Home Run Derby, Shohei Ohtani, MLB, Home run, Pete Alonso, Los Angeles Angels, vs Juan Soto | HR Derby 1st Round lefties duel!!

There way way side, yo nada. Where did that land? Just like that and soto? Another high drive to deep left center see you later. He is wearing out that part of truest park that front hip in a little longer dude center field, let’s watch it you’re in a truck or a studio. All day, soda with a high fly, ball left center field. Hicks back on the track at the wall, see ya a home run the other way for soto and it’s 11 3 nationals. The strike to shohei four homers on the home stand and a home run here. In tampa st beat that didn’t take long. Oh man, too sexy for the catwalk Applause, one, nothing halo’s, sunken back the shot hit deep to center phillips is gon na run out of room. That ball is gone dead center over the 404 marker first pitch swinging. Oh and first pitch crushing: oh man lean into it, got a breaking ball. It’S high in the air to right. Look at it fly see you later one pitch. That shohei has had a little trouble with. He does it again a mile high toward the wall. Oh seriously, are you kidding me Applause soto to left center on a fastball c? U later there’s some launch angle for juan soto and they hope more. This inning chauhay drives it deep right center field, oh show, hey Applause, fastball, soto, rips! It see you later about a third of the way up the pavilion making the move to the united states and it’s, not their first matchup gets to know his friend again with the home run.

Looking on a fastball that was middle, middle couldn’t, pull the trigger a little trigger on that one. This ball is crushed to left field. Juan soto has put the nationals on top in the sixth ball that far and turn on it well and that one he did it again got him number 19 for shohei, ochani soto checks, one to right and it’s heading for the bullpen c. You later yeah only a matter of time, the next 2 2 home, oh he’s, going to get the jog around the bases. He did it again: he’s a beast Applause and soto laces one to right, see you later and it’s a nine to five ball game on one sec.

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Home Run Derby, Shohei Ohtani, MLB, Home run, Pete Alonso, Los Angeles Angels, pants We Want to See

Home Run Derby, Shohei Ohtani, MLB, Home run, Los Angeles Angels, Pete Alonso, d Sox vs. Angels Game Highlights (7/7/21) | MLB Highlights