England national football team, UEFA EURO 2020, Italy soccer team coming home to play Italy in Euro 2020 final

Hoping this time will be different. The english national team is in a major championship final for the first time get this in 55 years. The country gets to play host to the big game this weekend against italy. Maggie rooley has more on why the game is so important, a special conversation with two fans. You might just recognize: Applause, it’s pandemonium in italy and england at wembley. Both teams punching their ticket to the euro championship final Applause. Italy are in the euro, 2020 final for england. This moment has more than five decades in not since 1966. Before many of us were even born, has england ever made it to a major soccer championship? Final Applause, harry kane sealing england’s fate in wednesday’s, semi finals against denmark. Now on sunday, this team has the chance to win the euro championship final on their home turf and for england this is epic Applause, they’re, the founding father of soccer or football. As most of the world calls it and millions are hoping that their time has finally come to bring it home england’s coming home. Okay, so i still need to learn some things, but this humble american living in england has had a crash course on the world’s. Most popular sport Applause, fun fact i learned the euros are played every four years. It pits the best of the best from each nation in europe against each other, and every country takes it very seriously. The excitement in england is contagious, just impossible to escape a nation of 55 million rallying around their love for the sport it’s coming off from superstar adele Applause to, of course, my two british colleagues ian panel and james longman, guys i’m so excited for so many things.

One the fact that we’re all together right now, obviously it’s online, but we have james and london. We have ian on vacation in mallorca. We have i’m in rome. Yet here we are coming together to talk about one thing: that’s football: how do we feel as an england fan as someone who was born in 1966? Yes, that’s? The last time we actually won a major tournament. Um we’ve waited a long time for this, so yeah it’s, good, it’s good. I know absolutely nothing about football uh. I feel passionately about it because i’m, english and and it’s nice that we’re we’re in the final, but you and i watched together maggie and all i was doing really was screaming – put the ball in the goal. I’M, not really knowing what else Music. The only thing standing in the way of an english victory, a very formidable italian team, but here’s the thing as bad as england wants it. Italy wants it just as bad and whether you’re a fan or not come sunday night. Everyone, probably most of them here in rome and across the country, are all going to be glued to that game, winning against spain in the semi finals. This week this will be italy’s fourth time in the euro final and here in rome, italians seem confident. Do you think that england is a good challenge? Are you pretty confident the best challenge we could have had yeah? I think it’s the best challenge we could have had and going into wembley for the final i think it’s everything’s, just perfect, you want to steal it from there it’ll be a big upset for them.

Yes, giovanni pogie has owned the bar la botticella for 30 years. You know the other night when the game was on and it went into penalty kicks, and there was, i saw so much energy on the streets. What was it like for you to have your bar packed again? It was great. It was great around the world. People are coming together again to cheer on their countries and europe isn’t. The only continent with a high stakes, tournament happening right now, underway, two of the world’s most successful soccer teams, argentina and brazil will face off this saturday in the copa. America final for what’s sure to be a nail biter of a game and the soccer fans know the win is about more than just a game. Applause on sunday for the first time in a generation, all english eyes and hearts will be on the final in wembley. Obviously, i’ve been living in england now for two years i’m, a hardcore english fan. I was cheering on wednesday um. I know there’s chant now, but i don’t know italy is really looking good on me. I think um that is, that is treacherous talk. That is treacherous talk and remember. This goes out on television maggie, so english people will see this and then, when you come back to britain, you won’t be welcome. There’Ll, be a grim airport hotel waiting for you well ian. For my sake, i hope you can finally see your team win.

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