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Not only does he have the ability to throw 100 miles per hour on the mound, but he can also play the field and hit ohtani currently leads. The league in home runs with 31 and to add to it all he swiped 12 bags too. Ohtani is the first player ever to be nominated to the all star game roster, as both a pitcher and a hitter at the beginning of his career. He was compared to a new age, babe ruth, but could it be possible that otani has already proven to be the best two way player ever that’s, exactly what we’re going to dive into in today’s video, but before we jump into it guys, if you enjoy the Content you’re seeing on this channel – and you want to continue to see more of it – it’d mean a lot if you click that subscribe button, i’m, a numbers guy and only about 30 percent of the people who watch these videos are actually subscribed. So show your support by clicking the subscribe button down below in order to properly analyze this we’re, both going to break down otani’s ability at the plate and as ability on the mound separately, starting with shohei as a hitter. As i mentioned before, the only player in history that has produced a semi comparable level of play both on the mound and at the dish would be babe ruth, but babe was only a two way player for one and a half seasons from 1918 to 1919 we’re.

Currently witnessing otani’s fourth consecutive season of doing both in his career as a hitter shohei has a weighted runs created plus of 138, a woba of 374 and an ops of nearly 900.. All three of those marks are much above league average and so far in 2021. He’S having the best year of his career sporting, a 177 weighted runs created, plus a 431 woba and over a thousand ops, he ranks top three among qualified hitters in all three of those major statistics and to further prove the point that ohtani is a dominant hitter. His average exit velocity ranks in the 96th percentile behind the likes of only a few players such as acuna and vlad jr. His max exit velocity ranks second, only behind aaron judge his hard hit percentage ranks first among qualified hitters and his barrel percentage ranks first among any hitters by a large margin that being two percent higher than the next best hitter, fernando tatis jr otani is the mlb Leader currently in both home, runs and lunch for hits and he’s. The first player ever to hit 30 home runs and start 10 games on the mound and we’re. Only at the all star break his 31 home runs in 12. Stolen bases are marks never before reached by an al player. So not only is he a two way player he’s, one of the league’s best hitters, while spending half of his time working towards being an mlb, caliber pitcher, so let’s dive into what otani has accomplished on the mound.

After looking through his stats as a hitter, you’d have to assume that ohtani’s performance on the mound would suffer, but shohei does not just walk the walk. Otani’S average fastball velocity ranks in the top half of any pitcher in the league higher than that of you, darvish and others. His k percentage expected batting average against and slugging percentage, ranked nearly in the top 15 percent of pitchers, and on top of that he owns one of the most dominant pitches in the big leagues. This year, his splitter coming in at a run value of negative seven it’s. The second best splitter among any pitchers in his .08 batting average against, is the best of any starting pitcher. This season, notani’s whip era and caper 9, is better than any other starting pitchers. On the angels staff this year and his fastball has been clocked over 100 miles per hour several times since joining the mlb a few seasons ago. It’S truly incredible to see an athlete come in and be as special as shohei has been since entering the league and he’s doing it on both sides of the ball overall shohei ohtani is an excellent player a once in a lifetime tight player, and you can tell By watching him that he truly loves the game when we were all kids growing up, most of us were two way athletes, but as you move up through more competitive levels of baseball, that is often lost, several people can criticize and say that ohtani could be a Better hitter, if you just focus more time on that or that he could be one of the best pitchers of all time, if he’d put all of his effort towards that, but that’s, not what it’s about for him he’s doing this all because he loves the game.

The complete game, and when he made the choice to come to america, he made it clear that he wants to do both in my oh, my he is excelling as both a hitter and a pitcher this season, thanks for tuning in to today’s video guys, if you Enjoyed please hit that subscribe button.

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Home Run Derby, Shohei Ohtani, MLB, Home run, Los Angeles Angels,, Pete Alonso Is Easily The AL MVP | MLB

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