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I clearly don’t need them to to go out there and perform i’ve proved that and uh, but the fact that they’re coming back it just it ups everything yeah wouldn’t, be the sugar show without a little bit of drama right i mean you get the late switch Up an opponent but uh, you know you you tweeted out, i think not surprised i mean so. Were you just the whole time really mentally preparing to have to switch things up? It was weird i just wasn’t like when i got the call nothing. I was just like i wasn’t, i truly wasn’t surprised, um yeah. I wasn’t surprised that it happened. Um yeah, how about the opponent itself right because it seemed like there was a list of people putting their names. You know in the it put their hands in the air, and then you end up with a newcomer um. Were you surprised at that that they that they brought somebody in from outside the promotion? They sent me a list of a couple guys, simon being one of them um, i told him i said i want to obviously stay on the card. I’Ve had a great camp. Um i’m. You know my weight’s trending for a bantamweight fight, find me p, someone that can make 35.. They they sent me a list. A couple guys simon was this was the toughest one on there and i i picked him. They called me and said: oh he can’t make weight, so i don’t know if it was just a miscommunication that oh he he he put his name in there, 445 um, but but i was pretty clear with the ufc i said i want to own a fight At 35 um, so i don’t know there’s a lot of people on twitter that that called me out that weren’t on that list.

I don’t know if i i don’t really know i just um i’m, just happy i’m on the card at 35. and that’s a good thing you’re getting to compete, but does it feel almost like a no win situation? I mean. Obviously this guy comes in and shocks. You he’s shocking the world. You beat him it’s like oh mal, i beat another. Can you know when? Are they ever going to test this guy yeah? No, absolutely that’s the that’s what’s that’s, the um, the word around town, it’s it’s. A lot of people think it’s a lose lose for me. I make a lot of money go out. There knock knock. You know this kid’s tough. This is not. You know. I watched one of his fights this morning for the first time: he’s, not he’s, not just a scrub he’s, not a nobody. He’S, not i mean he is kind of a nobody. No one really knows who he is, but to be fair, not a lot of people know who simon is really. I mean he’s beat a couple dudes in the ufc um. I couldn’t tell you how many fights he’s even had ufc so yeah it’s it’s uh. He comes in there shocks the world it’s a huge fight for him props for him. Just you know stepping up to take it. You know he might be thinking it’s a win win for him. He goes out there and loses he’s in the ufc, but i don’t just knock people out.

I change people’s careers. I really you know mentally the way i knock people out. They got ta. You know they step into that cage. They’Re different, the next fight out there. So this could be the beginning of his career. This could be the end of his career. We’Ll see the last thing for me. I guess what is the goal for it? You want to go out there and win, but it seems like you’re pretty pumped up with fans back in the building. So does it feel like you want to go in there and put on even more of a show than normal or do something extra special? Those viral moments that you’re famous for yeah, i don’t, think i have to do anything extra special. I think everything i do is is pretty special um it’s, pretty extra special anyway uh i’m ready for 15 minute war. This kid’s tough stuff, my knockouts don’t, come from me trying to get viral knockouts. They come from it’s, just my style it’s how i’ve been knocking people out since i was 16 years old, it just happens and if i go out there and try to force something like that, that’s when it gets, you know that’s when it’s dangerous for me. So i go out there i’m ready for a 15 minute war. Um just so happens that i find people’s chins in in spectacular fashion, sean over to your left over here. Recently, recent interview – you did, you were talking about how everyone wants to see you fight a wrestler and that’s, something we haven’t seen from you yet so, instead of getting a wrestler, have you ever thought about going into a matchup like this one, for example, and trying To show it off ahead of time before you get these wrestlers well, people want to see me get wrestled.

