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So today we’re going to talk about the homerun derby contestants we want to see. Did you do you hear? Did you hear what i said can i can i can i say that a little clearer for you? Yes, please repeat in case you. Maybe you want to transcribe this at some point in life home run derby contestants. We want to see so these are guys who have not committed or confirmed that they’ll be in the hormone derby. We wish that they did correct so so far five people have confirmed shohei, otani, pete, alonso trevor story, trey mancini salvador perez and i think there’s three slots left yep to fill out. If i’m, not mistaken, you’re correct so we’re gon na we’re gon na try to agree on three players that we want to see fill out. Those three slots – that’s all man – i’m. Not asking for much is that, okay with you can we get started here now: mandy, real, quick. These are just players. We wanted to see not players who’ve already declined. We could still include players that declined um, hmm it’s, a great question. Man i’m going to go with damn, but then then i’m going to change my list. If that’s the case yeah, you know i kind of uh mis misread you right there. When you said, i thought we were like: oh in, like a in a perfect world jacob, the grand pitch is in the all star game, and this guy also participates alright you’re right man, i’m.

Sorry, you’re, right, you’re, right change! Let’S! Do it change your list around? I got i got guys, go ahead change it. I got guys too man. Okay, i’m, good, all right, i’ll start with one guy who hasn’t declined and who has hinted at maybe he’s going to participate in it ronald acuna jr. I want to see the guy participate. Man hell yeah uh, i think as far as apple power goes and just raw power man, this guy pretty sure he’s already hit like a couple 470 foot home runs this year. Um it’s it’s very entertaining to watch ronald acuna hit home runs. I agree with you. There manny great choice: if mike, if my computer would cooperate with me, i could get you the number one of the one of the main reasons why and that is because of the qualified hitters on baseball savann. If you go on baseball, savant leaderboards go to max distance. Qualified hitters, the longest home run, has been hit by ronald acuna jr. This year 481 feet. There was somebody who hit one longer, but they they must not have enough at bats, and i don’t feel like monkeying with this right now, but ramon lacuna, junior 400, 481 foot blast and he’s averaging uh. Let me see 414 feet home run. Distance on his home runs, which is top. Where are you acuna top 15 in major league baseball, nice guy’s, a beast man, nice, all right, uh i’m, not gon na give you guys the data, because, honestly, i didn’t look into it.

I just know that this guy’s, always in maybe the top one top two in exit velo every year, since they started tracking it giancarlo stanton. In the beginning of the year, i saw him hit a monster shot uh. I think you actually know what i’m not gon na lie. This could be going back to last year, but uh against the minute against the minnesota twins. You know obama i’m, referring to it might have been this year happens every year you see, giancarlo stan hit a bomb um i’m, pretty sure. If we go back to when he was with the marlins he’s top 10 and most home runs hit active players. Whatever man, the guy is the original or an original uh home, run hitter that’s what he does that’s his his talent. He smacks the ball and i think those are the guys that i want to see in the hormone derby, so i had to give it to carl stanton. Let me see if i can figure out 471 never mind. He had a 471 foot home run this year. Um, my next guy is the cuban guy from texas um rookie, he’s kind of slowed down, rookie slowed down a bit lately by the way rookie, but he’s played like for the past four or five years. Another thing baseball needs to fix um. He said some bombs. This year he he’s like top five in pretty much all power categories, and and why not man, just why not yeah that’s my that’s? My reason why no he’s definitely built for that yeah like he looks yeah, he looks like a monster.

