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He was a unanimous second team, all american as a sophomore, while playing college basketball for the san diego state, aztecs leonard, chose to enter the 2011 nba draft instead of finishing his last two seasons at san diego state. This nba star very recently suffered an injury that has taken him out of the game for a while. This has left many upset, including the legendary nba player lebron james many players have been plagued with injuries which have seen them out for very important playoffs, but before we get into the video don’t forget to leave a like and subscribe to the channel with notifications on. So you don’t miss any of the new videos we post what happened to kawhi and lebron james’s reaction leonard injured his right knee after landing awkwardly in the fourth quarter of the clippers game. Four win over the jazz to even the series on monday june 14th leonard stayed in the game for a few minutes longer than usual, but la’s dominant advantage allowed him to exit the game sooner than usual in the fourth quarter. Tnts inside the nba crew, approached leonard about the injury after the game and he replied. I’Ll be fine leonard is set to miss game five due to her right knee injury, espn’s brian windhorst and ramona shelburne reported two days later on wednesday june 16th. The clippers quickly verified the claim indicating that leonard will not be available for the upcoming series according to sham charania of the athletic leonard may have torn his acl, which would keep him out indefinitely.

But espn shelburne noted that after the swelling goes down the two time, finals mvp would have to undergo further imaging on his knee and the 2021 nba playoffs. The great forward averaged 30.4 points. 7.7 rebounds 4.4 assists and 2.1 steals per game, while shooting 57.3 percent from the field and ‘.3 from three point range. Lebron james of the los angeles lakers criticized the nba after the clipper star, kawhi leonard, was pushed out of the playoffs due to an injury. According to nba source, sham sherania leonard has been ruled out of game. Five of the western conference semifinals due to a knee ailment that has progressed to a potential acl, tear clippers, believe all nba, standout kawhi leonard, has sustained an acl injury. The athletic reporter tweeted he’s out indefinitely james slammed the league on twitter. With a furious. I told you so blaming the surge in injuries on the league’s shortest offseason in history, which was followed by a compacted schedule for the 2020 2021 season. They all didn’t want to. Listen to me about the start of the season, james tweeted, i knew exactly what would happen. I only wanted to protect the well being of the players which ultimately is the product and benefit of the game. These injuries aren’t just part of the game. According to us, media reports leonard could miss the rest of the series due to an acl injury with the clippers anticipating the worst. However, the official line is that leonard’s return has no schedule.

Instead, james blamed the ailments on a lack of rest prior to the start of the season in december, barely 72 days after the lakers clinched, the championship with a win against the miami heat and the final bubble in orlando florida leonard is just one of many players Who have been impacted by an injury during this season? Lebron james is actually one of them, along with his teammate anthony davis, where he was out the first round of the series, with a groin strain very unfortunate james continues to talk about how disappointing it is that possibly nine all star players have missed playoff games. He wrote this is the best time of the year for our league and fans, but missing a ton of our favorite players. He tweeted it’s insane, who is kawhi leonard leonard, attended canyon, springs high school in moreno valley, california, until his junior year, when he transferred to martin luther king high school, he and tony snell led the king high wolves to a 30 3 record in his senior year. Leonard was voted california, mr basketball, that year after averaging 22.6 points, 13.1, rebounds, 3.9 assists and three blocks per game. Leonard, a four star recruit according to, was ranked as the number eight small forward and the number 48 overall player in the 2009 recruiting rankings leonard averaged 12.7 points and 9.9 rebounds per game. As a freshman for san diego state university in 2009, he guided the team to a 25 9 record and the mountain west conference mwc tournament championship.

The aztecs were thus given an automatic ticket to the ncaa tournament, but they would lose to tennessee in the first round. 62: 59, with leonard scoring 12 points and grabbing 10 rebounds. He was voted mwc freshman of the year first team, all mwc and 2010 nwc tournament mvp after leading the mountain west conference and rebounding leonard averaged 15.7 points and 10.4 rebounds per game in a sophomore season. Helping the aztecs to a 34 3 record and back to back conference tournament championships. San diego state made the ncaa tournament for the second year in a row led by leonard this time. The aztecs made it to the sweet 16, but they were defeated by connecticut the eventual national champions. After being chosen to the all american second team, leonard left san diego state, to pursue the 2011 nba draft. The indiana pacers picked leonard with a 15th overall pick in the 2011 nba draft, but he was dealt to the san antonio spurs the same night for george hill, along with the rights to erazum, lorbeck and davis bertons following the end of the nba lockout on december 10Th 2011. He signed a multi year contract with the spurs leonard finished. Fourth, in rookie of the year voting at the end of the season and was chosen to the 2012 nba all rookie first team leonard was one of several nba prospects selected to play for the 2012 usa. Men’S basketball select team in the summer of 2012.

. They worked out with kobe bryant lebron james kevin durant and chris paul, who were all on the olympic team leonard, had a career high 35 points and five steals in the spurs 129 to 100 win over the golden state warriors and their season opener. On october 25th, 2016. and at 108 to 105 lost to the phoenix suns on january 14 2017. He set a new career high with 38 points becoming the first spur since tony parker in 2012. To have three consecutive 30 point, games leonard, missed the first 27 games of the season due to a right, quadriceps injury, making his season debut against the dallas mavericks on december 12, 2017. between december 12th and january 13th, he appeared in nine games after hurting his left. Shoulder against the phoenix suns on january 5th, he returned from a three game absence on january 13th against the denver nuggets. He was ruled out for an undetermined period of time on january 17th to complete his recovery from right, quadriceps tendinopathy, the spurs medical team approved leonard to play after that, but he sought a second assessment from his own doctors. According to reports, leonard requested a trade from the spurs in june 2018 following months of friction between his camp and the spurs coming from a disagreement over his injury, rehabilitation program. Leonard and teammate, danny green were dealt to the toronto raptors for demar derozan, nyaka podal and a protected 2019 first round draft pick a month later, on july 18th, leonard agreed to a three year: 103 million dollar contract, with the los angeles clippers on july 10, 2019.

With an opt out clause in 2021, style leonard is a small forward who is six feet. Seven inches tall and weighs 230 pounds, that’s 2.01 meters and 104 kilograms, leonard’s mix of athleticism size and intellect has earned him a reputation as one of the finest perimeter defenders in the nba. He is a highly flexible player who can guard at least three positions and has been used regularly against the opposition team standout player. He was named the nba defensive player of the year in 2014, 15 and 2015 16, the first non sensor to do so since sydney moncrief in 1984, as well as being named to several nba, all defensive teams leonard began his career, mostly as an excellent defender and Floor spacer, but starting in the 2015 16 season, he began taking on more offensive responsibilities and soon established himself as one of the league’s most efficient, scorers he’s developed a varied offensive approach that allows him to hit shots from mid range and three point range with consistency. As well as post up his opponents and shoot, pull up, jumpers and fade aways leonard’s playmaking has been criticized in his first eight seasons. He never averaged more than 3.5 assists per game leonard improved his passing game in the 2019 2020 season, averaging 4.9 assists per game, which was a career high and there you have it kawhi and the recent injury he suffered. Along with what lebron james had to say about the entire situation, let us know below what you think about the whole situation and about all these injuries that have been taking very valuable, nba players out of the game.

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