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He is the best baseball player on the planet and honestly isn’t even close. He has some of the best power in the league and has a rocket of an arm on the mound since breaking into the majors in 2018. All he has done is dominate when healthy. Of course, he wasn’t at full strength in 2019 or 2020, but 2021 looks like the year where he is finally staying healthy and what comes with this is a historically great season at the all star break in terms of base stats of the plate through just 82 Games, he is slashing 277 363 695 with 31 home runs, 67 rbis, 17 doubles and even 12 stolen bases. His intimidation factor is just unbelievable, as he has drawn a prolific amount of walks at 36 earning an 11.2 percent walk rate, which is highly above average in the major leagues. Pitchers have to take a whole different approach when he steps into the batter’s box, and this hitting prowess of his has been expected of him. Since his high school and early pros days in the mpb, a professional league at just age, 18 and 19, he collected 28 extra brace hits and an impressive 842 ops that same season. He became the first japanese born player to reach double digits and wins on the mound and home runs at the plate. Speaking of wins on the mound, let’s dive into ohtani’s, pitching numbers throughout his career and his especially historic 2021 season in his career as an mlb pitcher ohtani is 7 4.

With a 4.01 era, 1.29 whip 149, strikeouts, 65 walks and just 12 home runs allowed over 114 and a third innings pitched in 2021. He has turned it up a notch having more walks of the play than he does on the mound, which i think is a pretty cool stat over 13 starts. Ohtani has amassed a 3 in 1 record 3.69 era, 1.26 whip 83, strikeouts 35 walks and a minuscule six home runs allowed over a clean 61 innings pitched. He has the stuff to back up these stats and it is filthy, his four seam fastball, which he throws over 44 percent of the time, averages 97 miles per hour. It tops out at over 102 and averages 2 314 rotations per minute. His second most used pitch, the splitter is thrown 19.1 percent of the time averages a filthy, 33 inches of vertical break over 1 517 rotations per minute. Add those two together and you have a nearly unhittable pitch as it produces a batting average against of just .083 and a wiff percentage of 57.. The pitch averages nearly 88 miles per hour as well, it’s, absolutely incredible how he has this type of stuff to go along with his fantastic power swing and high slugging percentage. The last pitch i’m going to talk about is his slider, which is thrown 13.9 percent of the time and has a ridiculous average vertical break of 40 inches and an equally impressive average horizontal break of 17 and a half inches.

The rotations per minute number of 2425 is well above average for the pitch and it produces an average exit velocity of 83.5, which is extremely low. His pitching arsenal is extraordinarily loaded with rpm and break and culminates to create one of the top pitchers in the league. In certain categories, i could really go all day about his pitching repertoire and sabermetrics, but we have to move on into his 2021 hitting metrics because they are crazy. His most interesting stat to me is his line. Drive rate and hard hit ball rate. To clarify a hard hit. Ball is any batted ball that has an exit velocity of 95 miles per hour or higher. In fact, all batted ball rates and stats are interesting to me. Anyways his line, drive rate is an emphatic 21.2 percent, and his hard hit ball rate is an astounding, 57 percent. I also find it worth mentioning that 38.3 percent of his fly balls are home runs a neat. Little stack, called weighted runs, created plus represents the number of runs a player has created for their team, adjusted for a ballpark or era. Ohtani has a 178 wrc plus so far this season to put that into perspective, that is third in all of major league baseball up there with the likes of vlad jr and fernando tatis jr. A great reason for all of shohei’s home runs. This season lies in the barrel percentage ohtani squares up 25.4 percent of all batted balls, an incredible jump from where he was earlier in his career and one of the best marks in major league baseball.

Finally, shohei otani is a dangerous two way player.

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Home Run Derby, Shohei Ohtani, MLB, Home run, Los Angeles Angels,, Pete Alonso THE MLB'S BEST TWO-WAY PLAYER