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Thank you, as always, for your tweets. Stevie nickell is here frank lopez, still ranting about a waiter in in boston yeah. I think he wanted to throw the spaghetti out of my face. That seems to be a standard reaction. I have the name of the restaurant you want it. Can i make you a way out of spaghetti. Yes, you’re gon na have spaghetti beautiful, uh, alexandra del pierro with us as well. Why is var so useless in the euro? Stevie everyone with their own two eyes, knows sterling dove and should have got an oscar for it. Var should have overturned the penalty, call that’s, not useless, that’s good right, just just every now and again, there’ll be a decision to be made. That is really tight. Both ways that you can kind of see both ways why it might be given and unfortunately, a lot of the time. Maybe the guy who’s deciding shouldn’t be the guy deciding okay. Maybe it doesn’t have a real football background or experienced enough and makes a mistake, but on the whole vows excellent. This is the talk isn’t that they should get former players in the var booth. To help is that a good idea is that something you’d like to do with your saturdays Laughter, football player, replace you. That was a good idea, no no come on, but they can’t bring the job that’s natural Laughter. No, but you know what it doesn’t mean anything because luke shaka thinks that there is a penalty.

Yes, so you know you put former players, you would have maybe other decisions as well so, but i would say that overall i i didn’t hear since that penalty, except shaka right, a former player saying that it wasn’t a penalty so well. Maybe there is a statement to do imagine frank navarro. If you want to shut up, oh dear, all day long Laughter in france, 98, i don’t remember what happened. Did the denmark coach make an error in using his subs too early in the match? As the players looked exhausted towards the end of the game, ali Music – i don’t know – i mean sometimes in team – you as a coach, i believe, i’m, not a coach. You evaluate a lot of things yeah. I personally, i didn’t take out the guy that scored that amazing goal from denmark yeah, because when you score these kind of goals, you got touch from someone yeah from from god of, because you know it’s amazing goal and if it happened, you’re on a good day. But this is decision that the coach made for uh, seeing what happened during the game see what happened before the game, something that we don’t know uh and the the balance of the team sometimes, but i mean they were exhausted, also because england maintained the potential of The ball a lot of times and they forced them to to hold it’s, not easy to judge that one. You were saying before you’ve been doing your badges yeah a bit of coaching action.

If i was to give you the ultimate choice, italy or juventus, which would you prefer to be in charge of it’s different job it’s a different job? But when it comes to your ultimate it’s, my ultimate ambition, it’s alessandra del piero, to coach juventus or to coach italy different jobs, a daily job – well you’re, not even in this conversation yeah but i’m. Trying to be this – is my lawyer that’s your lawyer. You know, why would you why would you lots of money, lots of money, frank’s filter, you know start with juventus, okay and then reach the the italian team. Yeah that’d be kind of the ultimate goal. I mean to be a coach of uh. If you look at the society, you can have yeah, every player would love to win the world cup. Yes, not one yeah even won the league. Don’T get me wrong, but as ambitious you want to win the world cup. Sure yeah do you know the world cup? I i’ve heard of it frank you’ve heard of it. Yes, yes, very nice, trophy, oh really! Oh very nice! Trophy really! Yes, how many games did you play in the world cup when you won it? How many? How many games did you play more than more than one? Yes yeah more than one, so you deserve it more than others. For example. Well, except i played two yeah, you started four games. I started four games in the world cup.

I played two world cups. I played oh, no, no, the ones that you want don’t give me that the third game dan mark i went on for croatia and i played brazil. Oh really, and then i play senegal very good memory, very good. You lost that game and and and uh and the second one overall, every world cup i’m, the one that you win, i don’t care. I played the final. I want you to get final against it’s actually harder. I would assume it’s harder for a player to sit in his backside right for four weeks during a tournament and then have to go and play in a final right. That’S very difficult yeah. But, as you said before is some stuff that we understand former players that some other people don’t get we often say in tournaments x games was the real final. Is this the case for this tournament, or do we have the two best teams in the final good question? Do you think so yeah yeah? Well, i was expecting better from belgium. I don’t talk about france but belgium. I was expecting better and i said before, for me: the game, belgium against italy will name the uh the champion of the euro right. I still give some credits to england, even if i still think that italy’s favorite for me yeah but yeah, the two better. The two best team are, in final form: do you agree england’s kind of the machine right and that tilly’s exciting to watch okay, who wins a oh, so dramatic when bookies had england as second favorites for the euros the fc pundits were laughing now, since they have Reached the final, will the pundits accept that bookies know more about football than them? Oh, my god, i got the the book.

Is the well mostly english? Yes, yes exactly so i guess they. They have the tendency to think that, of course, we all thought that england could do well in like italy, france, belgium, yeah and and and like maybe two other teams. Yes that’s it. But the tour has been very good to england yeah, but you have to still have to to do the gym. No i’m, just sanchez, you know french lost against switzerland. After all, so did saka do enough to warrant a start in the final or should southgate play greelish ahead of him stevie. I think absolutely she played greely sheridan i’ll be playing greelish on the left right. Where do you put sterling on the right? Yeah yeah? Listen! Sackers because he’s young and inexperienced, if he gets the ball six times on a good day four times he goes past somebody and keeps it and on a bad day, he’ll go past somebody one time and lose it five times right. If you’re playing something like grealish, you know exactly what you’re going to get pretty much with a little bit of cherry on the top. Well, he just killed grillish. He came on and he put him out. Maybe he picks up a knock or something i don’t know. Hopefully, because for me he’s the best player – maybe he got touched, maybe he got touched and but there wasn’t the penalty. We wouldn’t touch enough final question: how confident is ali will dan and ali’s bromance end in tears? Now i don’t think italy against italy could break up this special bond that mean you have developed actually against there’s.

No, nothing special to broke to be honest, that’s a bit disappointing, oh he’s, just mad, i mean well, i don’t know i have to say that he always talked to you in a very good way like he became your best friend yeah. I thought we were bffs. Yeah, no, we were oh and what happened. But what happened last week, what happened last week? I want to know the show. Okay on the penalty, which english player are you most concerned about three leash, but he’s on the bench you can’t just shut up. This is something for you you’re not involved in this, because i, like so much teasing you i mean i, i don’t, have a one single player to be honest right, because the strikes are really good, but the midi fielder, i believe, they’re doing an amazing job. Taking the team together – and i surprise i’m – surprised how the difference is performing by the way yeah it’s doing amazing. I had some daps at the beginning to be honest, but they’re performing so well. It would be a great final for sure, the the best that we can have from the tournament, because these two teams deserve to be there there’s, nothing that they cannot deserve to be there, so they showed during the tournament, great stuff and so well. Thank you very much for watching espn on youtube for more sports, highlights and analysis be sure to download the espn app and for live streaming premium.

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England national football team, UEFA EURO 2020, Italy soccer team coming home to play Italy in Euro 2020 final

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