Novak Djokovic, Wimbledon, Matteo Berrettini, Denis Shapovalov, Roger Federer, Tennis, Rafael Nadal, Hubert Hurkacz : Wimbledon Semifinals Preview And Prediction

This is johnny here now that we’re going to be previewing the other semi finals. Today, uh we talked about the other one. In the other video uh, we have baritini versus haircuts right now, um uh yeah, so they both made it to the semi finals. Let’S, take a look at their paths to get here. We had baritini here, uh let’s see what we had. We got peya in the first round. Fourth set voltage, good winning uh against him. Uh didn’t get broken in any of these matches. Ibashka broke in one time. Uh oj had all the opportunities in the world very tiny. It seemed like he. You know he saved every break point with a big serve big forehand uh, just couldn’t get it done, oj he’s gon na keep on getting better. You know i got, you know really high hopes for him uh, but for right now, it’s baritini’s time so yeah at the moment it is very tinny’s time he has advanced past felix leger uh he’s into the semis, and he will play of course, ub haircuts and Let’S, take a look at his road to the semi finals, uh musee in the first round really good win over musee uh. I was not that i mean i think mercedes got a good game for grass. Maybe next year uh, you know, doesn’t have to you know, mess around with uh trying to you know graduate high school uh haircuts over gear on and straight over boobly constraints medvedev in five.

That was an epic match. The other day um, you know medvedev, had a lot of chances in that one. He really should have came out better in the in the resumption on the second day, couldn’t get it done that i mean that really sucks. If a medvedev and you lost a huby and you really should have won or could have won – or maybe you could have won – or maybe you know whatever whatever and then you see what happened against federer, which i mean federer, was just a complete no show today, Especially in that third set uh just gave away the second set with uh shakespearean, comedy tragedy of errors, uh and then here we bailed him bageled him in the third set, but i mean you got ta give credit to him. You know hircats is playing really good. He’S serving good he’s playing good from the baseline. He can hang in with the backhand side he’s a tall guy, six foot five, but he’s only 179. I mean i’m 168 like right now, like you know, and i’m and i’m, five, nine, so he’s uh, he’s, eight inches taller and eight pounds heavier that’s, it he’s uh. You know, he’s a good player he’s, a good dude uh. He uh very even keel, very level headed uh. He was able to handle the situation very well today, uh uh, with federer on the uh on the center court um and then so yeah so they’re, both playing pretty good uh.

I i mean, i would have to say: maybe baratini is playing a little bit better right now, let’s take a look at their historic head to head. So huby has a 1 0 lead in their historic head to head, but let’s dive in a little bit deeper. 2019, miami – oh, they also played in wow. Look at that look at this. They played in 2018, australian, open quality’s second round veritini won so from three years ago. Three and a half years ago they were playing second round in qualities at the australian open, now they’re playing uh grand slam semifinals at wimbledon under center court, wow wow, wow wow. You know this reminds me of 2005 uh australian, open finals, uh. It was hewitt and saffin when i think, like maybe uh six years earlier in 1999, they played stuttgart in the first round, so this is crazy. This is crazy, yeah. I i i keep telling you guys. You know, tennis is a really small world uh. You can go to australia and play the same guy in the second round of qualities that you play at the wimbledon semifinal. You know so. Tennis is a small world man very small world, so mateo won this one uh in 2018, i’ll try and open outdoor hard. 7663 but then hubie won uh the next year in miami of course uv. We know he’s undefeated in florida this year he won delray and miami. That was in the first round also on outdoor hard qb won in straight, so they each got a winning straights.

A couple of years ago, uh, but i mean those are kind of really not really that relevant i mean they are. They are relevant because both players – they know each other’s game – they’ve – already played each other once both guys have won one time both times in straight sets, so they should both be pretty confident. You know going into this one. So let’s take a look at the rankings. We’Ll see what’s on what’s on stake. This is the ranking. Djokovic has got 11 and 113 he’s about a g uh. You know away from medvedev. He can gain some more with a win and, with a with a with a title for sure, can gain a whole lot more uh he’s trying to chase down labor and safety graph for 377 weeks. He should break that he’s, probably gon na break that next spring uh nobody’s, even close i mean medvedev, is but he’s got so many points to defend. In the second half of the year uh i mean we have veritini here, 5008 uh. If he wins he’ll get up to four uh. Well, if he wins the title, he can jump up to number seven. He can pass rubella. So that would be good. But of course you go for the title you go for the title forget the ranking you want for the title: uh chapo is up to ten hubies up to eleven phillips number fifteen now um, so uh hubie.

If he wins well, if he wins and chapel loses and huby’s number ten in the world uh. But if you be wins the whole thing he’ll jump up to number nine, he would push federer to number 10 in the world, uh chapel if he wins the title. Also, the same it looks like federer may be passed by one or both of them unless beretini and djokovic make the final uh and that’s going gon na be my pick. Actually, i think it’s gon na be djokovic and veritini in the final uh. I think i just made i i just made the pick so yeah. I think it’s gon na be beartini over huby in four or five sets. I think it’s gon na be a long, tough one. I think vertini baritini will play djokovic. Djokovic will drop a set to chapeau, it’ll, be djokovic and baritini in the final and the jiff from the french open will be shown on all the shows for a good 48 hours straight. I guarantee you, i guarantee you uh they’ll be like well, you know the last time they met. Then ten minutes later well, you know what happened last time they met it’s gon na, be like that. I guarantee you so there you have it folks, it’s gon na be djokovic and baritini, and before we get up out of here, i will do the race we’ll. Take a look at the race, djokovic 1300, clear city pass can make it even more uh very teeny.

Here number: five: if he wins the title, he’ll jump up to number three in the race: he’ll be number eight in the race, so he would be in. He would be in the united masters right now and federer would not federal like 40th in the race. Right now, uh chapo, here he’s jumped up to the 10 spot. If he wins, he’ll jump up to number nine, so chapel would have to win the title to get into the year end masters, at least at this point uh of the year, but we’ll see you know these guys are all coming up. It looks like it’s going to be djokovic city pass, rublev, zara, veritini medvedev, nadal and huby, maybe karatzap, maybe chapeau – maybe center – maybe rude, maybe felix. So all we’re, seeing the changing of the guard right now. We’Ve got all these young guys coming up um. You know nadal federer djokovic, i mean it’s it’s tough. I mean if you look at the top 14 in the race right now. Djokovic is 34 and the doll is 35, but everybody else. 22. 23, 24, 25, 25. 24, 27, 22, 22, 20, 25. So 12 of the top 14 are uh 27 or under so it’s happening folks. It is happening right before our very eyes, so i think it’s gon na be djokovic for sparitini in the final and it’s gon na be a great final. Uh hubie and chapo have had a great week and um yeah we’ll see what happens uh in the semi finals on uh, well, semi’s gon na be on friday.

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Novak Djokovic, Wimbledon, Matteo Berrettini, Denis Shapovalov, Roger Federer, Tennis, Rafael Nadal, Hubert Hurkacz y his FINAL Wimbledon Match?

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