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In fact, the 2018 world series ratings dropped 23 from the prior year and then dropped again in the 2019 world series. Many people attribute this drop in ratings for a couple of reasons, one being baseball’s refusal to adjust to changing times. This includes but isn’t limited to baseball’s, unwritten rules celebrating and pimping home runs and strikeouts and 3 0 count nukes by yerman mercedes. Another reason is the move to a three true outcome: game, which is the rate at which a strikeout, walk or home run occurs as the game moves to a three true outcome game, it means less balls in play. Balls that are hit in the air and ground provide viewers with excitement. Knowing there may be a cross diamond super, throw by nolan aronado or a mike trout, diving catch in center with just these three outcomes, the game becomes much less exciting and finally, and maybe most importantly, the blaring issues surrounding juice, baseballs, cheating and sticky substances. With these issues, the game has been more tainted than ever. Well, not ever remember the steroid hour, believe it or not. That may have just been the peak of baseball, not pure baseball, but in terms of viewership and buzz most definitely so that’s fairly easy to understand fans like seeing the long ball and between all the rumors of a juice baseball or not. We have been seeing a ton of home runs since the integration of the new baseball in 2015, particularly 2019, which saw just under double the amount of bombs from the height of the steroid error in terms of home, runs per ball and play per the athletic.

So it’s, pretty obvious fans, love to see home runs, and that is precisely why i’m here, to tell you the 2021 home run derby is a must watch. Let me rephrase that i think the 2021 home run derby may just be the greatest home run derby. We have ever seen – and yes, i am very aware of the 2008 derby that featured josh hamilton’s 28 first round, homers first things. First, let me explain why reason one the coors field effect. Yes, the coarse field effect is real and to be completely honest, it’s really real coarse field is a colorado, rockies home field and is known for its extremely high altitude. Due to this balls fly out of the park at an alarmingly higher rate, according to an article by, they concluded that batted fly balls, carry about five percent farther at coors than say fenway park, the red sox stadium. To put that in perspective, a 380 foot hit at fenway would go nearly 400 feet at coors. The difference between a fly ball and a home run in many circumstances. It’S such a blatant advantage that if you search up coarse field hitting advantage in youtube, the first video will question whether nolan aronado is actually a superstar because of the field and the second video. Well, it is a four minute and nine second video on all the home runs at coors. That would be flyouts at virtually every other stadium. On the same baseball physics website, it is said that at coors field the baseball only loses eight percent of its speed.

So a batted ball could average about 96 percent of its speed, which could equate to another one mile per hour faster on batted balls reason. Two, the field we’ve been blessed with the placement of the 2021 home run derby taking place in coarse field nope. We already talked about that. I am talking about the other field, the field of hitters. The field is now officially set for the home in derby, and let me try that again, we have been blessed with some outrageous hitters. This year’s derby will take place on monday july 12th and feature the likes of orioles trey mancini and the royal salvo perez. Oh wait, nope, not that impressive, well let’s take a quick peek at these hitters. Besides trey mancini’s incredible story, he can also hit and hit very well in fact, in 2017 mancini hit 24 homers and 78 rbis, then in 2018, 24 bombs and in 2019 hit a career high 35 home runs at the time of making. This video mancini has around 15 home runs this year. If you compare trey mantini’s fourth season with a random guy named mike trout and his fourth season, you will see. Trout only has one more home run well yeah. I guess it’s worth mentioning that mancini was 27 at this time, but trout was only 22., but let’s forget about that. The fact of the matter is mancini is a talented hitter who plays in a hitter friendly park and for him to come back to baseball after beating colon cancer and find himself in the derby.

Well, i’ll definitely be rooting for him. As for salvador perez, he isn’t your average home and derby contestant perez is a catcher who hasn’t touched. 30 home runs in a single season once in his 10 years, but this season has been different for the vet. He has 20 home runs at the time of this video and is on pace to crush his single season. Home run record now to some more common names you might associate with home runs matt olsen first baseman of the oakland a’s olsen is a towering lefty. That is always a threat to go yard through his just six seasons in the mob. His production warrants 162 game average of 40 home runs according to baseball reference, and though olson has only hit 36 home runs as his career high olson stands at 20. Home runs at the time of this recording and is certainly one of the sneaky picks to win this derby. Now that we have featured three legitimate contenders in this year’s home run derby, i think it’s time to uncover the rest. We will call these the favorites led by juan soto. Yes, you heard that right, one of baseball’s, youngest and most prolific hitters is the fourth out of eight hitters on my derby list at just 22 years old and then his fourth mlb season. Soto has already tallied 400 queer hits, but this isn’t the hit derby. This is the home run. Derby and soto can do a little of that too.

