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Babe ruth and i have to agree, the numbers are there and in baseball that’s all people kind of care about is the numbers. Probably your impact on the overall game, what team you’re on and things like that, but it’s, pretty incredible what shohei has done. I believe there were some rumors about him going to the angels because he had the opportunity to hit and pitch and it’s kind of unheard of. When you look at the league and the difference you know pitchers want to pitch, they only want to pitch and hitters don’t want to. You know: there’s there’s, always a very clear line. There are a few people out there. I want to say: madison bumgarner was one. I think jacob de graham is also one as well, where they enjoy hitting typically in a dh position or just in their regular rotation as they’re playing the game and in the ninth uh on the ninth spot. Now, in the pitching categories, shohei is right on par and he’s, doing it more efficiently, meaning in less innings in 11 games compared with babe ruth. He has a lower era, he’s done it in less innings and he has more strikeouts and less walks. That is incredible. For someone for those kinds of numbers to be beaten over such a long period of time that no one else has pretty much touched: babe ruth before since 1919., literally it’s, 2021 and we’re talking about 1919.. Now, when you’re, looking at the hitting aspects of it, shohei has uh just a slightly lower average, but more home runs a higher slugging percentage and he’s doing it in less plate.

Attempts it’s incredible what this player is doing and it’s, bringing a lot of positive media attention to the game outside of the sticky stuff for the pitchers and all that stuff, that’s going on and spin rates and this and that and garrett cole is now just tanked Out of nowhere and that’s a whole nother story, but for shohei ohtani it’s unheard of what he’s doing after 347 career games of hitting and pitching ohtani has a higher slugging percentage than babe ruth did at the same point, not by much but it’s. Still, these types of numbers that are making him so great and just in the comparison argument with babe ruth ohtani is slugging a six point, a point: six, seven, four against lefties and only three left handed hitters ever slugged higher than lefties in a full season and Two of them were ruth and lou gehrig ohtani, if you want to kind of compare both ohtani, is hitting like willie mays and pitching like roger clemens at the same point in their careers and he’s, actually doing a little bit better it’s amazing. What he’s doing on a day to day basis and it’s unfortunate that he is on the la angels? Now i know that the angels have some good pieces. I know they have mike trout. I believe he’s still injured, but it’s a shame that you’re not on a winning ball club, going after a world series, and things like that. I mean you’re.

The angels currently are nine and a half games back of the first place and we’re just about at the all star break. So i don’t see a lot of movement. I don’t see a lot of positive things coming from the team, but it’s promising that uh shohei is bringing attention to the game bringing to his ball club and it’s. Just incredible what he’s doing? What do you guys think? Do you honestly think that, over the 100 year time span of baseball that we have finally seen the modern day, babe ruth for someone who is this talented and let’s, get it straight, babe bruce didn’t pitch and hit for his entire career? It was only until he got traded to, i believe, the yankees when they forced him to just be a hitter and that’s when babe ruth took off from the home runs and the record and all that stuff. But if ohtani can have a 15 year season, a 15 year long career of hitting and pitching, he could not only dominate in the pitching stats, but he can dominate in the hitting stats and just find himself a first hall of famer in cooperstown and they might Give him that somewhat of a goat style, goat status above ruth with the numbers and the numbers don’t lie, and obviously the game is different from how it was, but it’s incredible what he’s doing and it’s great for the game.

What do you think?

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Home Run Derby, Shohei Ohtani, MLB, Los Angeles Angels, Home run, Pete Alonso, 32nd Home Run!

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