Home Run Derby, Shohei Ohtani, MLB, Los Angeles Angels, Home run, Pete Alonso cap of LA ANGELS series against the Boston RED SOX – SHOHEI OHTANI crushes Matsui's RECORD!

Thank you so much for clicking on this video, whether you are an angels fan or just serving youtube. Thank you. So much for a couple minutes of your time. Today, i’m going to be breaking down the angels series against the boston red sox, the angels take two out of three in this three game: set i’m gon na go into detail into each game and then look at the upcoming series against the seattle mariners game. One of this three game set was on july. The 5th this game was between jose suarez and martin perez. You know jose suarez has done really well since being called back up to the angels and in this outing i felt like he had a good fastball. His breaking balls were not the best; they were okay, um and overall, i thought it was a good outing. Um he did give up. Two earned runs in three innings pitched. Those two runs that he gave up came in the second inning, which is why i thought he was pulled from the third but in the third. But i am happy to see him back and i’m happy to see him uh doing really. Well, so far since he’s been called back up, the angels come into this series, just over 500 um and i felt like the offense continued to help win games in this series and uh legarres had a pop fly in this first game to bring in max dassey That made it 2 1, but then, when hefo it looked like, he was gon na have a home run, but hernandez robbed him of a home run out there at the track in center field.

Um, a couple of really good uh home, run robbing catches in this series. Bundy comes into relief in the fourth, he only pitched about one and a third inning. He gave up two earned runs. I had to i hate to speculate, but i do wonder if bundy is one of these guys who has been using spider tack, maybe a mixture of rosin and sunscreen. You know using some of this sticky stuff over the past few years and now has to readjust to not using any sticky stuff because of the uh from from the crackdown from mlb from the league offices um ever since this crackdown, he seems to have not very Good control, not very good, excuse me not very good control and not good velocity on his pitches and um. You know he started this season as our ace and now he’s been regulated to the bullpen. For the time being, i think we have to keep a close eye on dylan bundy moving forward in these next couple of weeks, and i do hope he can find his command again man. I really, i really hope so, jose rojas, another guy that was recently called up. He goes three for four in this first game um, he even had a home run great to see him back i’m. A big fan of jose rojas, thankfully, because of the injuries we’ve, had he’s, been able to have a pretty good decent playing time, but there’s just still not an everyday spot for him.

Unfortunately, but he’s a good guy to have on our bench to have in cases of injuries like the time we’re having right now, i feel like the offense struggled in this game against the boston pitching, but we almost had a comeback in the ninth aravino, who was Pitching for the red sox gave up three hits and made the game 5. 4. At that point. Shohei comes up to the plate, but he eventually is retired on a crown ball and easy grounded a second that was still in the first that end of the game. The final score of this first game is five to four. This one goes to the boston red sox. Shohei also becomes the ao player of the week on this day and now we’re going to turn to the second game of this three game set the game. On july the 6th was shohei day. This was shohei’s birthday as well as he was pitching and hitting as well, which was awesome to see. He faces. Nathan avaldi in this one fletch in the first inning uh to lead off the game with a double and shohei was able to bring him in for a run. Fletch is on a really great stretch of games right now, and he actually has a as of today. A 21 game hit streak. He actually went seven for seven in terms of seven straight at bats, with a hit in this series as well, which was awesome to see um.

He is only the 12th angel to have 20 hits in a row uh. You know 20 hits in each uh. Excuse me one hit in each game in a row for 20 of those, and then he becomes the first angel since garrett anderson to have 21 games with consecutive hits. One legarres robbed a home run in this game. He had a great catch in the six shohei. I felt pitched very well, especially compared to that game in the bronx that he had that being pulled in the first. This is a great comeback, outing in terms of pitching for shohei. He goes seven innings five hits two earned runs with four strikeouts. I felt like his splitter got better in this game as the game went on and he had good command, unlike um, unfortunately that game in the bronx uh last week. Ryzela glaciers closed this second game out in the 90s he did give up a home run to renfro, but ryzel iglesias is one of these guys. Who’S been very good in the past month. He um really seems to be one of these guys who has gotten better as the mob crackdown on sticky substances has gone on so, which is a good thing to see that whether uh the crackdown happens or not, he is still excelling and still getting better, and I like to see that from our from our closer the final score of this second game was five to three: the angels win this one now we’re going to turn to the third game of this three game set in the third game on july.

The 7th this game was against andrew heaney. Excuse me, this game was andrew heaney against rodriguez. Fletch, like i mentioned, extends his uh consecutive games with a hit to 21 in a row in the first i’m, a floater to center field, a lot of floaters in this third game, to be honest, um and in the bottom of the fifth shohei and walsh. Go back to back with home, runs um chauhay to right field, walsh, also to right field, shohei, actually fouled a ball off his foot and then fell the ball off of his back knee, which i was a little concerned about watching in real time. I thought he may have injured his knee, but thankfully, on the next pitch he got a home run and he seems to be okay. I have not heard any update uh. Since the game has finished. He seems to be okay, um after following those two pulse, one off his foot went off his knee but i’m happy to see that he excelled and got a home run, uh, despite uh, being pretty beaten up in that at bat walsh in the seventh got his Second, home run of the game, his 20th of the season. He i thought pitched very well in this game. He pitched a five in a thirds inning, six hits two earned runs and five strikeouts. I think this is potentially andrew heeney’s best outing of the year. In my opinion, i thought against a very good, hitting boston red sox team.

He really was able to shut them down quite well the whole pitching staff. I feel like this series was able to do very well against a very good uh boston, red sox team. This year, steve mike myers and ryzela iglesias close this one out the final score of this third game. Five to four angels win this one angels win this series. They take two out of three games and now a quick update on injuries, rendon, upton and trout are not going to be expected to return from the disabled list until after the all star break, there is a chance, they you know, could return in the uh. You know like rindon or upton could return in the series against the mariners, but i do doubt it from what i heard today. The next series is going to be against the seattle mariners at t mobile park in seattle. This will be a three game series. Angels. Do have the day off on thursday, and then the series starts on friday. The mariners have won six out of their last 10 games and they are currently, as of this recording one. The angels are currently one game back over the mariners in the aos standings. So this is the perfect series to surpass the mariners and take third place in the aos standings. Thank you so much for your time.

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