No he’s on my fantasy baseball team. We just had to throw that in there real quick well done then well done and yo for the same reasons i said, giancarlo stanton should be in the hormone derby, i’m. Pretty sure this guy isn’t gon na be in it and he’s, probably already said he won’t be participating, but aaron judge man, hmm love me, some judge holds the rookie record in american league for home runs the guy who is participating. Pete alonso is in the hormone derby, he beat that record and he also holds the nl record um, which i think cody bellinger held it like two years prior to that. So balls are definitely juiced, but i think it’d be cool to just have aaron judge peter lonzo, both representing new york. You know, like both rookie home, run, uh record holders and aaron judges. I mean maybe because he’s changed his approach, the last two years and he goes apple more. He doesn’t hit as many home runs, but i still think this guy is one of the better home run, hitters and he’s same thing as giancarlo stan, always in the top. Four exit, velos and stuff so i’m, more interested in seeing the guys that are gon na put the ball out of the park, and i think judge is definitely one of those guys. I i’m not gon na lie. I would enjoy watching judge and ohtani swinging that bat around man, not gon na lie hell yeah, not gon na lie.

Hell yeah is the oscar hernandez of the temp of the toronto blue jays um. So i had seen this guy for a while. Now he came up with houston and stuff, but i didn’t realize how much power he had until last year when they were in buffalo and he was hitting some moon shots and uh this year, the same thing man he he just hit some bombs, and i i Just i feel like he would be a fun watch to see in the home run derby. He has a top 20 distance home run, uh 464 foot home run and uh. He averages 418 feet per home in every home. Uh, his home run distance averages 418 feet, which is higher than ronald acuna, so um they also got hernandez man. Dr let’s go now. You said let’s come up with three and i’ve already given two, so i was gon na go i’ve given i’ve given three, but let’s do one more and then we we could uh. You know whittle it down a little bit. Okay, but i was gon na go with vladimir guerrero jr, but i know he already said: he’s not gon na be participating in the hormone derby. I think he did it last year, the year before he put on a uh, an amazing performance, but again this guy he’s in he’s an elite power hitter. So it would have been good to see him but i’m gon na go with somebody else, manny that personally, i don’t think you can market this guy because he always has a giant wad of tobacco in his mouth, but and it like drips in like dark blood.

Color down his lips, but miguel said no man. This guy strikes out four times every game, but he’s always in the elite ranks for exit velo. He hits some of the hardest. Baseballs you’ll ever see and it’d be interesting to see this guy. You know like a twins player again in the home in the home, run derby uh, but yeah man his his look, doesn’t look right with that with the wad of tobacco in his mouth man it’s like got ta clean that up, you know like yeah, yeah, yeah, He’S a mess man, my last guy – is plays in the same team as adolesce garcia. I like saying that name joey gallo man, i mean classic. He said that he would, he would participate if he were invited, but he’s not going to throw his name in the in the ring. Um wait a second because he feels like he feels like he’s, not an all star, so he shouldn’t be there blah blah blah. Oh well see i’ve, never been one of the ones to think that you have to be in the all star game to participate in the home run day right. I they’re all star weekend activities and i consider them like you know: let’s be honest man. He wants to go home and play and we’ll be the show yeah, but are we saying that they haven’t they really haven’t invited joey gala, i mean why wouldn’t you want this guy in the hormone derby that’s, what they i don’t, know that’s what they said.

Man. So they i i think, uh, i think tatis declined, judge and voight and stanton declined guerrero. I think he had said yes at first and then he backed away um but i’m going joey gallo that’s. My final one that’s, my fourth and final. All right – and i know the my final one – isn’t a reality because he’s still on the il, but mike trout, baseballs. You know well, i guess it’s up for debate now, but top two baseball players in the sport um. He does everything well, but nobody. I guess everybody knows this: his home runs are always monster shots, yeah, he’s, always elite. In those categories, the stack cast categories when it comes to their home runs and one of the biggest names in baseball who we don’t get to see. A lot of would have been cool, i don’t think he’s ever done a home run derby. I think it would be cool to see mike trout in a home run derby, but that’s not happening, i think would be. I think it would be good for trout too, because, aside from seeing like shots being hit in the home run derby, the other thing that i really enjoy about the home run derby is seeing guys interacting like in an informal setting like seeing you know like, like. I remember seeing guys like david ortiz, like rooting for a rod on the sideline or something like that or stuff like that was always fun like you’re like oh, these guys are friends or whatever, like i don’t, know, it’s just kind of a fun thing to see And i think it would be good to see mike trout in an informal setting like that, like just hanging out with the guys yeah, because i think we all kind of see him at this is how i see him as like.

