Home Run Derby, Shohei Ohtani, MLB, Home run, Pete Alonso, Los Angeles Angels, 32nd homer of the season! (Sets new single-season record for Japanese-born player!)

h Batting second: welcome back to the stadium with mark goubas on jose moda matt vasquez nice to have you, along with us, on a chamber of commerce afternoon in anaheim Applause, it’s about as good as it gets. 2. 2 ball game as the angels bat in the bottom of the fifth inning and ohtani will lead it off shohei, followed by jared walsh and phil gosselin and eduardo rodriguez. Now, working in a tie game, we got shohei to swing a miss on a cutter last at bats. A couple base runners on shohei they’ll be looking for either a four seam or cutter first pitch ohtani walsh, gosling here in the fifth 2, 2 ball game and first pitch of the inning by erod, misses inside Applause. You know with ohtani and walsh batting first and second, this inning it’s a good time to document how important they’ve been in the angels, lineup, it’s, obvious to fans but here’s the context. There have been 10 american league players this year, who have accounted for at least 15 percent of their team’s rbi total that’s a lot one guy 15 percent of the runs batted in the angels are the only american league team, with two players who have accounted for 15 or more of the team’s total rbis it’s, a two man wrecking crew and again a lot of that is a function of rendon being hurt, trout, being heard right above the foot on that one shohei out in front, you have rbis combined between the two.

I mean they have done the heavy lifting this year for sure two balls in a strike to ohtani two and two anytime. You see a batter foul one off your foot you’re as a pitcher you’re going back inside and that’s exactly what rodriguez did they’re the numbers. 68, 61 between ohtani and walsh. Back inside again, i don’t know how he even made contact with that. Did that get him again? I think the foot it might have been the from the previous foul tip. I don’t know if that one got him too he’s walking around like kurt gibson. Now did that get him in the knee? I think it got to the top of the knee didn’t it well that back knee was that’s the surgically repaired knee, oh he’s, still feeling it yeah. He would like that nice jog around the bases now, instead of have to sprint Applause. So off the foot front foot then the back knee and the same at that the next 2 2 home. Oh he’s, going to get the jog around the bases. He did it again, he’s a beast. There really is no one like him. You foul him off your front foot, you foul one off your back knee and what do you do? You say you don’t have to take that little casual jock and he rockets that one out number 32 of the season and remember he hit and pitched last night for showay, oh tiny.

Now you can just kind of casually walk back in the dugout. I can’t wait to see this with jose iglesias and a hug. Oh my 114.5 mile per hour exit velocity for ohtani. We had to wait five innings to see a well hit ball this afternoon and it was worth the wait, here’s walsh now angel’s back out. On top by a run i’d say that knee is feeling a lot better. All of a sudden, he doesn’t even remember it. Now. This ball was crushed. Gooby come on that’s, just literally screaming off the bat i mean that is screaming off the bat. Remember that one you know cartoon you see for start of a baseball highlights. You see the baseball just screaming off the bat that’s the screaming goal: yeah the bugs bunny one yeah yeah slide, dimaggio sly, that is huge for the countryman and for himself ray, can hide him at suey’s record.

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