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2020 final. I lead denmark, 2 1 in extra time, and now danny mills is the time just to take it to the corner, all right, no it’s, not actually. At the moment i mean they’re so good, at keeping the ball for during the whole break. They’Ve kept the ball. Denmark have not had a touch during this. Just keep doing the same thing, because if you’ve got it, they can’t have it simple. As that and i know a lot of people think going into the corner, but there’s no need to at this point. England are so dumb. Denmark are out on their feet. They are absolutely exhausted. England are passing the ball around denmark can’t get near it. They’Ve got to see what what are we left one minutes ago, one minute we’ll see how we go. There is, but the danes have not touched the ball for four minutes: exceptional keeping the ball from england and as a player danny. These are the moments, i guess as a kid. When you turn down going to parties, you turn down a glass of beer. You stay in at weekends. This is what you do it for isn’t. It oh of course, it’s all the all the determination, the desire, the dedication, the sacrifices that you make lead into moments like this and i can’t so happy for this england team so happy for gareth. You know everything: that’s happened in the past. You know 30 seconds. So i’ll just keep i’ll keep looking at the clock come on please referee.

We don’t need any extra time on extra time. In this we don’t need any injury time. Call it off bang. On 30 minutes. England have deserved this in the last 20 minutes of the game extra time, they’ve been the better side. Yeah let’s just hope that danny mckayle’s watch is working. Okay, we’ll see in just a moment how long is left and how much stoppage time there will be just a very very brief word danny about denmark and their impact. In this tournament, i mean they’ve done incredible. I think they won the hearts of the whole world because of what happened to christian erickson and the way the team came together and the ordeal that they had to go through coming out and playing almost instantly and then playing only a few days later and then Losing both games and then qualifying getting through they’ve done incredibly well better than anybody ever expected, probably better than they hoped after what happened, but i think maybe tonight it’s just been a game too far for them. England Applause, denmark, have had their moments in this game, but england, i think, have deserved this win absolutely magnificent. What are you 25 seconds? I almost want to do a countdown it’s like a space shuttle isn’t it danny. Thank you very much indeed, for now we will tell you as soon as the final whistle sounds here at wembley. There is 13 seconds left and then england will be there in a first ever euro 2020.

First ever european championships final. There is perhaps one free kick to go. Phil foden has the ball in the center circle, but i don’t think there’s anything left in the danish legs. Now they are treading water. The whistle goes and gareth southgate has his redemption in a semi final. He has led his team there, they’ve beaten denmark by two goals to one they’ll face italy on sunday, we’re back shortly, rob danny. Thank you very much. England are into the final of euro 2020.. These are the scenes in box park in london, the england fans, having croydon, is the scene of this and look at the england fans bouncing around absolute jubilation amazing scenes for these england fans they’ve been through the ringer tonight, haven’t they with the way the game went To extra time was it going to go to penalties again, but on this occasion no it wasn’t harry kane, the captain delivering the goal that has sent them into ecstasy from croydon to the northeast. We go to newcastle, maybe a bit more subdued there, but there’s some hugs going on now there’s some singing going on as well arms in the air and the england fans they’re. Also now looking forward to sunday’s final and from newcastle. We head to the north west to manchester hundreds of fans we’ve been watching all night long going through the whole range of emotions they’ve been through this evening, but the main emotion now is utter delight, joy on the faces of those england fans.

You can hear them singing proudly they’ve seen their team reach the final and from manchester we head to central london. This view on high above trafalgar square again. Hundreds of fans have been gathered there tonight to watch on the big screens to see if england could finally end all these many attempts at semi finals at reaching finals, which have always fallen short, and this time they have indeed seen their team come through back to Croydon this is fantastic isn’t, it look at the scenes. The flags are waving, they’re, singing they’re, jumping up and down, and it is england into their first ever euro. 2020 final. Of course, we know about the world cup in 1966. That was england’s last major final, 55 years 55 long long years of waiting. But now the wait is over and england are through to a major final whole generations of england fans that don’t know how it feels to reach a final. This was the fifth successive semi final for england at major tournaments that went to extra time. They never do it the easy way, but this time, unlike in 68, 90 1996 and most recently three years ago at the world cup, it was not to be another painful hard luck story. This time it is england who do prevail and the big moment in the game went their way that penalty decision went their way and harry kane on the rebound after schmeichel save did the rest.

The cardboard cut out of gareth southgate in his waistcoat in 2018 goes for the jacket and tie in 2021 i’m sure the atomic kitten song will be being sung again loudly this evening, southgate you’re, the one he’s taken his team to a major final, the first england Manager to do that in 55 years, harry kane, of course, the man who got the winning goal, his 10th goal at major tournaments, and you think, back to just a couple of weeks ago, everyone was questioning where’s. The real harry kane what’s happened to the england. Captain is he tired? Is he carrying an injury? He doesn’t seem to be on top of his game, but the goals have come when it mattered. Four in his last three, he now has 19 goals in european championships and qualifying only wayne. Rooney has more than that for england, he has stood up to be counted when it mattered and here’s the man in extra time who scored the goal to send england through not only while you’re seeing these pictures from croydon garros salgate has taken the adulation of the England fans he’s bowing down to the england supporters inside wembley an atmosphere even when full that’s rarely been bettered at wembley in the very many years that we’ve been watching england games there, but two semi finals and now a final for gareth southgate. No wonder the england fans inside wembley are praising him tonight and, of course, for gareth southgate.

Personally, it was this stage the semi final. When he fell in 1996. We all remember, we all know he’s been told and reminded so many times it was his penalty. That meant that england didn’t reach the final that’s heartache that he’s had to carry with him for 25 years, but now well, it’s some form of redemption, surely for gary southgate because no longer a player but as manager, he has taken england to the final of euro 2020 wembley lit up the arch in blue and inside wembley. The england players are lined up with all the backroom stuff in front of the england fans who continue to chant and shout no one’s leaving this stadium early of an england persuasion. 52 000 of the 60 000 inside were england fans and they are staying and milking every single moment. Wonderful shots from the helicopter above wembley there of the national stadium lit up on a night that will be remembered for many many years by everyone connected to england. From wembley to more scenes of delight, the party is going to go on late into the night. You think at all these fan parks around the country croydon they really are making the most of it. We’Ve been used to seeing this back in 2018. Croydon was one of the scenes of some of those great celebrations of pints being chopped up in the air. When england reached the semi finals now tonight, they’ve seen history they’ve seen him go one step further and reach the final of euro 2020 90 minutes away from football coming home.

Maybe they’re one step closer. England will play italy in the final of euro 2020 on sunday.

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