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Now there you go Applause, yeah, really look at the replays tony’s taking off Music right now, but all right, i just like the way he moves around with confidence. It’S great come on walsh. Now we just need our right handed power, hitters to come back, they’re all out, that’s a run Applause. All right, we got ta run, hey we got ta run, run, show hey still on. Third, oh goose gave you the last fall ball. I better be ready. That’D be cool, if you can film yourself catching a cowboy, oh, like bobby crosby he’s like hey before before they banned that the the part where he used to go to dodger games, they banned it. They made him take all the dodger stuff down, but he put it on his own stuff, he’s still successful. Remember we saw him at the batting practice. Oh man, oh tony, had to move. Oh look at shohei that foul ball almost got him. You got that on film, mostly yeah, i was filming walsh and then he hit it. Oh, his goose is up or goose. I mean come on goose, don’t, goose, shohei he’s on our team. We need him. Yes, if all your favorite rojas, isn’t playing today, tony’s ready he’s got a good lead, the only one out he could score a nice fly. Ball. Doesn’T even have to be that deep, because this is one of the man fastest man in the league. He does it all.

Yeah come on tony get a good lead, show hey ruth Applause, Music, two, nothing angels, Applause, yay, Applause, Music, i’m, not the only one that calls him money. Now: Music, the money Applause, oh Applause, Music, hit, hey! They sat down sylvina’s gon na come back. He is Applause. Oh Applause, two, oh! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! Music! No he’s hurt! He hurts something: he’s, not kawhi leonard. Hopefully do it! No! It doesn’t look good. He got the ball off his knee. His knee that’s, not good. Oh yeah, oh hawaiian shirt guys should have caught that Music. Somebody up there caught it. No, i hit the hit Applause. Oh he didn’t catch. It Applause, bye, Applause, Music. So we caught a t shirt on the seventh painting stretch yeah they wrapped this thing real good though, and so we’re gon na see it’s, probably a trout face. I don’t know we’ll know in a second yeah. We went up to the nose, bleed and ran around got it unboxing, unboxing unboxing, but i would know right away because that’s different color of the red yeah it looks like it’s, a trout, probably trout, fish, oh it’s, above us Applause, oh wow, there you go trout, Face again, they’re still shooting those off with the cannon. Is it already over? No they’re still going socks fans, oh everybody’s, all filming? What are they doing? They’Re still going security chase them off they’re, taking his shirts off and stuff? Oh it’s, already over? Oh he’s just got to fight huh where’s, the other guy where’s where’d, the other guy go he’s down there.

I guess they’re done no way. Is he seriously after he already talked to the cops, what the hell he is he’s running down there he’s jogging down there.

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Home Run Derby, Shohei Ohtani, MLB, Home run,, Los Angeles Angels, Pete Alonso 2021 MLB Home Run Derby Preview (Ohtani, Soto, Alonso and more!)

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