Home Run Derby, Shohei Ohtani, MLB, Los Angeles Angels, Home run, Pete Alonso Is Shohei Ohtani The Best Player In The MLB? 32nd Homer, Most By Japanese Player! Must SEE TV!

When it comes to this baseball, i’ve only been watching for several years, i’ll say for about seven eight years. You feel me, since my college buddies, put me on to baseball that’s when i start looking and noticing the difference between good sorry, great and wanting a trillion. Shohei ohtani is one in a trillion baseball players and athletes in which i’ve ever seen for one is your boy dane subscribe to dance world? We do this for my people. We out here, giving you topics ranging from everywhere and today’s topic. I think, if i’m not mistaken, is my feist very faced baseball video, but the only reason being honestly is more so of that jenna say quoi that it factored in these players as we reel off the highlights. As i talk when i talk about the it factor, i mean just that quality that is inexplicable, it’s just he’s got, he has it some players, you look at him and you can tell like hey man. I don’t know what it is about this dude, but he got it. Shohei it’s evident to see what it is when you talk about being an elite level, power hitter at that lefty spot both hands on a barrel swinging that with power every single time this year. His rookie year, in which i watched he was uh swinging catered towards a more 300 base, hitter slash power hitting room. He turned that up and now he got 32 home runs already most ever by a japanese player in which i’ve seen today verse the red sox.

But just watching the overall package it’s like watching bruce lee or some man you talk about hitting that for 20 with ease you talk about pitching 99 100 painting, the corners change up come on knuckle balls and you feel me reinventing knuckleballs and you talk about bass. Running at an elite level – oh my god, i’m jax, we not talking about! No, no! You feel me grazing over the wall. Looking we talking about everybody got just stopped and watched that just chill and watch that, because you look, the pitcher knew instantaneously. Just like the jack against the red sox today, the 30 second go look up that one soon, as he turned that left the bat and mind you his emphasis this year to, in my opinion, has been on power hitting home run, hitting so what’s taking a back Seat has been his pitching he’s had some games where you know he gets a little wild erratic, hitting walking and uh even giving up big hits jacks deep balls getting a bat onto his pitches. But, however, he still got like a 3.4 era which is indicative of better than average. I think in this league you know not so much of a statistician. If y’all know in danger, we don’t count them stats, but i look around. I see the around they had about three, oh, my god, and that swing i don’t know not. A lot of people got two two hands on the grip.

I guess you feel me: he keep both hands on the grip and you see the results. Shohei and might i add in crunch time, when the angels need it when it’s too long, two outs bottom of the seventh down seven six he’s gon na deliver. You talk about that. It factor. This is what i know. The thing is the essence that’s why it don’t matter the sport i’m chasing that essence of greatness. He has that essence of greatness two things i could tell about shohei she does. He has the has the highest of confidence and but do literally everything on the field. Everything first time, i’ve ever seen a player that was able to do everything very well shout out to jake the ground, because i think the second you feel me, but here they go with the ads. You talk about that. It factor i’ve seen he has two things like kobe bean highest level of confidence thinks he can do anything on the field that’s one two repetition you can tell he looked like he’d been playing since he was two years old. Three years old and even watching shohei now, which is something that you guys need to pay attention to when he’s on the sideline, when he’s chilling, he’s still doing baseball, he’s still flickering playing with the ball he’s. Still, this be popping the ball on this uh he’s. A wizard he’s not just i’m telling he’s, not a normal baseball player.

He is not human he’s fast. His strides look. His strides are deceptive. You don’t think he fast but he’s fast like if you stand randy moss next to santana moss. You might look at santander. Moss’S legs and think that he’s faster than randy moss, because randy moss’s paces are much longer, but not as fast. Maybe you know i said my still has some fast legs. But when you look at the pace, you know what i’m talking about dev and hester look faster than moss, but if they race, randy mother, but yeah speaking of his base running but speaking towards just his whole year. This is something special and shout out to mike trout. I hope he comes back to give the angels a push that they need, because he now has a peace in which can help him win ball games for the first time, i’ve seen in his career. Nothing is cool, but you need more of a presence than just upton. They got rendon this year. He ain’t been rendon at all. Their pitching since i’ve known them has been terrible now show had a best pitcher. He their best pitcher, the other pitchers can’t even win a game. No shout out to dylan bundy, not having a good season uh. He ain’t not having a much of a good. They need more help, especially on the pitching end, but with this dude right here, anything is possible. Any game is possible, especially if you’re at the mound.

If he had the mountain he cooking, then he bad number two. He had the amount of he cooking. He bad number two bro he’ll he’ll, give himself give himself some help like he did uh last night. He hit the homer tonight last night uh. He gave up one and then hit an rbi double real quick to get that back. No, i need that back not losing like that. Then won the game. Well, he didn’t win the game, but they won the game, but you get the point and uh primarily greatness is greatness. This ain’t really just about baseball, even though i have been tuned into baseball. More frequently, but i like i like the art of things, you tell me the essence and the art of the art, of pitching the art of timing, mathematics, hidden baseball, will give you a lot of that essence of mathematics. So i just like somebody like watching show hell tiny is like watching calculus bc, excellent mathematics where you talk about the time in the picture high fastball he get onto that, and then they pitch a low curve and he honor that talk about being tapped into your Timing and then being able to pitch then being able to run then be able to butt, then be able to field don’t, get it twisted when he go uh when he bats, when he, oh, my goodness, when they take him off a pitcher. Sometimes he go out there in fields, you know rbi, rbi double, maybe triple because that’s him his base.

Oh no, he got a double. His base run is getting better base. Runner was a little low, not so good in the beginning, but now it’s very good. In my opinion and it’s, hidden, look at that come on bring two in bring two in show and go to third go to third show: Music go to third show his energy, oh yeah. I remember that game that’s when he hit that and hit that bomb. You out of here boy you out of here buddy yeah, but his energy to his vibrancy is what’s lifting this angels team up to right now. So when mike trout come back, we can only hope that it’s gon na be better right. God, damn no doubters! All these is no doubters Applause, that’s, a double: oh that’s, a homer deal, no man. This video is just me. Shohei ohtani is great. I like watching greatness. I don’t care what realm it is. I like watching. Deon sanders barry sanders, shohei ohtani ken griffey jr, baron davis, kobe bryant, kevin durant, kyrie irving, steph curry, greatness that genocide, quad that’s, something that’s like that. I don’t even believe what i’m saying right now that’s what i need out of out of these players. I don’t need it. Let me let me let me get twisted they do they don’t need to give damn nothing. They don’t owe me, but as a fan as somebody who likes the art of things, what i’d like to see from them is that i don’t know how he did that or i can’t believe he just did that if you’re a player – and you don’t give me That feel it’s, just ah i can’t force it.

I can’t force. It brian gave me that feel a couple of times, but when i watch him a lot of times, it’s like i know, he’s great, i know he’s great, but that did i just see that i can’t believe what i just saw right there. That factor y’all know what i’m talking about those tapped in know. What i’m talking about that it factor that jenna say quoi that kevin durant, kevin durant, game, seven type – that is, oh, my god did he just hit another step back. What the! What am i watching? Why do i feel like something is crawling out of my body, and my soul is just hovering over? My body did now snatch the soul out of my body with a play that’s. Essentially my poker show hey it’s your boy, dame. Let me know your thoughts. Your comments hit the subscribe hit, the like hit the share. If we got baseball heads in tune i’ve been tapped in more. If we got that demand out there, i got you too. I got you too, and the only way dang can get you there’s, no regulations. Let’S talk, i speak how i won’t to ain’t no boss hovering over me, so i could give you baseball in the way.

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