Soto hit 34 home runs as part of his stunning 2019 campaign, in which he finished 9th in mvp voting. After battling injuries and a cold start, soto is currently at 10 bombs this season, but we all know the potential this young man holds on statistics provided by baseball perspectives. Soto hit 27.7 percent of his fly balls as home runs and a stat listed as home run. Volleyball percentage in the shortened 2020 season, soto had 40 home run, fly ball percentage, meaning almost half of the time. He put the ball in the air and not on a line or in the ground. It was going out of the park that makes for a lot of excitement. Come this year’s. Third, hmm, who else is in this derby? How about another, solid hitter who can provide pop like soto, yeah? We would love to see that nope it’s joey gala well. I’M. Not complaining joey gallows made a career around hitting news in his first full season in 2017. Gallo hit 41 homers, then in 2018 40.. So far this season he has 21 bombs, but i think we can see where this one’s going gallow hits the ball hard. You don’t believe me: i can prove it according to mob statcast, hero, gallows, max exit velocities per year from 2015 115 miles per hour, 109.5 miles per hour, 117.3 miles per hour, 117.5 miles per hour, 115.4 miles per hour, 113.5 miles per hour and 115.1 miles per Hour, believe me now: next up pete alonzo, i mean you all saw him in the 2019 homeland derby didn’t you.

If you didn’t here are some clips of what he did in route to winning the derby, oh yeah, and he also hit 53 home runs that year, regardless of his struggles this year, lonzo has 15 bombs at the time of this recording and has the power to Hit some balls a very, very long way in colorado and who knows maybe he’ll just defend his derby title yet again and finally, the home representative, the man trevor story story will be representing the rockies at his home field and coors the same place. He had a 505 foot home run in 2018.. Wait. What did you just say, yeah 505 feet, which i believe is the farthest home run statistically tracked. Even though baseball savant has the homer going just 487 feet, yeah just 487 that’s, nothing story’s sweet spot percentage. According to baseball, savant has been around or just under 40 percent. His entire career, which is likely why hit such deep balls trevor story, hit 20, no doubters, which carried 57.1 no doubter percentage on all of his home runs. You know what that means. He got the pimp over half of his home runs that season. Oh, and it also means he hits the ball a long, long way, which would be perfect for a competition that had say players see who it’s the most home runs. What’S that oh that’s, a home, run derby he’s in it. Oh yeah i’m. Definitely watching that! Well, as i mentioned, story’s 20 no doubters were part of his 2019 campaign.

So far in 2021 story carries in no doubt a percentage of 72.7 which ranks him sixth highest. In the league, trailing fellow contestant, p lonzo at fourth on that list, that is in comparison to former mvp mookie betts, who round out at the bottom of this list with a 9.1 no doubter percentage. And that is why you and i and everybody with a tv needs to be watching the 2021 home run derby roll the outro just kidding. We missed this pitcher that’s saying he wants to compete. I i don’t know let’s check his resume. Oh, my gosh yep xiaoheotani, the freak babe ruth reincarnated, whatever you want to call him yeah, he is in it too. Ohtani has jumped onto the scene this season in ways we have never seen before. At the time of this video, he just became the all time. Single season home run leader with his 30 second home run of the season, and this is still about a week before the all star break. The man is on pace for 62 bombs and he’s the best pitcher on the angels also, but this isn’t a video on how this once in a lifetime player, is so talented that’s for another video which, let me know if i should make this video is a Way for me to persuade you all to watch the home run derby and having a guy like this as a headliner should be all you need. According to moby, statcast joey has hit a ball at the max exit velocity of 119 this year, which is just behind the record of 122.

2 miles per hour by stan. Otani also has a barrel percentage of 25.6 percent this season and also a no doubt, a percentage of 48.4 percent. This season, ohtani’s barreled ball percentage of 25.6 crushes the league average of 6.5. Among all these statistics, otania has a 2021 hard hit percentage of 56.9 and, more importantly, a 2019 21.12 second average home run trot oh, wait that doesn’t matter at all. Well, whatever so. The final reason you should join me in watching this year’s home run. Derby. Is this yep? These eight contestants can hit the ball a long. Long way, as i mentioned before, coarse field is also the perfect field to do it in. If these players could add 20 to 30 feet to each of their longest balls, we could be seeing multiple 500 plus foot homers and i, for one i’m, very excited to see what’s in store. I think that’s all you need to know. I hope i persuaded you to watch the home run derby and why it might just be the greatest home run derby of all time, and if you enjoyed this video, please like and subscribe, it would mean a lot while you’re here check out my last video, which Goes into detail about the 5 best rule 5 draft picks in mob history.

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