them, because if this was chelsea like, i would have been all over the place right now. But i haven’t caught it, which is weird and that’s. Just being honest, i think at most 90 of the rest of the population are going crazy right now, for me, i’m, just i’m, looking at the videos, it’s great to watch and everything but i’m i’m quite calm, yeah it’s like you’re, that guy that’s you know you’re That striker that scored a goal but he’s waiting for the var decision in order to celebrate, basically literally, that is literally what it is. So i don’t know i’m just i’m waiting for the vibes but i’m sure on sunday. If i go out there, then i’ll then i’ll get it because it does look brilliant out there to be honest and there you have it so guys who do you think will come out on the other side of sunday’s final as champions of europe it’s.

A tough call there’s a lot of aspects at play that could potentially tip the balance in favor of one or the other, and i can’t wait to see how it all plays out. If you enjoyed this, video do drop a like and if you are familiar with matisse or uncle sharma, do check out their channels linked below and give them a follow, great guys and great content creators, but other than that guys. I’M.

What do you think?

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