Home Run Derby, Shohei Ohtani, MLB, Home run, Los Angeles Angels, Pete Alonso, d Sox vs. Angels Game Highlights (7/6/21) MLB Highlights

He tries to put the clunker in yankee stadium behind him hernandez at the top 1 1 lines, it down the line, that’s a fair ball and it’ll head toward the corner, ward scoops. It up hernandez motors to second with a lead off double, looks like a fast ball in the middle part of the plate. He just sliced the double right down the line right field pk over to third jd martinez. Martinez hits this one well in the air to left center. Gosling is back and he’s on the track to make the catch deep enough for hernandez to score and the red sox strike. First, he hit that ball. Let me tell you that play wouldn’t have meant anything if alex verdugo hadn’t have gotten kiki hernandez over to third base right there, so here’s xander bogart, oh back to ohtani. Look in your other hand, you’ll find a gold watch. What a play by showing no apology for that play: yeah he’s locked in that’s an incredible play! How did he make that play that easily makes it look way too easy and here’s fletch to go to work against 31 year old? First, first time all star right, hander native vauldy and david fletcher doesn’t waste any time the hitting streaks alive at 20 and counting countering the boston start with a leadoff double in the home. Half of the ending that was the exact same spot for fletch now 20 games. You mentioned him at 20 game history for fletch, so here comes otani now in a position to drive in a run and tie it on his own behalf.

One nothing boston, fletcher, scores easily back to back, doubles in the halo half of the first and it’s, a 1 1 ball game. Staying back on the pitch after 98 went down to got it and hit a rock at the right field for another extra base hit. So two gone now and it’ll be max stassi, payoff, pitch home and max swings and sends a ball deep to left field. Verdugo takes a look and it’s gone home, run back stassi that’s, a power swing, stassi sixth home run 16 rbis that’s your battery mate, taking care of you, two quick outs now for christian arroyo who homered yesterday 1 1 pitch shatters his bat little fly ball out To right field for ward and shohei, you know sees the shrapnel i’ll get it. I got it he’s the people’s hero; second nate, looking to bounce back after rocky. First and of all the deals and it’s hung on two by wall: that’s, a good start strikeout for ivaldi nice slider right there on the outer half swing and a miss now goes with the quick pitch at 98 and strikes out renjifo that slide step from avaldi Man aboard for shohei, ohtani, 2 2 is there for strike three call three k’s in the inning for evolvies. This is two and a third. Without a strikeout to start the ball game for showy i’m, not 02. got him a little mo larry the cheese on him. He was looking splitter got the cheese drives towards the plate.

Chili ohtani really uses his lower half of his body very, very well. So a runner in scoring position to start things out and jd martinez. Now, ballin two strikes to martinez. He got him swinging. You can beat him with a fastball, even if it’s getting a lot more of the plate than you want. Here’S devers now, with two gone 2 2 fastball bounce to the right side. Iglesias tried that moving screen again he’s like kelly leake. He wants everything. The glaciers is everywhere right in front of david fletcher again, but fletch was able to make the play native aldi tows the rubber again ready to face seven, eight and nine one. Two. Oh, he throws a beautiful curve ball for strikeout number. Seven to get ward juan lagar is 3. 2 is strike three called 98 for avaldi and eight punch outs for the right, hander wong to lead things off Applause; long stings, this one to right out of the reach of ward and to the wall. Connor wong speeds to second and he’s got a lead off double that up. Maybe excellent, knock right there with oppo, so runner at third, with one gun now for verdugo and the 2 2 home got him swinging. Will you talk about geared it up for another level? Shohei 96, 96 97.. Two gun with a runner at third for jd martinez, martinez, pulls it to left and it dumps down in front of goslin it’s a one run ball game in the sixth that’s.

What you want to see right there and you got your cleanup man, xander bogarts at the plate, 0 1 bogart sends a ball well hit out to right center field, lagores leaps and brings it back. He saved a two run: dinger it’s, not coasting back to be able to time that leap. He had to run on a sprint leaps up and catches it and controls it as he slams into the wall. That’S not easy to do with shohei, giving him high five brandon workman on in relief and he’s, going to try to pitch boston out of a very sticky spot against the red. Hot david fletcher bases are loaded with two gun. Another curve ball that’s, going to be a tough play. Nobody will be able to make it david, fletcher, four for four on a bases, loaded, infield single that had an exit velocity of about 20 miles an hour and traveled six yards, and now you’ve got ohtani with the bases loaded another one too and workman strikes out. Ohtani to leave him loaded in the six here’s renfro now who’s out for two full counts: 100. right on the money there partner well that’s his best slider the entire night. He stayed back on that kept his front shoulder in and look at this late break nasty for shohei ohtani the drive the shoulders delivery straight forward. I love when that toe is pointing that landing foot pointing right towards the target lead off hitter at second base and ohtani is trying to fade the third out here.

Danny santana zoe for two cards said fastball said hit it at the fletch and get rid of it. Boom ohtani is able to strand that lead off single and preserve the angels advantage. Russell iglesias on to try to close things down in the top of the ninth inning denver is stepping up the one. Two got him change up at 91 mile, an hour change up for russell iglesias, bottom of the zone, change the eye level. Christian arroyo, boston down to their final strike, 0 2 to arroyo got him swinging.

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Home Run Derby, Shohei Ohtani, MLB, Home run, Los Angeles Angels, Pete Alonso, d Sox vs. Angels Game Highlights (7/7/21) | MLB Highlights

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