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Roger federer got handed his first ever bagel today at wimbledon by hubert, her koch kind of like the nicest guy on tour yeah thanks guys. Thank you guys for the support. I mean one miami out of nowhere and then comes and now is in the semifinals of wimbledon. After a six match, losing streak came out and played amazing tennis today, after beating medivh, to beat the legend roger federer on center court of wimbledon. Will this be the last time we ever see roger federer on this court? We don’t know he doesn’t know after his press conference, but we’re going to get into it right now. What this means and we’re going to take a look at the other quarterfinal match. Ups and the semi final preview, we got djokovic versus shapovalov and we got baratini versus hubert, her kosh, the bagel master, so we’re gon na get into these matchups what it means and look at the rest of wimbledon 2021 presented by rally tennis here on the slice. It’S gon na be crazy. I don’t know what’s gon na happen, but we’re gon na get into it. Thanks for being here. Yes, folks subscribe like and watch till the end for my prediction on what is gon na happen to djokovic, is he gon na get through? Is he gon na win? This title wait till the end to watch what i have to say there, and also, if you’re gon na make fun of me, because i predicted federer djokovic final, you can go on the website and buy a bagel mug we’ve sold.

One of these already today because of the bagel i’m assuming and you can fill it up and just toast to me every time you think of djokovic winning slams endlessly from now on, so that would be great uh. Yes, we didn’t get the final that we, i think a lot of us wanted. I said it was the most probable final, which was just a fact that wasn’t me really predicting that it was gon na happen, that’s just saying what the odds said. So that was just the most probable final, but what is also probable is you’ll become a better tennis player. If you download the rally tennis app on your phone, where you can meet practice partners like we’ve, talked about for the last two tournaments. This rally app has taken over the united states. You can join sign up for your free account on rally and then you can meet other players join leagues and participate in playoffs, where you can assert your dominance on the local tennis scene, there’s. Also, a million other perks to it like just meeting other tennis people as well, as you know, their affiliations with tennis warehouse, getting access to gear and stuff like that. Thank you to rally tennis for being the presenting sponsors of the slice during this coverage during the tournament during wimbledon. Helps us bring this coverage to you as much as we can, which i hope, you’ve loved through the tournament i’ve loved it through the tournament.

It’S been amazing for a fed fan like me to see our guy back in action on the grass played four awesome matches today. Didn’T have it in the guts to beat her catch. Who was playing amazing, so yeah. Her coach gives out the bagel to federer and it makes sense in a way today was a windier day and that obviously has never helped federer. But when he was already a little bit as he said, he couldn’t move the way he wants to move and he’s hesitating slightly with these smaller movements like getting all the way down to shots when there’s wind involved, you have to do the little adjustments and if He can’t doesn’t feel like he’s able to even get there in the first place, doing those little adjustments become harder, so the match was tough and you know he was up a break in the second set. Federer was but her coach played super well all match, hitting big from the baseline serving massively and the win seemed to affect him less, which makes sense just because he’s a taller longer guy and he had bigger weight of shot, just probably in general, but definitely today. So herka was able to return federer’s serve super well federer wasn’t able to get enough free points on the serve that’s, partly him partly her catch and then in the biggest moment, at two. All in the tie, breaker fed does the slip very reminiscent of 2016, which started this whole fiasco with the injuries but also kind of spurred him on to the epic comeback we saw in 2017.

, so yeah huge congrats to hubert koch definitely deserved to win this match. He was the better player and he came and took this from fed um, so yeah that’s, big, i don’t fed said after the press conference he said he doesn’t know. He’S got to talk to his team. He kind of always does that he’s, not the type of guy to make a rash decision. Um i feel like this is not the last we’ve seen of him at wimbledon, though i do feel like he’ll come back with his whole family there and like a proper wimbledon with like not the not the bubble and he’ll probably like, but i don’t know if He’Ll like announce it before coming back whatever, but uh i’m just happy that fed’s back on two are playing good tennis um, but not good enough to beat her koch who’s vet into his first semi final, which is an amazing story for him and all the polish Fans shout out to poland leave a comment. If you are from poland, watching this it’s dennis chapelle from my home country, canadian, wins an epic versus hatching off. I tweeted before the match, where i said i i think chapa valve might destroy hatching off and while i i stand behind that, he obviously destroys chap hatchinoff played very well so did strap valve though, but chapelle got down two sets to one, but then he was Able to come back figure it out at in the press conference.

