Home Run Derby, Shohei Ohtani, MLB, Los Angeles Angels, Home run, Pete Alonso Christian Arroyo Compares Shohei Ohtani to Babe Ruth: "He's a Special Player, Unbelievable Player"

The red sox ended this road trip yeah, i mean it’s, obviously uh it’s, obviously not the way we wanted to end it. You know we definitely wanted to win this series here, but played a really good angels team. You know they good offense. They put the pressure on us. Put the ball in play. Made things happen, i mean pitching staff. They pitched really well ohtani, pitched really! Well yesterday. He he was pitching really well today, um but yeah. I mean that’s baseball, long west coast trip, but uh. You know. I think we ended up with a split three out of the six games, so there’s a positive but uh. You know we had some opportunities um. I know i had an opportunity there late in the game, but uh you know that’s, just that’s baseball, so uh. We obviously still have a really good team confidence. Isn’T wavering at all, but you know this is this: is a good angels team they’re, not a bad team um so but yeah i mean yeah disappointing, but at the same time you know we’re gon na keep playing baseball and we’re gon na keep playing good baseball. So how important is it to um finish strong at home yeah? I know for sure i think going into the break. Uh is going to be huge uh. You know for us uh playing another another affiliate. Another team that’s got a really good, lineup um, talented team. In the philadelphia phillies but uh yeah we’re, just gon na go home and you know try to win a series and uh going to the all star break on a positive note and then begin the second half of the season.

Hey christian on that play, it seemed like you. You saw that pretty quick. You were motioning over to the dugout as soon as yeah yeah. No, i mean i was sliding in um, you know, and it was kind of a funky play anyways. They kind of had a little bit of a shift going on and uh. When fletcher had fielded it, i thought it was going to be pretty routine. Uh iglesias, like did like a little spin, tried to swipe the cleat. It looked like on the bag and from my angle i mean i was close to it. It didn’t look like he got it, so i motioned in to the dog out to ac and uh. You know i mean that’s a big point in the game. Like you know what what am i supposed to do just accept the fact like if i see something that can give us a chance to keep the inning rolling, then why would i not? Why would i not say something? Obviously, after i motioned in will gave the okay to hey let’s review it, and so you know we thought that we thought that there was a good chance that uh it could get overturned it didn’t that’s, again that’s part of baseball um. You know from my angle, uh you know i’m a competitor and and when they ended up calling me out, i mean it was frustrating because i thought i had seen it um, but again that’s baseball, that’s part of it.

You know so i mean sometimes the calls go your way and sometimes they don’t. Obviously, i think that it’s one of those 50 50 plays. I think if they call me safe on it, you know if alfonso says no, he was off the bag and then and then, if the angels challenge it, i don’t know if you can overturn it. So i completely understand why it wasn’t overturned because there wasn’t enough evidence and that you know that’s part of baseball that’s part of it so um. You know we the call went against us but uh. It is what it is alex step out. Sorry, i’m, like johnny here, calling you alex uh that i bet you had the eighth um did you did you think that was going up the middle to tie the game yeah i mean i hit it and i you know as soon as i got by the Pitcher i was like i was thinking, maybe squeak through um. They shifted a little bit. Fletcher was playing me more up the middle um and made a really good play in shallow center. So you know off the bat. I thought there was a chance. I was just trying to battle there and try to make something happen. Guy made a good play, i mean what can you say again, it’s baseball, so i think there was a lot of those that’s baseball kind of you know the first inning first couple innings.

You know the first five six hits uh, they were putting the ball in play and they were finding holes and they were dropping and that’s just kind of how it goes so again. They’Re scrappy their scrappy team have a good lineup, every team and uh yeah. I mean they put the pressure on us early and you know hats off to them christian. You saw, i guess everything that you could see from otani these last three days, yeah. What was uh yeah? What was your impression of him seeing him, you know being on the same field, competing against him and he’s a he’s, a spectacular player. Also i’ll tell you what and uh you know, he’s he’s special, i think that’s really the only way to describe him. I mean he does some stuff, i don’t think we’ll we’ll see. Maybe ever i don’t know i i’m assuming babe ruth. Originally people didn’t think they were ever going to see that again, but now we’ve got shohei otani, so he’s he’s a special player. You know he’s. He does on both sides of the ball uh. You know facing him as a pitcher, i mean he’s got good stuff. He’S throws hard commands his pitches really really well um. It was just. It was all it’s awesome to compete against the best you know and and and my hat’s off to him. You know hits the ball hard as hard as anyone i’ve ever seen: um it’s, it’s, just it’s unparalleled it’s, pretty incredible, but he’s a he’s, an unbelievable player and you know to see him uh going into the all star game.

First person, ever as a pitcher and a position player, i think that’s that’s that’s incredible um. Obviously i would have liked to win two of these three games um, but uh yeah. I mean getting to see that firsthand was you know. I mean the the way. I guess i could put it. Is you look at the in the first game to end the game? You know in everyone’s mind we’re, like okay otani’s up to the plate. We got runners at first and second, we got a thai baseball game like this. Is the kind of stuff that you that you dream of, and i think that you know after the the last play that we made you know, i think that the emotions were just like all right. We got him out, you know because he hit the ball hard. Thank god. We had the shift there um, but it was just one of those situations where watching the guy play it’s just you’re almost in awe, but then again, you’re like trying to pinch yourself and go hey like we’re, still competing against him. So he’s a phenomenal player. I wish him nothing but the best in uh. You know in the future too. I was thinking about that play in the first inning when you guys made the throw to third base and he took the bait. You know he took the bat he took second base coming after the single i mean for a guy his size.

He was, he was moving really fast, yeah he’s an unbelievable athlete. I didn’t honestly when he hit it. I was looking at the throw third and i was thinking all right. You know first and third, like let’s, get a double play here and i look to my side and i see. Oh, i see shohei running the second and i’m, like guy looks like a like. A wide receiver, i mean he’s he’s, he’s he’s, a freak. I mean that’s really, the only way to put it and all, and all i mean that’s a tournament in dearman he’s, a freak he’s just about as fast as probably anyone probably faster than anyone on the field throws just as hard and hits balls harder than anyone On the field i mean that’s to me: that’s, i i’m a lost word. I don’t really know what to say.

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