Minnesota Twins, MLB, Pitcher, Draft, Major League Baseball draft Coverage Of Chase Petty Being Selected By The Minnesota Twins No. 26 Overall In The 2021 MLB Draft

with the 26th pick of the 2021 mlb draft, the minnesota twins select chase petty, a right handed pitcher from mainland regional high school in linwood new jersey, the san diego padres. Have the next pick chase petty drafted by the minnesota twins, the six foot, two jersey boy, one of the hardest throwing high schoolers ever he’s up there scouts believe with hunter green, his 20 21 stats, five and low five and one era. Barely over one 99 punch outs in almost 49 innings, he threw a 13 strikeout one hitter in his first high school game. This season he punched down 18 in a no hitter against mike trout’s alma mater middleville high school. The next game he hit a two run shot and a three a three: nothing victory, a walk, shy of a perfect game, this kid dominated in new jersey. Well that day, he threw the no hitter. He was on with everything i don’t know. If mike trout would have hit him, had he gone back to play for his alma mater, hey jonathan mayo, this kid has the stuff to develop into an ace right yeah. He does it’s it’s really interesting, because i mean he throws about as hard as any high school arm in this entire class and uh. You know he hits triple digits, but you know what there’s some feel for pitching he throws strikes. He’S got three pitches. You know there’s some reliever risk, not everyone loved the delivery, but for me, if you could throw that hard, you have that kind of power stuff and you repeat the delivery and you already command the ball decently.

Now i think he has every chance to start. There are plenty of those quote unquote slightly undersized guys who are starting in the big leagues right now, but none who throw as hard as he does and he’s got swagger to him, man, dan o’dowd. What do you think of chase petty that’s, an electric arm with a plus slider? I mean you, don’t, really see many arms, the difference between high school kids that throw this hard that have had some injury histories there’s a lot of effort. He doesn’t have a ton of effort in his arm. It works pretty easy through his front side, he’s committed to an sec school florida. Good luck, there, gator fans, but chase petty uh tim corbin he’s got that look on the mound. Does he not? He does, and i like the delivery actually and like the the arm slot too there’s a lot of whip to it, a lot of action to the ball, and he does for a kid who throws that hard. He has a good feel of the baseball too. He can manipulate it already at a very young age chase penny. Did you ever see anybody through 100 in high it’s school, it’s, incredible chase petty’s standing by with lauren lauren? Take it away? Listen! This kid dripping in swag, you can’t see it, but the chain under the tie, i’m actually getting fashion tips from him. How are you feeling right now, uh i’m, at a loss for words? Honestly i mean this is just this is dream come true, i mean this is something that every kid just dreams of so standing here right now wearing this jersey with this organization.

With this fan base, i mean i can’t wait a pretty special moment. A flame thrower you’ve been clocked on the gun at 102., so my question is, which was more exciting, tossing a no no against mike trout’s alma mater or this um. This i mean this just tops everything and speaking of mike trout. He did get picked 26 overall too, so i mean same hometown, so wow interesting correlation, maybe he’ll reach out to you. He already has. I talked to him quite a bit. I mean he wished. Me luck today, before this um he’s been a great person to lean on. I mean he just i mean he’s, my trout. So what was his biggest piece of advice for you, especially for today just grind it out. I mean that’s. All you can do in this game is in the minor sit in the minor leagues. I mean you just grind it out and just follow your dreams. Okay, we’ve witnessed the birth of a bromance between you and joe mack. Who is here waiting for his name to be called yeah there? They are they. Actually they have a couple name. You can go ahead and tell them shake and bake baby, shake and bake. How great has this experience been? For you, i mean i’m, just i’m shaking i mean oh. This is this is incredible. Okay for those of us who were not watching the pre draft, show why don’t you go ahead and tell everyone who you’re having dinner with tonight tomorrow, night yeah, my bad okay, it’s, okay, it’s, okay, um tatis and manny machado.

When i grow up, i want to be chase cuddy, congratulations! So much it’s incredible! I mean it’s, a high school senior and he’s. I talked to mike trout a lot going to dinner with manny machado and fernando tatis harold. I bet you were cool. Your senior high school, i don’t, know if you’re as cool as this guy, not even close. Oh man, come on uh cece sabathia is pretty cool he’s standing by to break down chase petty chase petty high school right hander. I love this kid. I love his moxie on the mound. Obviously he throws extremely hard. He tops out at 102 miles an hour, but i just love his swag. I love the way he controls the mound, controls the running game and really is going to be a great starter here in the future, just because of his moxie and his swag cece. Thank you so much love when cece weighs in awesome, stuff, chase, petty and his big personality, uh off to minnesota and their farm system.

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