He said he started to play a little bit more aggressive, take away time from hatching off who he was. It was just a matter of the classic who can implant their game more and hatching off was able to do that and that’s if hatchinoff could have done that that’s. The one thing that could have taken chapped valve off the streak that he was on, where he’s playing amazing, destroying murray and rba um, but hachinah’s power could off sediment and it did. But then chapa valve, which we haven’t seen from in his career, was able to turn that around and some really interesting stats shepard valve had 18 aces 10 double faults, but 18 18 is good. 59 winners 48 on force errors. This big tennis return super. Well, though, hatching off on his first serve when he got the first server and he only won 67 percent of those points where hatchon has a massive server, so that’s a very low percentage for someone of that serving quality. So that means chapa valve was returning super. Well, which is a huge improvement in his game from other years, so that’s going to help him well in his next match, and i love chapelle’s mentality going to the next match, which we’ll talk about in a second here. But beartini was too much for felix out. Jl, he seemed another canadian who had to bow out, but baritini looked pretty good but not as dominant. I thought it could have been more solid, but it makes sense because felix is playing great and he’s long and he can get a lot of returns back and play where other players might not have been able to, and djokovic beats fuchovich easy, while playing bad for Him joking are gon na, be like oh you’re, always criticizing him.

No djokovic did not play a good match today in djokovic terms because it was windy out there, so he was unable to do everything. Any likes got thrown off a little bit by that who wouldn’t um. But if you just look at 30 unforced errors to 23 winners, 23 minutes makes sense with the windy day um. He didn’t need much, though, to break to beat fuchevich. Fuchovich was just kind of beat himself in the moment: wasn’t great uh, that’s, just winning ugly as brad gilbert, would say and djokovic got it done, but is he gon na have to pick it up in the semi final? I would hope so. I hope that we’re gon na have an epic match here. Um, but djokovic really has not looked his best in the last two matches. If you go back to garin and then fuchavich um, this hasn’t had his best stuff. Hasn’T had his cleanest matches for whatever reason um, but i think he’s going to want to pick it up a bit and he’s going to want to serve better for sure uh against chapo, because chapel valley, like we saw against high school, has been returning well. So kenny do it a lot of the the strategies and stuff, though, is, is, is kind of secondary to the mentality of this. What we see so often now is djokovic with all his legendary wins, his grand slams his expertise, his his just experience in the big moments.

You see him go against these young players in the end of grand slams now and they just don’t have it there. They don’t have the mental reserve to go to, but chapel valve in the press conference after his match. Today was talking that talk. He said you know he’s, like i got belief i can win. He said when i walk out there on friday. The score is 0. 0 and he’s like and it’s a tennis match, our last closest matches have been super close, which is true, seven, six, seven six was their last one at the atp cup and – and you know, djokovic gave him the respect too, as he always does um, and he Said you know he serves hard to deal with he’s hard to play with when he’s just swinging for the fences so that’s. What a chap of valve has to do if he’s going to want to win he’s got to just play his game, not overthink shots. He has to not take into account what djokovic is going to do after he hits a shot. He’S just got to hit to big targets, hit with aggression and play his game, and i think he’s got a serious chance. Uh. Obviously, djokovic is a massive favorite. I think he’s, like the 1.25 betting odds favorite to win the whole tournament, which is crazy. The chapa valve is a danger match. Usually these danger matches would happen in like the fourth round, but it’s a new era.

I guess now and now this is the semi finals, with the young guys getting there chapel valve. We got beartini and her koch on the bottom that’s an interesting match up, because baritini plays huge and he’s one of the favorites. He i actually put a bit of money on him to win the whole tournament beforehand: amazing odds and now he’s, one of the favorites to win he’s. The second favorite uh, but her college is long and the way he played against federer today makes me think that he’s going to be able to handle beretini’s serve and then once they get in the rallies. I honestly think her catch is going to have the the advantage, because baritini does not have as good of a backhand as her cotch, but he slices it super well so, but what beretini can’t do is get moved around where he gives easy backhands up the line To bear to her catch because her cotch is stepping in right now taking that backhand up the line and then that’s going into beretini’s forehand, which is good because beretini defends well from there right now. But i just think from what i’ve seen so far in these last two matches. I honestly like hubie in this matchup i’m. I think i’m taking hubie just on my own ink don’t don’t there’s, not betting advice, but just my own inkling. I think that hubert koch has the more well rounded game right now.