They don’t want to see me wrestle. Um yeah, i don’t know i think, uh i’m, 26 years old, i got 10 years in the ufc we’re going to see me fight a wrestler um. You know that that was a the big one of the reasons i picked simon. He literally his game plan is to lay on me and i wanted to go out there and put his lights out, so he missed a huge opportunity. He could even said i’m going to make 35 came in a missed. Weight still gets to fight me on the biggest card still gets knocked out, but gets to fight me so uh yeah, i think you know i got 10 years of fight. We’Re gon na we’re gon na see me fight a wrestler. So are you kind of looking at ricky next or no he’s? He missed his opportunity man. He really did it sucks for him, but but definitely not. I got someone in in uh. In my mind, who’s gon na be next. All right sounds good and you know you’re very popular on twitch. You know been doing the gaming so just curious, going back like what was your favorite game growing up yeah, i i get addicted to one game at a time. Some people play like three four different games. I get addicted and, in my mind, i’m gon na be the best of the world. This game unrealistic, but um, favorite game growing up depends how old i was madden was up there.

Um call of duty was up there. Halo at one point was up there, um, probably call of duty. If i had to pick one best of luck, sean. Thank you sean right here, uh how’s, the last few months been for you like outside the octagon, because we’ve seen you at the the trailer shows we’ve seen you at the concerts and everything so how’s life been between fights, yeah, um yeah. After. Why did a pr? The conference last time i i said i wanted to go to that fight and then you guys made it happen. So thank you, um yeah, the trailer event was nuts. It was fun. It was my first time going to like a big party like that, and it was fun and that lifestyle can pull you in a hundred percent. I could see how people get sucked into that um. You know, i think i partied like three weekends in a row which was i’ve, never done that it was fun. It was a really good time um, but uh yeah, i’m, i’m, very, very prepared. Would you be going to the jake paul woodley fight that’s? I mean where is that at? Is that miami as well? No, we don’t know you, i don’t, know i’m gon na, be there 100 and then before you after your last fight, you said you were very excited specifically to fight thomas almeida, because uh he kind of flat footed goes forward and he could do a lot of Damage to him throughout the fight, specifically with chris, have you watched anything that shows that you are excited for this stylistic matchup yeah, like i said, i watched him fight for the first time this morning.

Um he likes to stand southpaw. I haven’t really fought any southpaws um, so that’ll be interesting, but it doesn’t really look like he’s fought any southpaws and i i i can literally stand both stances and be just as effective offensive and defensive um. I do that better than anybody in the ufc. So we’ll we’ll see how he adapts to a southpaw on southpaw um. You know i’ve knocked a lot of my first pro boxing fight. My only pro boxing fight was southpaw and southbound. I broke that dude’s jaw, so um we’ll see which which stance he wants to come out with. Were you looking to fight the south ball for this next fight? Like specifically, or did this happen, you picked this fight he’s a southpaw. No, i didn’t know i. I watched, i didn’t know he was south plateau this morning, um i i know smoke pretty sure, he’s or just orthodox. I think he, i mean everyone kind of switches here and there a little bit, but i think smoke was orthodox um and yeah. Then two more quick ones: uh. Will we see you uh courtside, the nba finals back home uh at all yeah? I would i would love to yeah. That would be. That would be insane. I went to uh the the lakers sons game and we we’re up in. Like the sweets and it’s just not the same, i want to be courtside or or else i’d rather watch at home, but yeah i mean if, if that, if we could make that happen, yeah little wayne’s been very loud courtside for those fights those games.

That’S awesome yeah, i know that’s, definitely something something i would like to do then. Finally, uh prediction for the main event: connor and dustin, i think uh, i think conor gets it done. I think um it’s such a tricky fight, it’s a tricky fight me even just saying that right now, i’m, like i don’t know, maybe goes into the later rounds and doesn’t. I don’t know man, i think uh, i think conor gets it done sean real quickly to your right, a bit of left field but um, who do you favor in the upcoming san hagen and dillashaw fight? And why good question that’s in this cage right, apex, small cage? I think that i mean i don’t think people realize how much different fights are from little cage to big cage. That fight is going to be crazy because they both just move so much there’s a lot of question marks around tj. Can he perform without needles? I don’t know no one knows we’ll see. Um corey can we’ve seen him do it. We don’t know how long tj’s been taking that. How does that affect him mentally there’s? A lot of question marks there um i got corey. I think cory’s gon na get the job done. Thanks, hey sean. Can i ask you a little bit more uh this fight? Coming into las vegas, the big fight card at t, mobile sold out kind of the first big event here in the fight capital of the world.

