UEFA EURO 2020, Gareth Southgate, 2021 : Thousands of fans gather at Wembley for England vs Italy final

Heartbreak could also be experienced. Come on a nation holds its breath and its flags proudly and closely even the most unbiased england fan is predicting an england win, but anticipation of today’s final is more of one that england have finally arrived at football’s big table and going deep into competitions will now Be the norm: we’ve got a young team, they’re skillful with gareth southgate there he’s just bringing him on nicely. We haven’t got the pressures now he’s coming out the semi finals. Last time we can do it again next time in a world cup uh next christmas we’ll be there yeah. Can we cover yellow the impact of the team’s run to the final is huge and one that will reverberate beyond wembley and even football love that ash great space at ashford town, women’s football club. These players fall closer to the england football team than they ever have before. I personally think it’s because there’s no clicks that there’s, no man, united there’s no chelsea’s they’ve, grown up together in an academy and all come together so like they know how each other plays, and you need that flow within a team like you can see. There’S togetherness on like the videos on instagram and stuff. They all just look like they’re having fun so yeah. We, we know the players more. I guess at just our age, we’re watching them a lot more um, but yeah it’s. Just that they’re togetherness. The lubrication process began from 10 am early or late, depending on your habits.

These people queuing round the block, but with england reaching a final all norms go out. The window support from the queen and prince william president of the football association, came expressing his pride and best wishes. You bring out the very best of england and we are all behind you. The whole country is behind you. The prime minister added his weight of support. Too we’re all hoping you can go one better and bring it home tonight, but the man many claim has shown real leadership of late acknowledged the support and now plans to finish the job. We’Ll be doing everything we can. Your support and energy has given us a huge lift, and i know it will. On sunday the italians may only have a thousand tickets between them, but they’ll be willing on their side to ensure the trophies heading to rome and not home. One thing is for sure these players won’t be touching any italian foods until tomorrow, we’ll see we’re going to smash them and i’m, not eating pasta or pizza until tomorrow, that’s it if southgate, sterling and kane were to lead england to glory murals further honours and statues Are sure to be discussed and for the nation’s heart rate, as well as their fingernails they’ll, be hoping the game isn’t decided from 12 yards. So it’s come down to this two years of qualification. Four weeks of playing here at these euros one game to become heroes, because gareth southgate and his men will be hoping if they can defeat the italians just under a couple of hours.

Time immortality will be meeting them. The fans here at wembley have been here pretty much since 12 o’clock today, loud, proud and in a huge color, a nation holds its breath well pubs around the country have been doing a roaring trade today, as fans get into the spirit of things. Darshan assani is with one group of supporters in nottingham dart. Well, gareth southgate, the england boss, has urged fans to roar his side to victory tonight. They’Ll have no trouble with that here. This pub is getting ready to welcome 300 supporters. They’Ve been trickling in we’ve spent. Some time with the manager, as he implements the new covid rules, and i have to say some of them – are more complicated than the offside rule with spacing between tables a one way system, hand, sanitizers and so on. They think it’ll be worth it because after the year and a half we’ve had of living under the pandemic, it’s hard not to get caught up in this excitement, whether you’re, a footy fan or not. And although, for some businesses the rules have been a headache. Could an england win, be the cure we’ve spent the day in nottingham as footy fever sweeps the city Music. The whole city is going crazy. I’M. Not even gon na lie to you whether you’re a footy fan or not tonight’s game and the build up to it. Will surely go down as one of our nation’s great collective experiences for many, the memories will last a lifetime.

Nine year old, kieran and six year old cohen have been told by their school. They can have a lie in tomorrow, so they can watch the game. Are you looking forward to the football? Yes, what do you think is going to happen uh? I think the score will be 3, 1 wow to england, that’s, confident what about you uh. 10. 10. 10. 8.. That would be really exciting if it was with just hours to go. Last minute, preparations are being polished, heavily supporting the england team, so um it’s coming home. I hope it is anyway. It will be after you’ve got your nails done. Uh big flags are a tenor. Mate damon harrison is a dj by night and by day he spotted a business opportunity, so it’s great business for you yeah too right yeah happy days. People just gone mad for it, since they got into the final yeah. Definitely it’s um sweeping the nation in it. It’S, like it’s its own pandemic football fever’s taking over and as that english football fever sweeps the city spare a thought for joseph you’re brave wearing that shirt, i’m, half italian, so that’s why? I went my talent up? What are people’s reaction been like yeah it’s been good, friendly, banter, so it’s not too bad, no one’s starting any trouble, so it’s all good. So far, the banter and the build up to a final. We won’t soon forget whether we win or lose i’m grateful to just see us in the final and it’s, giving everyone a real lift hasn’t it yeah.

So you know what i salute: the england team for getting to where they’re getting because look they’ve got the country together. You know there’s been a lot of heartache.

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