Novak Djokovic, Wimbledon, Matteo Berrettini, Denis Shapovalov, Tennis, Roger Federer, Hubert Hurkacz Quarter-Final Press Conference | Wimbledon 2021

To raise your hand if you would like to ask a question and please state your organization. When asking your question, we will take the first question from simon briggs. Uh hi roger uh, simon briggs, daily telegraph uh. I just wondered what your emotions were at the end of the match and then leaving the court to that terrific ovation um. Well, it was, it was tough. You know the last few games, obviously, as you can feel that uh um you’re not coming back from it. You know um Music i’m not used to that kind of situation. Obviously very much so especially not here, but, like you said, crowds were amazing and uh yeah. The innovation’s fantastic, you know, look i love it that’s. Why? I i play and that’s why i still play now um, so it’s nice to see a 100 uh crowd today. Unfortunate witnessed a straight sets. Uh defeat of mine but uh overall still um, like i’m super grateful for all the support. I’Ve gotten here over the years and today again was special. You can feel they’re happy to be out and uh watching tennis and uh trying to get the players the best out of them and uh and hoover played great so uh. It was a tough, tough end, of course, go ahead. Rob mall, hi roger rodmault from sunsport was that the last time your play at wimbledon do you think on center call? I don’t know i really don’t know um.

I got a regroup, you know my. My goal was always for the last year and more to always uh try to play another wimbledon. The initial goal, like you know, was to play last year, uh that was anyway, never going to happen, plus the pandemic hit so um. I was able to make it this year, which i’m really happy about and, like i said, with everything that comes after wimbledon, we were always going to sit down and and and talk about it because clearly um now wimbledon is over um, i got ta, you know, Take a few days uh, obviously we’re, gon na speak a little bit tonight, depending on on how i feel and then the next couple of days as well, and then we go from there and just see like okay. What do i need to do to get in? In better shape and uh, so i can be more competitive um. You know i’m actually very happy. I made it as far as i did here and that i actually was able to play wimbledon at the level that i did after everything that i went through so um. Of course i would like to play it again. You know, but at my age, you’re just never sure what’s what’s around the corner – russell fuller russell from the bbc roger do you think you are still short of matches and that, therefore, your best level is still a couple of months away.

Uh yeah, i mean look i’m, not sure if it’s uh necessarily matches to be honest, um, you know, because the body actually overall feels uh feels fine. You know from the matches uh um. I’M happy. I went through all the the process of of taking losses and trying to play in paris in geneva and doha and halle getting myself into into much toughness and fitness here in in wimbledon, but uh. I definitely need to be uh a better player. If i want to be more competitive at the highest of levels so uh, i knew that coming in um, better players remind you of that like or catch and felix did bring, for instance, in halle, so it’s uh. It gets tough when uh. When things get, uh gets really tricky physically elena crooks, hi elena crooks from pa. Have you made a decision about the olympics or, if not, what’s, your kind of gut feeling? Right now? No, no, like i explained before i’m gon na take uh. You know a couple of days and sit down. I’M. Sorry, if i’m repetitive – but i said i will everything waits till wimbledon is done so wimbledon is done now. Haven’T taken the decision. Yet you know um where we go from here, but uh yeah. I i i can’t tell you anything more than that that i will sit down and hopefully make an announcement uh, rather sooner than later. Of course, also for for me, my family and everybody, my team and so forth, riyadh hi, roger yeah, just to um, just to kind of clarify sort of one of your earlier answers there, where you’re saying you’re going to assess what you do next i mean.

Are you able to confirm is is retirement an active possibility for the immediate future, no it’s, just about having perspective you know um. You know you need a goal um when you’re going through rehab with what i did and you can’t think of the entire mountain to climb at once. You know you got to go in steps and wimbledon was the initial first uh superstep, if you like and uh for me now that that’s over you just got ta, reassess everything you got ta sit down, talk about it. What went well? What didn’t go so well, where where’s, the body where’s the knee where’s the mind, because, as you can see, it was a struggle for me i’m, putting in extra effort all the time, especially when things get difficult against felix and halle or today against her catch. And i knew it was going to be really hard. You know to be honest um. So now i just got ta um. I just got ta talk to the team. You know take my time and not feel rushed by you guys or anybody else. For that matter. You know i got to take my time and take the right decision and the one decision i want to take you know and where i feel more most comfortable um so that’s where it leaves me, but no, i i hope not that that’s going to happen. You know the goal is to play, of course, simon campbells uh hi, roger simon campus, from the guardian um.

