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Today he chases it misses that fastball struck him out, and the inning is over david fletcher coming off a perfect four for four night yesterday and again trying to pick up a 20 game hitting streak this afternoon. That might just do it: vintage fletch, a doink into left center field, steadcast hates him 21 in a row for fletcher he’s not going to be at the top as far as exit velocity. But you know what face it at the base it for flats 21 games. Now, for fletch five for his last five in the series and, more importantly, it puts a base runner aboard for shohei, oh johnny and there’s a pop that’s going to drop in the same spot as fletcher’s for a hit fletcher’s going to go first to third, the Throw is late, shohei goes up the second and he gets there without a throw ohtani read the throw perfectly with the great speed he saw that throw head to third base, and he already was taken off in on his way to second base. Second and third, on back to back pitches, two flares that have put eduardo rodriguez in trouble right out of the gate. So here is walsh at the plate and there’s one grounded on the right side stopped by arroyo from the outfield grass. He will throw out walsh but scoring easily from third on the 4 3 ground out is david fletcher and it’s, one nothing angels. Gosselin won for four.

Yesterday, oh look out point tony shohei gets out of the way of that one i mean that catch in an ankle, that’s a bad scene, hot shot, he’s got every skill imaginable. He really does and that’s a little shallow pop it’s going to fall in for an rbi hit gunsman on a 3 2 pitch brings in chauhtani it’s, two, nothing, angels and rodriguez has got to be going. Are you kidding me? There has not been a ball hit hard, yet the hardest ball was the out that jared walsh had the other three hits. We’Re all jam shots. This is another one fastball, a little cutter in jams gazan but he’s, just able to muscle it up, get it out in the outfield angels, take 18, nothing lead and now here’s, a guy that can hit it 500 feet, ohtani, with runners at the corners. All of a sudden, with two gone, he got him beautiful change up and ohtani swims over the top of it for an enormous strikeout for rodriguez jared walsh to lead it off in the third two. Nothing red sox trailing the angels. What a nice play by bogarts on this short hop man did he make that look easy excellent backhand play right here by bogey, just a one, hop bullet to him, nice and smooth got to his knees. Look at this one hop shot right there, nice easy to throw to first base to get walsh it’s back to back singles for the third time already and we’re.

Only in the third inning opportunity now for taylor, ward there’s, a cutter on the hands, that’s popped up into shallow right field and arroyo back to get it that one didn’t find green that was close rodriguez is shaking his head smiling coming off the mountain. I, like the smile first and second, with two gone now for rafael devers, who was caught looking at strike three back in the second inning, only time that heaney has been in anything close to trouble so far today this is a chopper hit on the right side. Fielded by fletcher he will easily throw out divers and he pitches out of a little bit of hot water throughout jam here in the top of the fourth inning and boston. For the second time this afternoon has a runner in scoring position minute. First and third, with one gone first pitch swinging from dulbeck into left, as gosselin gets spun around and it’s up. The wall arroyo scores from third and the red sox are on the board in the fifth inning gosselin got fooled out there and left christian must have thought that gosselin was going to get there and make that catch as it is. One run scores on a wall. Ball single for bobby dalbeck that was wild biggest threat to heeney all afternoon. The red sox have scored one two gun in the inning. Now, with runners aboard a little blooper into left field, will it fall? It will vasquez is gon na score.

It’S, the red sox turn at some good luck: a blue pit for verdugo and we’re tied at two love. He went fastball up and in and verdugo got enough of it just to kind of throw it out there left center down that left field rather down that line basket ends up scoring anyway, but there’s still one more run out there. That should be in 2. 2 ball game as the angels. Bat in the bottom of the fifth inning and ohtani will lead it off and he chops that one foul over on the first base side right above the foot on that one shohei down in front that one there hit off the back left knee he’s got the Front right, foot and the back left knee and he said that yeah. He would like that nice jog around the bases now, instead of have to sprint around there really is no one like him. You fouled him over your front foot. You found one off your back. Knee and what are you doing, you said you have to take that little casual job and he rockets that one out and it’s already the most home runs in a single season on july, 7th by a japanese board player in major league baseball karen walsh. The better follows up with a drive to center field Applause, so that’ll bring the go ahead run to the plate in the form of christian arroyo. First and third, with one gone arroyo rolls this into center field and the red sox are within a run.

Bogart scores and it’s 4 3 in the sixth inning big clutch hit by christian arroyo. Right in that situation drives in bogarts from third base. They didn’t quite have that same shift up the middle and he gets that fastball and hits it right back up. The box here is walsh. Who’S had a two rbi day and there’s a swinging up high drive that’s lifted deep out into right field. It’S out of here that’s a two homer day now for walsh and the angels and on it’s now, 5 3 shitty is at third with nobody out here’s bogey. He drives him down the right field line and this thing is fair extra basis for bogey. When he, though, slams into the wall, martinez, has scored bogart’s. Second double in a row, he’s got 27 and the sox are in business in the eighth red. Sox are down to their final out this afternoon, hernandez the batters six game hitting streak on the line hitless. Today chased over missed, then he struck him out, as the halos beat the red sox five to four.

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