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Joey andtani is the first player in major league history to make the all star game as both a position player and as a pitcher. This guy has been non stop at major league baseball this year, he’s the best attraction for major league baseball here in 2021, he’s been unbelievable at the plate. He’S been great as a pitcher see now he’s an all star, he’s an mvp candidate, this guy it just doesn’t, stop with this guy brandon. I agree i mean we keep having to talk about him every week because he keeps making history or like hitting six home runs in six games or you know, like i don’t know man. This guy is amazing: showtime shohei ohtani, the young japanese superstar, that we all love watching. He just keeps delivering and just keeps giving us content to talk about, and so honestly breaks makes. History right makes major league baseball history being voted into the all star game. As a pitcher and a positional player, all right let’s just call it a slugger straight up because that’s what he got you know voted in for, and so i think personally let’s end the talk now of him being as good as babe ruth babe. Ruth is maybe as good as shohei ohtani, because ohtani is the man and, like i said, i’ve been telling people he’s better than babe ruth there’s, no way babe ruth was throwing as hard as this guy is and hey. You know babe ruth was just this big, overweight guy with a dad body.

You know hitting balls out of the park because he was the best of his time. Shohei ohtani is playing in an era of athletes of amazing athletes. Of you know the sport science era. I call it where everybody’s a really great athlete and is in great shape, and he is the best right now and he is leading the home run. Uh leading the majors in home runs hit another one today off our team, the boston red sox and even in this series against the red sox has a few rbis. A home run has got a w on the mound. I think man just what can this guy? What can he not do is really the question like i said. I really want to see him in some catcher’s gear. Behind the mount i mean behind the plate, calling the game because he’s just so talented. I really think he can do it all and it would just add to his story if he could just play every position on the field, because i really think if he wanted to. I think this guy could do that. He’S that talented he’s. That good, like i said i keep saying he’s got the the movie star – looks he’s 6 3 he’s built like a wide receiver. I mean this guy could play multiple sports if he wanted to he’s one of the greatest athletes of our time. Right now – and i i mean wow – we still got so much more to see of this guy he’s just really scraping the surface, but for him to break major league baseball history.

This early in his career, like i said, wow man. What is he going to do? Next and, like i said, end the talks, this guy is possibly the greatest baseball player of all time right now, you honestly have to put him up there with the likes of a willie mays and a ken griffey jr. In my opinion, it might be a little early for those comparisons, but i do like i do like his trajectory. Certainly going this way up and up and up um, like you mentioned, he hit another one. Today, he’s now got 32 homers uh. His ops is well over a thousand um and on the mound this year in 13. Games is 401 3.49 era um. You know just against the red sox. Like you mentioned yesterday, he started the game as a pitcher, seven innings five hits two earned runs given up. Four strikeouts zero walks against the red sox, who have a very good lineup, so that’s, an impressive stat behind yesterday went one for four, with an rbi double and a run today, two for four, with a solo, homer and another run scored. So this guy has been awesome, he’s terrifying. When he comes up to the plate as a red sox fan. I see him up there. I’M, like i, i don’t, know what they’re gon na do right now. This guy’s gon na suck up monster, homer, um, he’s, just he’s, just one of those he’s, probably the most feared hitter in baseball right now.

You know we always talk about. You know in baseball how how certain players are just feared when they go up to the plate. Obviously barry bonds uh in his prime um. However, that was helped um. You know you talk about ken griffey jr. You talk about um, some of the guys in the in the past um like a babe ruth, like a willie mays when they come up to the plate. I remember red sox fans and go back to the 70s. Jim rice was a feared hitter, with the way that he used to mash baseball so itani’s, just like that he’s been so good, um he’s been so fun to watch. I i really hope this helps baseball’s popularity, it’s kind of it’s, a weird space right now for baseball, because you’ve got the nba finals in the stanley cup flight we’re going to talk about both those in a few minutes, but um, you know, hopefully, baseball, can ride. This show hey a tiny wave of popularity and success into the all star game, it’s going to be awesome to watch him pitch and hit in the same all star game he’s in the home run derby it’s going to be his two days, it’s going to be Two days of show antoni and i think that’s great – for major league baseball. I agree it’s, definitely great for major league baseball. A lot of people are going to be watching that game. I think i will be, and i don’t even like baseball.

I routinely say that on here i don’t like baseball, but i love shohei, otani and i’m starting to watch more baseball because of shohei ohtani, so he’s bringing the eyes to the game and that’s always good and yeah he’s going to make history in major league baseball’s. All star game so we’ll all be watching it um. You talked about him being a feared hitter against the new york yankees of one of the pictures. He ended up having a bot called against him because he just didn’t know what to do. He wanted to go into his pitching motion, but then he’s like i don’t, really want to try throwing to this guy i’m going to make a mistake and and then he ended up getting call for a buck. So that is the fear that he puts in pictures right now and hey. I know you, you didn’t like some of those comparisons so early but here’s another one for you how about putting them up there with teddy ballpark teddy ballpark, teddy williams. I think he’s up there with him as well, because this guy is, like i said, he’s he’s, amazing and he’s he’s, bringing the eyes to baseball and people love him so that’s.

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