Can you talk a little bit about being on this card? Uh the importance of this and kind of getting back to normal, with with everything yeah i mean, even when we were fighting at the apex, it definitely felt a little off without the crowds, but it i mean for fight week, it’s pretty much this. It feels normal. Every time we do fight week, little things different here and there. If there was no fans, i would go out there and do the same thing i’m going to do just having the fans. It just makes it more exciting, more energy, more electric in the conor dustin they’re gon na this could be potentially the biggest card ever our biggest pay per view ever more eyeballs than ever, and though there’s a ton of celebrities that are gon na be out um. A lot of people performing in vegas that weekend so all eyes on are on uh the fight card saturday night and then uh. Can i ask you a little bit the athletic commission, no longer testing for marijuana weed? Now i mean just your thoughts on that. Is that true, is that, like for sure oh wow, um yeah i’m, usually about two weeks out kind of guide where i stop, because the munchies i don’t know if you heard about them uh and we got ta, cut weight and it’s just um? No, i like the little two weeks break it’s a because if i didn’t have to do it, which i guess i don’t know anymore but uh, i always enjoyed the little two weeks it made it.

It made it uh i enjoy the two week break so i’m excited for after, but yeah nothing changes there for me. I’Ll probably continue to do two weeks, um out okay, shawn over here uh, your hair matches your shirt pretty well, but is it gon na stay that way until saturday yeah the hair, the hair matched the whole merch drop? I had the sugar show merch drop. I wrapped my tesla in the in the same colors, pink blue, um, it’s, just fun to fun to play around with that. The merch drop was went really really well and then danny my girl. She does does my hair, so it’s always fun to just play around with, with the the different looks, i think sean to your left, so you’re one of the most criticized fighters, everybody calls you out. Everybody wants to fight you, everybody criticizes your opponents. Why do you think that is because a lot of the fighters don’t get the attention you get they’re jealous? I i think a lot of fighters don’t get the attention i get i’m, putting on beautiful performances. It comes down to the knockouts. Really i mean going back to the alfred knockout even before that when i was in the ufc, when i fought david nuzzo that knockout went viral, it comes down to the performances um people are attracted to that. I think it comes down to performances and then um, you know the the outfits even it’s, just little things that uh that get attention.

I i mean this is my fight. Even though i’m fighting chris we’ve never been in, ufc is still going to do huge numbers. There’S still going to be a ton of people watching this fight, a ton of people that are excited for this fight. I feel like my fan base is just as excited for my fight as they are the trilogy connor versus dustin, which is insane um, and i think the numbers will show that i don’t know if you can really prove that at all. But i i, if you can, i think it would show that how much of the marketing is it in octagon versus outside of the octagon, because some guys can fight and they don’t get the attention yeah. The everything i do outside the octagon isn’t. Really i mean it is kind of marketing, it is kind of thought about, but it a lot of it’s just because i enjoy it. The podcast, the streaming on twitch um, making vlogs on youtube it’s it’s because i enjoy that stuff and it just so so happens to be marketing as well. Last question: conor mcgregor has left a lasting legacy on the sport. How has he inspired you as a fighter? Because he’s obviously changed the game in terms of not just being a fighter being a superstar yeah that’s a that’s, a good question he’s. I remember, i think the first time i watched him fight was against max holloway um.

