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I i’ve never been part of something, this big and something this uh this this extravagant the word. You know what i mean so it’s it’s crazy, but the as the fight part like it feels like the same same old thing. I’Ve done most of my life. You know what i mean: i’ve been fighting 15 years 15 years, training all different types of martial arts. So that part’s the same man we go in there it’s going to be a war, and i can’t i can’t. I can’t wait man, i can’t wait nice. How did the whole process happen? Because, obviously you know it was a surprise to a lot of people. You know not that you weren’t on the radar, but just did it happened so quick, yeah man. It was a surprise to me as well. You know what i mean i’m, just as thrown as a loop as you guys so it’s it’s, crazy um. I love it. Man, my coach: when the sweepstakes came out the sean o’malley sweepstakes uh, he was like it’s a long shot. Man you want to just throw your name in and i was like why not yeah i’ll let’s. Do it uh a couple days went by wasn’t hearing anything. I was like yeah, probably not gon na happen, and he was like okay, you made it past the first round, man. They they took your name they’re gon na they’re gon na they’re gon na they’re gon na look at it within 15 minutes.

I was getting dms from random people telling me i’m gon na get knocked out and get beat up, and – and i was like – oh man, what are you guys talking about five minutes after that? He called me back and he was like yeah man. We got ta. Just get ready, cut the weight and let’s let’s go show the world who i am nice. Was it anything about the o’malley fight? In particular, i mean obviously you wanted to get to the ufc, but was there anything about this opportunity in particular that you know you were excited about, or was it just getting into the ufc uh? Well obviously, just getting into the uc is is something i’ve worked. Super hard for it’s, but it’s just the start of my journey. You know what i mean i want to be. I want to be looked at as a world champion as a as a future hall of famer that’s that’s. My end goal it’s lofty but that’s that’s, where i want to get to, but you know mally fights great man. It shoots me up a couple, a couple of tears on that list. If i knock them out so that it’s it’s any opportunity was amazing man. I had i every every day fighting you know what i mean we don’t know: we’re gon na get this shot, there’s, hundreds and thousands of people trying to do the same thing. I am training just as hard as i am just as talented, if not more talented.

So i’m i’m super excited man. I i can’t wait to show you all who i am nice. Do you get to look at this as a no lose situation? I mean right, like you come in on short notice, you know pressure pack situation. If you come out short, everybody goes ah well what’d you expect, i mean, can you allow yourself to think that way at all or do you feel like no? I got to go in there and win this fight. I lost the loss. You know a loss is a loss. I don’t i don’t care. I’M. My whole life i’ve been super competitive. I’M. I’M. A very competitive person and i’ll never be happy with a loss, whether whether it’s on 10 days notice, i’m, a fighter i’m. A fighter i’m always ready to fight, and if i can’t fight 15 minutes on five on a day’s notice or ten days notice, then i shouldn’t be here nice last thing. For me i mean for a lot of people. This is probably the first time they ever see you fight. So, if they’re looking this fight card and they’re going, who is this kid? I don’t know what it is. Why should they tune in? What are they going to see when you fight well, they should tune in. They should tune in because i’m, the most exciting fighter that this use. This roster is going to going to have on the card i’m coming to bring a war the entire time and when loser draw, there will be blood and i can’t.

I can’t wait chris over here other side, a lot of fighters that take these last minute. Fights specifically for their debut, they say they prefer that method, because they don’t have to it. Doesn’T weigh on their mind, they’re, not dwelling on it for weeks at a time they just get thrown right into the fire. Do you prefer this last minute, uh fight for your debut or would you have preferred a full camp leading up to it man? As long as i get the shot, you know what i mean either way. I obviously i would love a full camp i’d love to be fully prepared. Have my coaches do the do the do the game, planning and all that stuff, but i’m, always ready to fight man? I’Ve been fighting most of most of my life and i i can’t. I can’t express how much i i am ready to do this. You know what i mean. I i’m ready to go into fight the fighting parts, the easy part it’s, all the cutting weight and all this media stuff that i’m not used to yet i’ll get used to it. Quick, so i’m just ready to go and show you guys, because i i can’t even talk man i’m, so excited. You know what i mean similar similar question: a lot of these fighters that take these last minute fights or they’re, making their debuts on these big cards. Uh, like terence mckinney, for example, he couldn’t stop talking about running in to fighters that he had watched on tv for so long.

So have you run into any fighters uh that you’ve been a big fan of this week, yeah there’s, so many dude, like i ran in, i saw nico price at the at the hotel, joe benavidez, in the back there’s. So many guys that have been growing up watching and and seeing seeing them and being like i could i could be there. I could be those guys and uh it’s it’s, just surreal that this actually happened. Man, i was, i was, i literally didn’t didn’t, believe that it was gon na happen. When he told me i was, i thought he was joking and i mean so i’m just so happy man i’m, so happy to see all you people and get my name out there and allow allow my family to like actually believe that all the things i was Saying to them this whole time is gon na come true and i i’m going to show the world who i am when sean was in here earlier. He left and said second round knockout. That was his prediction. So do you have a prediction for your fight? Yeah we’ll go second round. Knockout too. I can’t wait chris over here in your lap. I was just wondering if you had a prediction for the main event: that’s that’s, tough man, because it just depends on uh. I feel like it depends on what connor shows up. You know what i mean if it’s the connor, the old connor, it could be a bad night for poirier if it’s, not the old, connor, uh dustin’s dustin’s gon na take it so it’s a toss up.

