Novak Djokovic, Wimbledon, Matteo Berrettini, Denis Shapovalov, Tennis, Roger Federer, Hubert Hurkacz šŸŽ¾WIMBLEDON 2021 MEN'S QUARTER FINALS | Federer OUT, Shapo sets up Djokovic SF, Berrettini downs FAA

Yes, i will not be doing uh my day, video today, because you’ve got so much to go through the quarter finals. I will be putting together a video of my day at wimbledon. Again, yes, i know i haven’t done day. Two yes i’ll, be doing that and also separate one for the quarter finals today on court, one or yesterday sorry even on court, one as you can see cracking picture, though right i should become a photographer catching off. Let’S start for that catch. Another versus shape of our love, as you can see the score lines there, shepard winning six four, three, six, five, seven, six, one, six, four in incredible fashion, it was an unbelievable match. We’Re going to start off with that. So i’ll take this down and we’ll go back to my usual but enjoy the picture enjoy it right, it’s mine. So no copyright intended well doesn’t matter, because i took it myself, so you guys can’t copyright it. I guess anyways right let’s go on to it. So, as you can see here, i’ve got the scores uh. We are going to start off with catching on sharper battle because i just think it’s the most interesting one to talk about. First, when i was there live so i’m just going to brag about that. Um going into this, i thought catch. I thought chapavala was going to be slightly too much um. I think i said something like 60 40 – maybe shape of a level 55 45.

Something like that. Basically, i thought it would be pretty even and it was to be fair for the most part. The first set shepard valve got the break and he was trying his best really just to pepper the catch on backhand, really utilizing the uh, the forehand cross court. It wasn’t quite firing as much as i would have expected in that first kind of couple of sets that forehand wasn’t, being i just don’t, think you’re hitting it as cleanly as he would have liked, and then he was struggling catching off. I think wasn’t struggling as much with the wind on his serve his ball toss is not as high as shepard valves as well, so that probably helps it was very windy on court one, and i did hear that druckwich had similar issues on centre court as well. Uh, not necessarily, maybe even with certain, but just with the windy conditions and shapovalov struggled slightly with those conditions um, especially as you can see with my second and third set, and it did end up in ten double faults. Casual i’ve also had seven, which you know. I mean look over five sets is pretty solid, it’s, not terrible, not amazing either, but 10 is slightly high. Even for five sets, i would say about 17 aces, so that’s a positive and he is a very big server when he does get firing and i think he ramped it up actually to around 135 136 miles per hour.

He was serving quick, very, very quick and it was actually in the last set. He started doing that. He was more in the 120s early doors, catching off kind of sticking around that 120 mark, but he’s tall. He gets a lot of ping off his serve because of that height and he’s, a pretty good spot server as well. So both have you know, weapons for serves and both are trying to dictate on the forehand couch, not pretty solid off both sides. For me, honest with you, not too many glaring, i guess, faults in his game, but also not many huge weapons like shepard. When you look at him, you say: okay, well, his forehand is a huge weapon on the backhand as well. Even to be fair, looks really nice when he does hit it, and i think the one handed the left lefty one handed backhand is so rare nowadays that’s beautiful, to see but anyways i’m not going to go onto this too much because you’ve got a lot to Get through um, but i want to go through this match and just kind of very briefly discuss it. So you can see your first percentage was actually all right for both not incredible, but you know solid uh. The win behind the first server was really key, and i think the reason why the shepard valve’s win percentage behind his first serve was so high is because the forehand that one plus shot he was just trying to take with the forehand and when he rips the Forehand which he started to do from i’d say midway through that second set.

It makes a difference. He was doing it in parts in the first couple of sets, but it just wasn’t doing it consistently and then, if you have a look at break points, so shepard valve ended up having 19 opportunities for break points. He opened up a lot of opportunities and then catching off to be honest with you, which, if i’d had time would have, but i would have put it in because i have videos of him just serving fantastic, serves uh, add down and break point down uh on The outside, and mainly to the forehand of shapovalov uh or down the t to the backhand and chef, either just not being able to get enough on it, hitting the return to the net or just getting a racket on it and kind of skewing it outside the Court or even an ace, so he served really well on those points and look he’ll be thinking. I gave him my all. I think he did. I think he really did um the one thing that i would say was quite impressive for me and i think the 19 breakpoint opportunities definitely highlights. That is the returning of chapo. I thought he was really impressive. He did extremely well to get through um catching off. Serve the way he did and i think that’s something that’s improved, because there are a lot of question marks around his returning uh. You know in the last year or so, but he’s definitely improved on that.

