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My personal opinion. You can argue otherwise, but i personally think that italy have been the most consistent and the most dominant team in the tournament and they deserved it in that sense. But spain out played the italians for large parts of it and it was a shame that they lost in the end considering the effort they put in. But at the same time manchini was able to change the tactics midway in order to sort of deal with the. With spain out playing them and they managed to score a goal in that first uh 15 minutes in the second half and um, they managed to deal with it pretty well, but nonetheless, spain were very good. Spain played very well and uh. They were tactically better for large parts of the game, so italy started the better side. They were the better side in the first two to three minutes. They started attacking from the start um. They were excited, of course, and they wanted to score an early goal that’s. What it seemed like and their energy was obviously through the roof, so they started attacking from the start. But after the first two or three minutes, spain started controlling the game, they won the midfield battle and they were just a better side. They were creating chances, bruce getz, um and pedry did a great job in the midfield. Um georginio and variety obviously lost the midfield battle. Hedgery such a great player. You expect an 18 year old to sort of you know, be nervous and only receive the ball.

Get rid of it, but not he actually um dribbled. He he kept the ball for a significant amount of time and he dribbled forwards. He took it forward, he wasn’t afraid to do so, and that made spain going the advantage of having an extra player attacking. However, they were lacking a number. Nine maratha was obviously on the bench. So his efforts, you know, were not didn’t pay off, of course, but if there was a number nine in the first half, then spain probably would have scored in the first half because he carried the ball forward. They had an extra man carrying the ball forward, so they had an extra man attacking and he obviously was a threat through the wings as well, mostly through the wings. He did attack through the middle at times, but he was still great attacking through the wings and he was a threat and he’s a midfielder he’s, 18 years old, so he’s a great prospect for spanish football, great player he’s showing promising signs some massive props to him. Um we saw that georginio was obviously surrounded by two players in the midfield, of course, here and there and that’s. You know a clear proof that spain dominated the midfield battle. Yes, spain started declining a bit in the last 10 minutes of the first half, but they were still the better side for most of the first half and then italy changed the plan a bit heading into the second half you know.

Manchini saw that spain were obviously dominating, they were obviously attacking, and you know against the team. Like spain, you can’t really battle for possession, and you know you can’t really allow them to sort of have the ball and do what they want with it. So they applied the high pressure in order to you know, cut the channels of passing um. You know, cut those um cut that freedom that spain had um to pass the ball. They wanted to get rid of that, because spain are obviously well known for the tiki taka, so they did not want them allow they do not want to allow them to do so, and it succeeded because, like we saw splay attending through balls and long balls, of Course, because they were not able to, you know, play the tikitaka uh the way they wanted to so italy get credit for that. Manchini gets credit for that, changing the game plan and um. We saw that we saw italy’s first uh italy’s goal in the 60th, win that i think um donnarumma sent to great ball and um. It was a great goal in the end from um from uh kieza yeah. It was a good goal from kia’s a great hit and it was a very fast counter attack. You know that one one of the things that manchini told the players to do was obviously drag the spanish players um to their half in order to create the spaces.

In their back line and sort of you know, drag drag the spanish defense to play a high line which will benefit them so that they can, you know, catch them on counter attacks and transition quickly from defense to attack, because of it, like we said you can’t, Really have possession against the team like spain and play the short balls, so they they rely on long balls and they’re, quick transitioning from defense to attack and it paid off. They scored their their goal in the 60th minute through kieza. It was a great goal and then obviously spain needed a reaction, so uh enrique sabdon alvaro, morata he’s. Obviously you know he didn’t have a great tournament before the game, but when he came on, he scored the equalizer for spain in the 80th minute. It was a great goal and um you know he played the one two and then uh his moving off the wall was great and it was a great goal. It was a fantastic goal. Um. You know he needed alvaro morata before that, but at the same time you know he he’s been missing sitters this tournament. So he was a bit worried about um. You know playing him from the start, but when he came on he equalized and the guy went into extra time. Spain didn’t want extra time because you know that they’ve played extra time twice already in the tournament uh yeah twice um, so it’s it’s really difficult to play three games and you know three extra times: um, because it’s it’s, a big physical effort and so they’re.

Obviously, coming after two seasons, where there was not much of a break between them due to the pandemic, so yeah, it was difficult for the spanish players to go to extra time, but they went into extra time and i think that both teams didn’t risk going forward. That much in extra time, because they didn’t want the other team to catch them on counterattacks italy scored an offside goal in the uh in the second half of extra time. Clearly, offside, there’s, no question about it, but yeah. Both teams didn’t want to risk going forward. Um, because if you know the other team scored, then it would have been difficult to equalize after that, so they played it. Conservative they played defensively just be aware, defensively and don’t really attack in large numbers or don’t risk it going forwards. So no one scored an extra time. The game went into penalties and italy won the game on penalties. Alvaro morata was the one that missed the crucial penalty for spain and then from this um georginio sports, the last penalty for italy to advance uh to obviously send his team into the final ice core and you know he’s got you know those nerves to use his Technique on you know when there’s so much pressure, um, so massive props to him it was a great penalty. Uh you need to play with those nerfs, so yeah uh italy, advance to the final well deserved. Considering italy have been a great team throughout the entire tournament and they’ve been the best team throughout the entire tournament.

In my opinion, however, you know the spanish put in a great effort, but in the end they were unlucky and you know they’ve they they started the tournament a bit poor to be fair and they gradually improved um it’s, something that they usually do in big tournaments. Spain um but yeah italy just deserved it, considering how great they were throughout the entire tournament. So tough luck to spain, congrats to italy, um england, vs, denmark is next we’ll see. England are obviously favorites, but you never know with denmark. You can’t take them lightly. Um. The erickson situation obviously made them gain that hunger and they’ve reached the semi final, so you can’t take them lightly. Um, they can’t be looking past denmark. They need to play the game, they need to win the game because denmark, in my opinion, can pull off an upset. So yeah we’ll see what happens and let me know your thoughts on the game in the comments down below it was a really enjoyable game of football. I really enjoyed it and it was definitely worth waking up for it so yeah. Thank you so much for watching this review. I hope you enjoyed it.

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