He’S got massive serving as big as baritini’s, almost and he’s coming to net lots, which means he’s super comfortable on the surface and he’s just looks super comfortable playing this fast grass court tennis. But then again, baratini has won like two titles on grass or one title and grass. He won queens whatever and he’s just playing super amazing. So i don’t know it’s gon na be a tight one, but i’m leaning slightly her coach, i’m leaning, big time djokovic but i’m, cheering for big time shop of alvin you’re like oh it’s, good, forever it’s, because i love chapa valve he’s, canadian uh and i just Think it’s a big match for him and for obviously it’s a huge match for djokovic. So now, obviously my prediction is djokovic: win beats chapel and then he beats. Whoever is in the final because they’re just too young, too inexperienced whatever to win djokovic, goes on to win number 20, which is epic for him, which is epic for his fan base. The nolai fan base, who i’m sure is purchasing a bagel time, mug right now, because uh, you guys have you guys, have with stun withstood being in the shadow like that ridiculous question that the journalist asked joker today. How does it feel being the bad guy for all this time? It’S like how this is why the slice exists, because i want to get in those practice conferences and ask better questions which i do if you’ve seen them before when i have talked to joker federer and guys like this um djokovic has had to withstand so much.

You know opposition from the fidel fans. You know it’s, just it’s, a big rivalry that’s. Why we’re all here for the fans by the fans for the fans, um djokovic and his fans have had to go through so much to now be on level playing field with majors would be massive for him, but the pressure’s on djokovic to get 20 slams now He’S, the overwhelming favorite he’s like it’s, not like he’s playing even like a sitza pass in the final it’s like a baritini or her crotch after beating shapovalov, so that’s a lot of pressure for him. I think he’s gon na raise the occasion and get it done. I do, i believe in him, i believe in his game: it’s it’s, the best in the world right now, obviously, and on grass he’s won five wimbledon, so you could say he’s, arguably also the king of wimbledon uh, even though federer clearly still is so. The only problem i have is that, unfortunately, some of the weak era theorists who have been plaguing federer for all these years, having this ridiculous notion that he won in a weak era, because he played guys like philippus in the final who took out agassi on the Way there etc all these guys, who are it’s just a different era, but now they’re going to come back and call this a weak arrow win because he’s playing dennis chapel valve and then maybe her koch or beretini in the final to win a grand slam.

Now i am consistent, i don’t think a weak error was ever a thing, that’s an idiotic thing to say, but you know the people that are the weak air theorists, say they’re, unbiased and that they are consistent. So they’re obviously going to call this a weaker thing. As well, which will be annoying so i hope everyone just accepts djokovic’s victory if he does get it done and praises him for it as he deserves, because winning grand slam is tough, no matter what – and i will see you guys in the comments section below to Discuss all the things we just talked about, all the matchups who’s going to win is jokeridge. Is it locked for him or is there going to be a big upset? Let me know down in the comment section below this has been the slice presented by rally tennis, our folks at rally, tennis, you can also get brand new tennis gear, new rackets, new strings new shoes for 10 off, just by going to our courtside sports sponsors website And using our link all that information is below thanks for supporting the show. We will see you uh when the final match up set and then we’ll do a more comprehensive breakdown of that match. Up whatever it may be, and we’ll see you in the comment section below guys.

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Roger Federer, Wimbledon, Tennis, Hubert Hurkacz, Novak Djokovic, Matteo Berrettini 2021: Roger Federer knocked out by Hubert Hurkacz in quarter-finals

Novak Djokovic, Wimbledon, Matteo Berrettini, Denis Shapovalov, Tennis, Roger Federer, Hubert Hurkacz Quarter-Final Press Conference | Wimbledon 2021