I think if you can cut out some of the double faults i mean he’ll, probably hope it’s not as windy in the semi final and struck a to be honest with you. But yeah i’ll talk about that another actually, because i don’t want to do a very a brief semi final preview as well after i’ve gone through the quarters, but obviously, after he said look you know at the end of the day, we all start on zero, zero And which i thought was a really good thing say said i can you know, i believe that i can beat him and you know what it is, what it is he’s of course, the best player in the world that’s. What the rankings tell you uh and that’s, and rightly so, but you know it’s a game of tennis, so anything’s possible. I thought that was the right approach to take and i’m sure he will be quietly confident knowing that if he plays near his top level uh he can give jock. I think the last time they played it was seven six, seven, six in the atp cup, so yeah close to fair and chapo, i think, being the lefty as well. He needs to utilize that that lefty, seven on the jew side cut it. You know really just hit that slice of our white back then uh, jockowitch, backhand and uh, and then potentially just go down to the uh to the backhand, or does he i think actually what he did actually quite well, i thought was going out wide to the Forehand of katrina uh, he hits this pretty big, kick serve out wide on the juice side and i think, to jokowitz’s forehand.

That might be a play potentially anyway. We’Ll talk about that in a bit, but yeah really really good um. I thought katrina played his part. Some unbelievable points as well. There were some genuinely amazing points to witness and to see it alive and see how athletic these guys are uh, which i will talk about more on my in my video, when i do it on my day at one of them, it was just incredible like genuinely Uh they, these guys, are like those drop shots that they’d hit and watching i’m, like oh, i wasn’t gon na get that because i know i would never get it, but these guys somehow managed to get there i’m like what what what but yeah anyways right. Okay, unless we want to drop rich fuchsia, because that’s, obviously jock, which is going to be the person that shepard was playing – and it was a pretty straightforward – victory, winning six three six four six four and to be honest, i’m, pretty glad i got caught one rather Center court tickets, because both those matches ended in straights and, yes, you had two legends of the game: two goats of the game and drockwich and federer, but wasn’t particularly competitive and for federer’s match yeah well, compete, wasn’t, competitive, but uh not for him. Unfortunately, anyway, djokovic, though i mean solid right, solid 65, i mean 83, one percent on the first serve fuchsia. I said this and i and i stand by it.

I just think we would have given him more problems. Rublev has a big game um. Yes, he can be a bit one piece: doesn’t have a backhand slice. I get that. I get that i do. I just think he has more weapons to hurt drock, which than fuchsia had and did have and that’s why it was just a straight sets win, and i was expecting that i wasn’t expecting fukusevic to give drockwich many issues at all. To be honest with you, someone that i did expect to give problems was her catch to federer, so touch upon that poor i’d finish up on beretini fa, because i was there as well. I won’t put a picture up to make you guys jealous, but yeah. I was there as well um core one, which was a really good match up as well, but anyways uh, her catch versus federer i mean. Is this gon na be federer’s last hooray at wim wooden? I don’t know i don’t know i don’t think it is. I know a lot of people, it seems like there’s a frenzy going on like oh, my god, federer lost, he got bigger than the last set and that’s it are. We ever going to see him at wimbledon? Is this going to be his last year? It could be i just i just don’t see it. I just do not see. I don’t see him finishing up after getting bageled in the last set of a quartz final in win wooden.

I see him coming back and i think steven from the slicer said the same thing. I agree with him and he made a really good point saying that he’ll probably come back with his family when restrictions are less and that will be more of a farewell where he can do a year or a couple of grand slams with the family uh. You know, i think he does miss them a lot as well and look again i’m, not saying that’s. The reason why he lost, but it does make a slight difference, of course, having a family there, but i mean her catch is playing really well. I watched him against medford dev uh, like i watched him in the first three sets in parts and then the next day. Obviously he just he was two sister one down and he was just incredible. I think he made one unforced error in the fifth set. It was just ridiculous, like just flawless tennis genuinely, and he seems like a really nice guy. Let’S have a look who starts 10 aces. The first percentage needs to get up there. It does. It needs to be better a little bit better than that, but it was enough. Uh yesterday 15 break points. He was he was returning. Well, he was he was returning one and federer just wasn’t at the level that we expect of him. I guess in a grand slam and that’s just what it is: um beretini versus orga siem.

