Home Run Derby, Shohei Ohtani, MLB, Home run,, Los Angeles Angels, Pete Alonso 2021 MLB Home Run Derby Preview (Ohtani, Soto, Alonso and more!)

First. We have salvador perez the oldest player in the derby this year at 31 years of age, nicknamed el nino perez has hit 20 dingers. This season now catchers, usually don’t, appear in the home run derby, so c1 is pretty cool. His hardest hit homer. This season is 114 mile per hour bomb off of indians lefty sam hendkis, interesting fact. Perez is also the unluckiest player in this derby. Baseball savant gives him an expected 24 and a half homers right now, based on his hits, but he only has 20. next we have the polar bear. Pete alonso allows us the reigning champ from 2019, since we didn’t have derby last season, he’s hoping to be the first back to back winner since uh in 2013 and 2014.. His max exit velocity is 119 miles per hour, which is tied with erin judge for the hardest hit ball this year, alumnus having a bit of a down season compared to when he hit 53 back in 2019. But i don’t sleep on him in a derby setting alonzo in coors field is going to be a sight to be hold. I kind of am hoping for an alonzo itani final, i got ta say. Third, we have trevor story. The home field representative story’s been nagged with injuries this season, which is why it’s power out put us down a bit, but after a slow start, he has really been ramping it up nicknamed true, i don’t know who calls him that everyone calls him story.

Time story is hoping to become the fourth player to win the event while playing in their home ballpark. The three others were ryan sandberg, todd, frazier and bryce harper fun fact, since his debut, only four players have hit more home runs than their home ballpark. This story has it’s safe to say: he’s got the home field advantage here. Fourth up, we got the best story in the entire league trey mancini a year after beating colon cancer mancinians had a really solid season and became the fastest oriole in franchise. History, that’s reached 100 home runs he’s, definitely the favorite to win comeback player of the year award, but right now his sights are on their derby trophy. We might all have our favorite player 3 route 4, but deep down, we’re hoping mancini comes out and puts on a show for everyone. It really would be the perfect addition to the fairy tale. I mean come on. The guy’s nickname is boomer what a perfect nickname for a guy who’s in the home run derby on to juan soto, the youngest player in the derby, with the nickname, childish, bambino hopes to show everyone. That age is just a number he’s known for his plate. Discipline which may not help in a derby setting but his power isn’t something to ignore his hard hit rates and ex slugging numbers are in the top. 10 percent of players. He’S had a pretty down season, only 10 dingers so far, but all that doesn’t matter when it comes to a derby anyway.

Mr pico de gallo is one of the last additions to the derby, but that doesn’t mean he’s. The weakest gal is known for his casual 450 foot homers, which means he should feel right at home in the home run. Derby gal is on track to cracking the 40 homer threshold. This season, which he’s done in the past in 2017 and 2018.. I think gala will benefit the most being on the road in coors field. His road numbers are much better than his home numbers and there’s no better place to hit than coors matt olson isn’t a household name for the casual baseball fan, but he should be all his career. He’S been known for power. This would be his first all star, selection and first home run derby. His hardest homer of the year was hit at 111 miles per hour off of angel’s dylan bundy just ignore his death last year, because they don’t really portray his power skills. Olson is definitely a dark horse in this contest and could definitely surprise a few people. I wouldn’t be shocked if he ended up in the finals or even won this thing hitting in coors field. After always, hitting in oakland coliseum will feel like little league to him and now the player literally everybody is waiting. The watch shohei otani there’s, not much. I can say that hasn’t been covered in the 2 million other youtube videos on him, he’s the first japanese player to participate in the home run.

Derby he’s won this back in 2016 in japan, so he knows his where, on the contest leading the league with 31 homers i’d, say he’s the favorite to take this it’s really going to come down to his stamina and pacing i’m, hoping he wins just to add To the phenomenal season he’s been having, if you haven’t, followed his pitching hitting fielding and base running this season, then definitely go and search more highlights of him. You won’t be disappointed, so there you have it. Those are our eight participants. Let me know in the comments who you think wins it all and please like and subscribe to support the channel.

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Home Run Derby, Shohei Ohtani, MLB, Home run,, Los Angeles Angels, Pete Alonso double Angels Redsox