Home Run Derby, Shohei Ohtani, MLB, Home run, Los Angeles Angels, Pete Alonso, 【2021】大谷翔平 ホームラン集 1号~32号 Shohei Ohtani's home run collection in 2021

Oh tony davis, is at the track. This one’s gon na go ohtani. The knight has gone deep to center field, he’s thrown by the fan out there. That was a no doubt about it. A lot like the mike trout home run that we saw in last night for the one base runner on the two out: walk to suzuki last inning did shohei get him get going, get going to right and gone superhero. Does it again number four for ohtani hits a high fly ball to right field to the wall; goodbye hey by the way, he’s got a pretty good sprint going around Applause of the extra base. Variety swinging: a drive out to center field that one’s well struck strong running out of room. He leaps and it’s gone shohei legging it around the pillows in record breaking time just like he did in his last homer he wasn’t taking anything for granted that’s. I think he out did his home run track time for the sitting deep right center field. Oh this goes Applause on lofted in trouble out to right field. Hanager is only watching ohtani leaving the yard it’s his eighth and then a solo home run, puts back Applause and, on the first pitch, a big ball out to right center field and that one ain’t coming back Applause. You can see the momentum that he’s being fed trying to go out there again with the breaking ball, show he hits it toward the monster and gone swing.

The back high fly ball to the corner. It goes into deep right field – ohtani, oh my he did. It show hey, gives the halos the lead. He gets. It done wow! Oh, my goodness. Oh my goodness. What can’t he do. Applause trouble with oh tommy, his foot again again with the home, run they’re trying to do as much damage as they could there’s damage right. There Applause that land just like that, a couple of rows from the top two, nothing angels sure hey goodness arm. Oh him, yeah Applause, Music, Applause, Music got him, drives it to right field toward the wall to the opposite field. Ohtani cracks one deep to left way back there and he’s gone, and the show keeps going to right center field on the home stand and a home run here in tampa st that didn’t take long. Oh man, too. Sexy for the cat, walk Applause, one nothing halos! Gotcha he sends a high shot deep to left. The rose arena can only turn around and watch. It sail an opposite field home run for shohei Applause Applause. Did he do it again? He got another one Applause. There is no containing this dude that one’s hit well and that one’s gone again. He did. It again was on the cut of the grass at third big ship defensively let’s. Take a ride with another show: hey hover Applause: Music: oh he’s, going to get the jog around the bases.

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Home Run Derby, Shohei Ohtani, MLB, Home run, Los Angeles Angels, Pete Alonso, d Sox vs. Angels Game Highlights (7/6/21) MLB Highlights

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