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Miguel cino puts it away in what six five miguel again in foul territory and he i should say in 20 of his last 26 against the tigers: high 90s fastball, but it’s a segment, but he, but he might the one two zara in willie castro calls the First, since june, first zach schneidt and jake rogers start with tarik skubal spring training, identifying that he’s a good player, and i think right along with me and they slowly to short zach short on the chart, what a player, what a hitter at some point, nelson cruz Mazzara camps under it 12 pitches shall we major league level, the second and then it’ll, be jamerr, candelario and zach short, the 2 2, and he followed tips it into the globe of ryan jeffers. Second, mixing those up. You know those other secondary park. Tigers. Swept him off the extension double here in the second up a little too high. I need to change something here. Short strikes out, foul tips that one in the glove of jeff expecting to win, not just hoping to win. Okay we’ll show that they’re not afraid to. Fourth, either jam job to second you’re, seeing his numbers in double a and just strong, as he was earlier in the season and jake rogers on the same page, the one two and he strikes out larnach and he gets one and two he’ll give him credit for. He he does a good job of pedal to two strikes ahead.

One and two strikes out jeffers just bleed it’s gon na be very difficult for him to that’s his position. They play him to pull the one into the shift right at jamer, candelard it’s, a nice one, you’re saying you’ve, never seen anything like him. Have you junior has more here’s the one grounded slowly to first and miguel sano will take it in for and that’s great for baseball fans at home, though i i know, but that’s a lot of pressure. Yeah trevor will take chauhay. Oh, it would be my guess. Jake rogers strikes out here because we’ve seen hap throw a lot of kendari pitches but he’s, throwing him in a really good spot before hit me off that thing, here’s the two two grounds it to third donaldson, quick, really work when we return killer brew and reggie Jackson and frank robinson, it does that as much as anybody in baseball no need for the shift, because going earlier in the count and then unfortunate right, we watch him on a regular basis watch as they continue to grow another strikeout this one through and then you Know find any among tiger rookies some of the shot to short, oh deep in the hole. What up well done leads off the fourth and then it’ll be eric hodgson’s with him second time through and the first time up, you got to stick around for the rest of the game, because he’s double play and struck out thrip to left and mixes 2 900.

In the second celestino’s got it cabrera trying to tag, and he is in the bit of a throw to second base but uh. They seemed a little angry. Nothing tigers on valley, sports twins, dad loves the tigers tigers with a two, nothing co in the hole. It’S short, what a beautiful you feel good with that mechanical adjustment. He’S able to throw down in the strike zone then come right with it’s down and away and all of a sudden. He comes up and it’s jump to it. You know, and he gets it away and he’s not catching up to back with a change up here. The one two left has charges and makes the group to keep it. Two nothing tigers championship made an all star game and on this date time rather made your debut nice play by donaldson from the seat of his pen. Give me a break four on the right side. No mar mazara two runs on five hit and is relaxed. I think, with that attitude, it’s deep, but not deep enough, celestino camps. I think it goes back to what aj hinch talks about tigers here in the series opener here’s, the 2 2 another strikeout, the tigers, time update right after this message from betting 275 for erie, with nine ball up the middle zach short with great range. I think we could really appreciate dan, you can’t it’s, my best pitch i’m, throwing it right here, watches it get caught by a fan: he’s challenging, challenging jefferson, high it’s, a change up, and it turns over another one too two away: heat and ryan jeffers a one Out squirtles one to right center field, it’s cut off by mazzara all right now, he’s doing a lot better.

Job fly ball to right, casual play to research, to purchase visit, and miguel cabrera against jhap. Now the 2 2 and a second hit of the night for jonathan scope and just lifts it right out of the 35 hits our extra basics. It drops in front of cellus here, look at the eyes. The ice and jake rogers have become for this lineup right field and a diving attack kepler laying out right here aggressive and try to score on that. Kepler comes the one two strike three call candelario doesn’t like it at all advantage here. Dan, you got to get those add on runs the one two right back up: the middle, oh glove, beautifully in the turn by seven off the sixth for minnesota and turning a double play right. There you see willie castro’s front right, mazara calls for it one to go up the middle and score two runs and those those add on right, it’s, a huge play: Applause slider for strike, one to jump, just mid game and that’s. Why that batting average goes down. Does that tell you about derrick school as he walks josh down per game doesn’t mean that you have to another one, two to third candelario to second nice turn by cap change up zach short made one of those third base and into left feet. Nelson cruz and you have to make good quality, have come off. Lefties measuring it. He’S got plenty of room, and the twin 300 starts in his major league 2 2 to mazzara swung on and missed in his hitting streak.

It sits at 7.. Half turns throws nico good back over and didn’t get in a good fielding position, grounded third donaldson on the backhand struggle to find out. We stretch here in minneapolis and uh not able to get this. He faces miguel cino to start, mazzara looks up and we’ve teamed to the year it’s bit getting later in the game, and a big old velocity is down a little bit back into the let’s, see a nice sweat on terrex there’s, a grounder into the shift willy Castro but kepler really got down that line. 16Th start for derrick. Scoop got him two, the two slowly to short Applause and nobody out on valley sports 23 and a third innings way too early on the charge. Candelario fields it cleanly simmons does a very nice job right there and laying it down. You got to cut that run off. Oh cork, one. It came right back in the field there’s batters box, almost behind. Unfortunately, it could have bounced right back to jake rogers that’ll. Get the job done. Minnesota donaldson strikes out for the second time tonight, but the damage as we head to the eighth on valley sports facing tyler duffy right here after a base for the middle of the order. Fastball see it right there, 2 2 right back to him. Scope is scoped. With 16. noted, the 2 2 grounded to third donaldson raid that he has and just uh puts on a clip.

Duffy wins the home half of the eighth on valley, sport armor, is on to work the bottom half of the eighth again times. He has that front shoulder that opens up the o2 right down. The middle crews is caught looking right after nelson cruz, like that on three pitches to swing through it or to roll over to the other side, there’s the swing through back to back really good. This is going to be good for buck farmer right here. The payoff couldn’t goes like that with that complementary change, another another pitch, the 1 1 to cenote leaps makes the grab means 5 3, as we head to the ninth dave’s. Second, most kind of slings: the ball in there good good, take a 5 3 lead and that’s. Where we stand in the ninth field and kepler cracks it down singles and a couple of runs scored. You should know wing grounder to first ceno will toss to ride. Pick him up big long.

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