Roger Federer, Wimbledon, Tennis, Hubert Hurkacz, Novak Djokovic, Matteo Berrettini Just Destroyed Federer at Wimbledon… The Birth of a New SUPERSTAR in Tennis?

What i would guess is roger federer’s, first bagel on a grass court in his career. Is this man a future superstar in the sport, or is this just a once in a lifetime kind of performance by the young pole before starting with the video? Let me remind you that you can subscribe to the channel for more great tennis content like this. The support that i’m getting lately is massive, so if you enjoy tennis, videos like this make sure to subscribe to enjoy more content every week. This said, let’s start with the video let’s start the video by talking about today’s match as it’s, surely horchak’s biggest win of his career so far and although he’s already won a masters 1000 still, there are many people that don’t know about him. Well, as you may have seen today, hircax has many special qualities in his game, especially having in mind how tall he is not that many players that are close to being 2 meters tall have such great movement around the court, and on top of that, urchax has Great anticipation skills you can easily watch. He has great feel for the game. One of the best things he did today was anticipating federer’s, first serve and also anticipating many federal shots from the back of the court. Also, one of the most impressive things about his game is his incredible touch. Like i say, especially having in mind how tall he is drop, shots lobs, great defensive slice, shots the guy is just so skilled.

Also, he dominates so well the change of directions from the back of the court. He goes down the line almost as easily as going cross court. His backhand is one of the best in the tour in fast surfaces that backhand on the line of his makes. So much damage he also serves great and today what i think people were more impressed for was how cool he is first match on center court, playing against a legend like roger federer, with the whole stadium supporting federer and in no moment of the match. Did he show any sign of being nervous? So, yes, although federer was far from his best today, he made so many mistakes, especially in important moments, and you could see how the win was disturbing him. So much it’s just that kind of day that nothing works. For you still, you got ta give urcak so much credit on his victory. If you’re a federer fan i’m sure this match was very painful to watch, especially knowing that there probably won’t be many more chances for federer to win a grand slam. I mean there were still three more matches to go, but him being in the quarterfinals it felt kind of close, but today it was just not meant to be those pair of mistakes at the second set tiebreaker and seeing how roger was completely demoralized in the third Set having seen gone by so many chances at that second set and his opponent playing so well, you could see how, by the end, he was just mentally out of it.

So is this victory by orcax the birth of a future superstar? In tennis, we will see but it’s safe to say that hurricanes is a very special player and when he is in this kind of form, you got ta watch out. Look what happened in miami! He had an awful draw, but still nobody could stop him, not chapovolov roundage, titsypass, rublev or sinner. He is that kind of guy similar to basil’s philly, but even on a bigger scale that when he is inspired and reaches final rounds, he just goes on and wins the tournament. So it’s gon na be very fun to watch him play at the semi finals, either against beretini or felix, and i actually think it’s awesome for the game of tennis. How sometimes young players make such a big breakthrough, and sometimes many people don’t even know the player? But he surprises the whole world with his level so to the question: if he’s gon na be a superstar, i think we kind of see what his career might look like. He’S, not gon na be that type of guy that makes consistent results throughout the year. Making final rounds every single tournament, but if the conditions are right for him and his game is clicking, he can beat absolutely anyone and, like i say not that many people had an eye on him, but i personally find him a very fun player to watch like I said before finding a guy that is almost 2 meters tall with such skills is very unusual.

He is not afraid of anyone or any stage so i’m.

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Roger Federer, Wimbledon, Tennis, Hubert Hurkacz, Novak Djokovic, Matteo Berrettini 2021: Roger Federer knocked out by Hubert Hurkacz in quarter-finals