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They could get the upper hand in this one, and now they get the ball rolling mount foden, giving the ball away on the offensive Applause. That is a very fine challenge in difficult circumstances. Well, he’s, given a corner the referee, well, the bar can be the goalkeeper’s best friend, foden walker, phil, foden, now, Applause, a very good tackle going well chance to take the lead and the keeper there to make sure nothing. Untoward happens. Applause i’m over promise on the flank Applause. Well, it was a risky challenge, but brilliantly executed Applause trippier, a really single minded piece of defending to make sure nothing. Untoward happened. Applause, trippier now harry kane mounts so a throw in here; Applause, harry kane, still a chance. Well, he’s, given us away Applause, trippier, here’s, kane, well, that’s how to do it inside your own penalty area, Applause and room now out on the flank. He could pick out a teammate real chance. Couldn’T grab hold of it and a time for calm on the ball. Excellent ball over the top. It could be for raheem sterling and the trademark block by keolini. That was perfectly timed and it is going to be a corner and the shorts option preferred well not a cross that will live long in the memory goal. Kick kielini Applause? Untidy in possession it’s a weighted pass Applause, rice he’s got to score fine goalkeeping to push that away. Now the teams are locked together. Will it stay that way following this corner in by sterling smuggled behind for another corner Applause and firing it into the area? Oh tremendous block, although trying to keep the pressure on in the form of another corner and now the delivery well, that’s, really sound goalkeeping, not letting the opposition have any scraps mount space and time for the cross, cuts it back.

Well, they couldn’t keep it well. The conditions look pretty good for the counter attack, so many possibilities, but it didn’t happen for them. Well, the visitors very much dictating the tempo over the last 15 minutes, or so can they keep that pressure on and get the goal their play deserves? They just need to be a little bit more clinical, well, the past, not finding its targets getting in there to take it away and there it is the halftime whistle the two teams have switched around and are ready now for the second half. The commitment to attack is there for all to see marathi this time, oh it’s off the post. Well, i thought that was the lead right there, but no so so close an important interception, Applause and the goal kick is the outcome. Applause, kane didn’t quite go to plan he’s going forward. Well, here determined defending. It has gone over the touchline for what will be a throw in and an astute piece of defending it’ll be a corner and the short option preferred and by sterling just too much loft needs to tread carefully, unable to keep the ball that time a chance to Whip it in it’s there for him it could have been awkward for the goalkeeper well he’s, given a corner. The referee Applause over it comes clattered away, Applause, tyrone mings, and he takes it on it’s there for him and the opportunity for the opening goal goes begging.

Well, the stalemate should have been broken there it’s a real, terrible, miss kane and he’s made headway. Can he finish and it goes well, the pressure has been mounting and now they have the lead, the opening goal of the game then – and he saw the situation developing so 20 minutes to go a good and fair challenge. Applause. He mobbed based on that challenge. He wouldn’t be at all surprised if the referee reaches for his pockets Applause. He plays it short. This could be the equalizer and it is the equalizer well now that could be a huge turning point in this game. They carry the momentum. Well, the earlier goal cancelled out one a piece: Applause, far from textbook defending pretty routine there for the goalkeeper Applause. Well, i must say he acquitted himself well under pressure good work to regain possession Applause. Now they still have designs on. The win must take the lead here. Oh he’s been filed. How pivotal could that be at this stage of the game? Well, that’s a solid, save, really good reactions there and over comes the corner that might still be problematic, real danger and he’s taking us away not much time to make up his mind. He might be late Applause inside the final two minutes of this contest.

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England national football team, UEFA EURO 2020, Italy soccer team coming home to play Italy in Euro 2020 final