I’M gon na i’m, gon na, say i’m gon na say conor, but uh, who knows in your opinion, what is sean o’malley’s biggest weakness that you can expose not so much just a weakness, he’s, very talented, very talented, explosive kid but he’s. I just don’t think somebody’s been in there to test to push him that way. You know what i mean. The only time he ever was kind of pushed was the the cheeto fight and he keep he got hurt, so he pulled it. He has a. He has a little fall back to why he why he wasn’t he was gon na. He was gon na. He was gon na win that fight, but he got hurt so uh. I think i’m just gon na stay in his face man and put the pressure, and i think i think, that’s something that he’s not he’s, not uh comfortable with and the ufc signed. You specifically for this fight. I’M. Just curious: did you sign a one fight deal, or should we expect to see you back in the octagon after saturday night? I i i don’t want to get into con. I think it was a couple fight deal, so i i i should be back. You know what i mean all right thanks chris. Thank you chris, that you would say they should search for on the internet and watch that would represent the kind of fighter you are yeah. You should watch my last couple fights i i fought for lower promotions of ces and and cffc.

My last fight at cfc was a little little over a month ago, so you guys can check that out on get get fight pass or whatever, whatever it is, because man i’ve been putting on great fights my entire career, and i fought some of the best talent Outside the ufc and some of them are in the ufc now like, i thought, manny communities when he was in the ufc in my amateur career, and then i fought tony gravely not too long ago in a crazy fight, so i’ve been fighting some of the better Better dudes in in the country for a very long time and when conor made his ufc debut, he was a you know, a famous story. Now he was broke. He was an apprentice plumber, uh all that stuff and you know, ends up becoming a superstar and one of the richest athletes in the world. Are you in that situation where he was back, then i mean: are you struggling to get by on a day to day basis, given you know, given uh how your life has been going? No i’m, not i’m not broke. I wasn’t broke before i had. I had a job where i was working 80 hours a week and literally this beginning of june, i decided i was like i’m all done with this i’m, not working 80 hours and making i don’t care about this money. I decided i’m going to quit i’m going to quit my job beginning in june.

I started teaching at different schools and and started just trying to build a personal training literally a month later i’m in the ufc, and i get to i get all the hard work. I i keep pushing out to god, because if, if you follow the path god sets out for you good things happen in life. What was the uh the job you have that we’re working 80 out? I was working in a paint factory. So what did you do? I just ran a line and filled paint cans and it made made okay money made okay, money and it’s just but it’s, not what i love. I you my my goal in life is whether i make less money or make more money. My goal is to do something i love for the rest of my life and something i can be happy with, and the only thing i’ve ever been happy with is fighting and and training and doing this if it doesn’t it doesn’t end up working out man, that’s That’S that’s that’s the way the cookie crumbles. Man i’m i’m – ready for whatever outcome. This. Whatever outcome comes, you steal some of the product to get the uh, so you might be the first guy to challenge o’malley in terms of the hair contest on the night of the fight. You know because he tends to have some pretty good uh colorful hair yeah. He he’s got a little more money, his his my still might look better, but it’s it’s, all right man, i’m.

Okay with it i don’t. I don’t need to be the superstar, pretty boy like like him. He can have it. You can have it. He can have the good the good, the good talking and all that stuff. He can keep it i’m just i’m, just here to fight man i’m here to just do what i love where and my last question for you were you born in new england. Is that where you were from – and i i lived in new england for a long time, so i know kind of a tough area and a lot of people come up hard fighting is a big part of it. Was that did you start fighting in the streets? Is that something that you did, how you got into the game or no? No man yeah? I was born and raised in milford massachusetts and no i didn’t start. I wasn’t a big fighter outside outside of this, but i started uh in high school. I started wrestling and just like every other cliche and i started wrestling, and i just i just fell in love with this kind of sport man being able to either dominate somebody or get beat up is, is is awakens you like nothing else. Does you know what i mean there’s a there’s, a thing that just slips off in your head that uh no other sport i’ve ever done? Can uh set me up for it. So when uh, my first coach opened up his gym.

My first coach was uh in the ufc for many many years. George rivera – and he taught me taught me so much about what what i need to do to get here and what i need to be to be able to be part of this and i’m just i’m just so blessed. Blessed to to know that. I that i got here and be from the place i am massachusetts – has made some crazy killers, even the guys that are killing it. Now in the ufc you see the cartel and all those rob fawn and all those guys so i’m just glad to be part of it. Now, chris here do your left over here. Oh my bad! Now that you’re in the ufc, like how active, are you hoping to be going forward i’m just going to take it one flight at a time? Hopefully, once once i get the ball going yeah i can be pretty active. I’M, usually try to fight every couple months, but i know with the with the uc it’s a little different so i’m just going to take it one fight at a time and see how this one goes and try to try to take. Try to take sean out.

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