So look man, felix is a talent, he’s, a huge talent, he’s, someone who i was extremely impressed with his returning genuinely in this match, and i wasn’t super impressed with him against zverev. The only the one part i was was his returning to be fair, because rare was a big server as well, but beretini is more consistent. Only three doubles from the four sets 12 aces and he was ramping it up to about 1′ miles per hour. But you know what was even more impressive was felix serving mid. 130S me. This kid can play that’s all i’m going to say this kid complain he lost the first set and it was an early break in that first set. I just thought this set’s gone and i think he got one break back after getting broken twice in that first set um, but he’s returning well. His serve was just faltering a little bit. The toss. Wasn’T, quite right, excuse me and he just wasn’t, managing to find a lot of first serves, but then eventually – and you can see here – 59 – is not ideal. You know you want it above the 60 mark at least now bertini the one glaring it’s, not an error. The one glaring kind of weakness i see in berlin’s game with ground strokes and not necessarily the forehand, because i think when the look when it sits up nice on the forehand, he crunches it and it’s a very effective weapon on the grass like genuinely.

It is defensively, though he’s not incredible. He’S, okay and the backhand is a weakness and he knows it, which is why he tries to slice a lot which again, he can kind of get away with a little bit on the grass, because slicing on the backhand side is very effective on the grass um And it’s actually a very good variation, but the back, if he, which is what fa was doing in parts and he got a lot of success – was hitting me into our forehand two berets in his backhand all backhand cross court, two buried in his backhand, and that Gave him a lot of success throughout this match and it’s something he’s gon na have to look into burundi, because i think her catch will have a similar game plan and her catch has been serving pretty well. He’Ll have a lot of confidence after that federer match. That’S going to be a closer match and people think i know bertino will go inside the favorite. I think he will but um i don’t know i don’t know it’s a toss up for me. It genuinely is anyway, he came through six three five, seven, seven. Five. Six three, but genuinely like felix getting 1′ mile per hour, served back like down the tee managing scramble, get it back even get it deep at times and then get into the radio and win the point. I was like whoa and there was one uh return game which was actually in the second set, which is a set that fa won.

My gosh genuinely one of the best return games. I’Ve ever seen like beretini was getting, i was add up, add up. It was a juice that was kept on going. He was saving break points, but fa was just making him play. He was getting so many returns back in play to these selves. These absolute rockets from beretini and i’m like what is going on like this, is incredible stuff and he managed to pass bertini a few times with some incredible passing shots. Um that’s one thing as well that i think he’s really good at the passing shots. Um a little bit of obviously the nadal like rub off there, a really good turner, good, passing shots um, but yeah anyway, it was just yeah, it was great to see it really was, and the third set, i think, look was nip and tucker then broken eventually Got the break and as soon as he won that set it was like um, i think fa it just looked like fa was giving it his all, but then he was struggling to break the protein. He served down in the third and fourth set and that’s. Why? He lost it and that’s just that’s, just in plain layman’s terms, um, but yeah anyway, guys. I don’t have enough time to do the semi final preview in this video i’ll. Do it in a separate one, so keep an eye out for it. Thank you very much guys for tuning in.

Please do remember to smash the like button and subscribe to channel if you haven’t really. Thank you very much. Everyone support’s been great everyone who treated me yesterday for the beretini or galaxy m live stream. Thank you very much enjoyed it and uh yeah keep on coming, keep the questions coming on those streams and also uh keep the supports up. I really appreciate it see you guys later see you for the women’s semi final, which will happen today and, of course, the men simply honor tomorrow, i’ll be doing a preview, hopefully for men’s semi final uh later today, which i’ll release as well.

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Novak Djokovic, Wimbledon, Matteo Berrettini, Denis Shapovalov, Tennis, Roger Federer, Hubert Hurkacz IMBLEDON 2021 SEMI-FINAL

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