This boring almost like a robot. Like i go in and do my work, i go home and that’s it yeah. You know what i mean um. I think that would be cool, so good pick man. I appreciate that well done thanks. I actually so i wrote a piece for our skeena on this and you know who else i had men who i didn’t include in our list and i’m. Just gon na tell you this right now and you’re gon na laugh at me, but just just accept it. Man i had rafi dubbers on my list. I mean he hits the ball really hard like he. I could see him being in a homerun derby, but – and i just think in colorado – you could put anybody like yeah you’re gon na hit homers put a picture up there. Now. I know i know you said earlier that teams might maybe don’t want, like maybe like in the bigger picture of things you don’t want your your guys participate, but i think there’s certain guys that hit the ball really hard and hit home runs. You know maybe, when jose altuve hit, his 20 home runs in the season and the astros were cheating, maybe uh he was. He was just squaring up the ball really good and and taking the ball out by force. But then you got guys like shohei ohtani man, who i just think that swing is tailor made, that is beautiful man it’s tailor made for home runs.

I swing this swing, i don’t see home, run derbies affecting guys like shohei otani. You know because i think it’s just it’s just business as usual for a guy like that, i don’t know man. I i don’t know what the the data data is on it, but uh for me it’s, it looks exhausting like have you ever? Oh definitely. Definitely i haven’t been to the batting cage in a long time, but just just going to the batting cage and swinging you know doing 25 swings or whatever you feel shocked, yeah after no for sure. So i can see it impacting you like out of the gate. Maybe and then, and then you’re like midway you’re like way past the halfway point of the season. The dog days of august are right around the corner. I understand why guys don’t want to do it, but it’s a fun event. It’S, probably the best event of the all star break for me, at least by the way: rafi devers, 419 average home run uh distance, that’s top top 10, because there’s a lot of people tied here so that’s 419 feet that’s higher than de oscar and um ronda. Cunha, this is this: is trevor story, territory, tyler, o’neill, terrible trade man. I should have never traded and traded. You tyler o’neil um, your mimer said is when he was hitting home, runs yami mercedes by the way is the guy who had the furthest home run this year, 485, okay, um, but yeah rafi, devers man, i’m up, i don’t know, do you have a do? You have a surprise one.

You want to throw us throw at us before we sign off, surprise home, run derby contestant, like brett gardner, or something like that. Hmm, that was a joke. You know what nolan aronado would have been cool, yeah colorado, all right go on man! Sorry, i chose nolan arnotto, bring him back to bring him back to coors field and have him win it all so long, fried rice, hello, fried chicken that’s. How we should afraid phrase this like the racial draft, just kidding yeah yeah out of all the guys last thing, and then we could sign off of all the guys who’ve committed who do you think is going to win manny. I think i already know your answer. I mean: is there another? Is there another choice? There is no other choice. Man. This is the year of otani hell, yeah man. This guy needs to win by a large margin and hit the furthest home run hit. The most home runs yeah, bat lefty. I mean bat righty, walk over to the right side of the of the plate and hit a home run and use a wiffle ball back yeah and throw it to himself and hit it. Yeah like bugs bunny like yeah. He throws it from the pitcher’s mound, runs over to the batter’s box and pulls it up man. I can’t wait. I can’t wait, but i can’t wait for the hormone derby, because it’s in colorado, so we’re gon na see some crazy home runs yeah but show i’m i’m so happy that shoei otani’s participating in this event, man it’s not often that you see a superstar at this Level now, in this day and age, do something it’s like lebron james participating in the dunk contest.

I look at it exactly for sure man exactly exactly nice all right. Those are your home run. Derby, contestants, those are the home, run derby contestants. We want to see in the comment section below tell us who you want to see in the home run derby and we will respond, maybe um. This was bodega baseball. Follow that guy at hovamojo. Follow me at manico3 on etwitter peace out.

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