He just some about me like damn. I want to watch him fight again. I want to continue to watch and – and i just you know – i’ve watched every single interview, he’s ever done, i’ve watched all of his fights multiple times um. I love the way he carries himself and a lot of people said. I try to be like connor try to be it’s like we, i don’t know i mean we, you can have two people that have similar personalities. You know like. Oh you try to dress like connor. You try to fight like connor. Try to act like conor talk like connor it’s like that’s, not true at all. I definitely have taken taken bits and pieces and learned from him, which i think is a smart thing to do. Um learn from someone who’s that successful and doing that. Well, but yeah he’s definitely inspired me a ton the way he carries himself the way he handles pressure. The way it goes into these big fights, i’ve learned a lot from him i’m pumped to meet him. I’Ve never met him, so it’ll be cool sean over here. On your left, uh, your rival cheeto vera, recently put on an impressive performance against davey grant. You said that your main takeaway was that cheetos seemed slow. What did cheeto do in that fight that impressed you and does that rematch interest you potentially next after this weekend? Since cheeto is a ranked component, cheeto’s tough that’s, it he’s tough, he uh he’s slow.

I think we all saw that. I was very high watching him like is this slow motion, or is he actually that’s he’s slow he’s? Just not, which is you know, he’s tough that’s. His best attribute is he’s durable and he’s tough um, a rematch after this fight. No, i don’t think he’s quite deserved that yet he beat davey grant i didn’t even know. Davey grant was a person i’m about to beat chris. No one knows he’s a person either so but uh i’m gon na. I have someone in mind i’m gon na call out after this fight it’s, not judo um. You know, i think, that’s a big big fight down the line if he continues to win, and you recently said that you don’t necessarily mind fighting whoever the ufc chooses for you, because, in your opinion, they’re all easy out of the top 15 at bannonweight, who presents The toughest challenge for you and why i mean realistically everyone in the top 10 is a tough fight. Fighting is crazy. Going in there with anybody, i mean even chris. No one knows knows it. I mean it’s. Still a fight it’s still going to be a tough fight, um yeah, i mean the whole realistically. The whole top 10 is is tough fights. I just believe in my preparation and my skill set that that i can take take them all out and last one. For me, you said recently that you’re going to knock out chris with something never done before.

What should fans expect to see in this fight? Yeah that’s the plan go out there and get another viral knockout. But, like i said when i close my eyes, i kind of try to picture what what would be crazy. What would be insane? What would what’s never been done before um just to get just to kind of plant the seed in my mind? Maybe if i see that opportunity in the octagon you go, the idea is hurt him. I want to hurt him to where he’s you know. When i hurt eddie, he was like just hardly there when i hurt out or when i hurt alfred in the contender series, he was just hardly there. Those are the moments that i can pick and choose what kind of knockouts i want. I got. Ta hurt him. First and then i get the spectacular knockout um so yeah i plan on doing you know going in there, like, i said, i’m ready for 15 minutes if it’s gon na be 15 minutes um. You know that we saw me against thomas i made i was. I could have went five five um i’m ready for 15 minutes. Um i’d like to hurt him and and do something that’s never been seen before. Thanks sean sean, do you have a post fight strain picked out yet post fight strain um? No, i don’t i’m uh. I plan on getting a little drunk after actually a little buzzed up and then uh, maybe maybe wind down about 3 4 a.

m with a joint. But i plan on getting buzzed up after hey sean um. You know one of the functions of trash talk, sort of intended or not is marketing, as you were just talking about i’m, just curious how you would compare sort of talking smack in the capacity of a ufc fighter versus doing so as a gamer on twitch or Otherwise, god yeah talking smack on on gaming, yeah, that’s, uh that’s, probably where i, where i got it from evan the call of duty trash talks, the worst too like it’s, it it’s bad um, compared to talking trash and ufc. I i i feel, like you, have to have a good opponent, not a good opponent, but someone fun to talk trash too, like with smolka there. I didn’t say anything bad. I mean i said he licked the wrestling match because he tried to get staffed, but that was after, but i had nothing bad to say about smoker. I really don’t have anything bad to say about chris i’m. You know, thankfully, took the fight and he he should be thankful like that he gets the fight, but um yeah. I think you know the peter yan fight the cody guard brandt fight the tj dillashaw. Those are those are gon na, be the ones where, where it’s gon na be some mental warfare, some some back and forth bickering, some talking and i’ll, probably practice on call of duty yeah. What kind of practice! And what? What lessons have you learned in call of duty, um can’t, get your feelings, hurt, can’t, take it personal.

That makes sense all right.

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