You seem like you had uh, quite a lot of momentum coming into the match from your previous couple of rounds. Did you did you sort of expect yourself to play better today? Did you feel like you were ready to sort of make another step um i mean i thought i had a you know a a decent chance going into the match. Uh i felt like, if i can, you know, protect my serve. I would get chances of his second serve and i would get into the rallies i would like, and um and uh have them go rather my way um. But i struggled early on in that in that first set, i felt like with my serve my my rhythm, was a little bit off, put myself in too many difficult situations and then take my own chances. You know, so i think that first set um. I feel like i need to do better, but okay uh credit to him for getting that one done. Second set. I got ta find a way to win it somehow um, obviously being up a break. I was was a four one um i i got ta. I got ta find a way to win that and uh in the breaker was a brutal first six points of the breaker to go down four two and change ends and go against the wind. I knew that was not going to be great for me, um and then being down two sets to love and with his momentum then swinging his way.

Things got complicated, um, so yeah look. He was the better player by far at the end, so he deserved the victory today, willie weinberg hi roger. How would you describe the work you had to put in after the surgeries and what you learned from that in getting this far after that i mean the process was uh was incredibly slow. You know i was hoping uh for faster recovery. To be honest, um, like i explained, the goal was to be ready for wimbledon last year, so i barely made it sort of for this year. I feel like um, so it was a long, hard road but uh. I said it many times before. I actually kind of enjoyed it. You know because it was always uphill as slow as it was. It was always moving forward and uh. You know i haven’t done that kind of a um. How do you say like a rehab in the past, so i enjoy new things, even though it’s maybe more of a negative thing to go through but um, i don’t know i’m not going to get depressed doing rehab. You know, as you’re actually trying to again have a goal goal is to first walk again without crutches. Then the goal is to be able to. You know start running again from then on. It starts to do side to side stuff. Then you’re back on the tennis court, so the process is really um one i actually quite enjoyed you know: um, we always wished we would.

It would go faster, but at the same time the team and me we all decided we only go into the next step. Once it’s really solidified, so we don’t have any setbacks and i’m happy. We went that route, you know because i did not have any setbacks, um, but clearly there’s still a lot of things missing in my game that, maybe you know 10 15 20 years ago, were very simple and very normal for me to do nowadays they don’t happen. Naturally anymore, i got ta always put in the extra effort mentally to remind myself remember to do this, or do that. I have a lot of ideas on the court, but sometimes i can’t do what i want to do so. I think it’s a bit of a it’s a bit of a tricky situation. Sometimes um come tough matches against great players, but uh, i feel like i made the most of it and the team and me were actually very happy. I made it as far as the quarters here, even though, of course, i’m disappointed i lost today. Um i feel like there was a chance but again it’s how it goes and uh i’ll be fine. I have perspective about it, so it’s all good. Last english question from craig gabriel crosscourt9, radio, australia um. If i could just ask you, we know you’ve been through a lot over the last 18 months or so we we can’t, hear you anymore.

Sorry, the beginning, we heard sorry i got. I was muted, um and uh, so what i wanted to ask you is, after all, you’ve been through um. Is this loss just as hard as any other loss? Is it a bit easier to take because of what you’ve been through, and how long do you think it would take to get over thanks good question, i don’t know i felt very disappointed in the moment itself, as i still am at the same time. There’S always a weight that falls off your shoulders. You know when it when a tournament is over uh like a huge goal, is made or missed it doesn’t matter. Actually, for that, for that matter, you just feel like the weight is gone and you’re exhausted. You know i feel like horribly exhausted. I could go for a nap right now, that’s, how i feel you know and uh it’s a it’s, a funny um feeling to have. To be honest. You know, because you you put everything on the line and when it’s all over, you could just uh go, go sleep because you’re, just so exhausted from the mental, pushing yourself forward and uh and trying everything like you said. The last uh 18 months have been long and hard. You know so um, but then again, if you, if i take the perspective i’m, also very happy about a lot of things that that happened. You know the last last few weeks and last few months, so i know i will find be upbeat again shortly um.

I know how i am in these situations. Um i feel like i go, maybe very hard on myself. I get very sad and then you know go by a few hours late i mean maybe even a few days who knows, i don’t think so and then i’ll be totally fine again i’ll be my old self but um. I just think i need to speak to the team, get it all out, hear what they have to say.

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