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, here’s, ryan, valade and the first pitch of the night from bosley is a fastball cult strike on the outside corner at 90 miles an hour. Bosley began the season at double a double a san antonio was quite effective there. In fact, at one point he had 19 consecutive scoreless innings the 01 hit well in the air to center field chasing after it is o’grady won’t get it that one is off the top of the wall. It sticks in the padding on his way to third is villain. He will hold there and there might be a question about whether this is a triple or whether this is going to be a ground rule. Double the umpires are going to get together and discuss whether this is a double or a triple. O’Grady did not put his hands up in center field immediately to indicate where the ball was. Some of his teammates did and looked like it stuck at the top of the padded area, which is about halfway up the fence at the top of the hill, about halfway between the 400 and the 428 markers to the left side and the umpires are walking over To warren shaffer, two of them, that is, the crew chief lou williams at third in clayton him, the umpire at first who are explaining this to warren shaffer. I have a feeling that vlade is gon na be sent back to second base let’s see. I don’t think they would be talking this long if they’re going to keep him at third.

As of now it’s a triple and now the manager for el paso edwin rodriguez is going to get an explanation. Well, valet is staying at third base, so maybe this is going to be a triple it’s funny. Every night, a representative from each team, usually the manager, meets at home plate, they exchange lineup cards, they talk and we always say they’re going over ground rules and i’m, always up here, i’m, never down there. I never know exactly what they discuss about each ballpark, but you can’t help but wonder whether or not that ever gets covered and for el paso manager, edwin rodriguez. He doesn’t look very happy but he’s going to head back to the dugout. It looks like ryan valet is going to stay at third base with a triple now. Well, that was a pitch down. The middle valet put a beautiful swing on it, and where did this ball land yeah? It landed halfway up the fence in between the pac Music mater had an rbi double, and it is first at bat here’s the pitch inside with that off speed pitch four ball. One Applause monitor’s uniform quite dirty after his dive for a ground ball earlier in the game. The 1 0 is low and away two balls no strikes mater was diving for a ground ball to his left. Now the 2 0 pitch round ball down the third base line, that’s fair, just past the dive of baton that one’s heading for the corner and mater will coast into second base, as marcano will send it back in, and taylor motters got his second double of the Night well, one was a low line, drive that hit off the base of the wall in left center.

This was a ground ball, just fair down. The third base line. Definitely fair here’s, the pitch fouled straight back mater had a good cut, just missed it. Mater has doubled the left center and he has grounded a ball just fair down. The third base line. Infield place him a little bit to pull outfield straight away, all right, so tubes leading four to two looking to extend their lead, quick, throw back to first and valade’s back in with a head first dive that’s, pretty close play. Vlade was definitely safe, but that was a pretty good pick off attempt by bosley. The lady does have six stolen bases. This year, he’s only been thrown out once picks his spots really well, when he goes it’s in a good spot in the game and where he knows the pitcher may not be the quickest with his pop time coming home 0 1 is a called strike and matters Down to the count, nothing in two fellaine had a stolen base. In thursday series opener extends his lead. A little bit more does valade, leaning back toward first and here’s a throw over he’s back in standing that time. Tantalum holds him on oh and two to modder target is low and away and here’s the pitch just missed. I mean very close nice job by the catcher can two framing that one and the county has a ball in two strikes. Well, that was close, but moder gets the call.

I agree that was a ball now. The one two pitch fellate is running pitchy’s popped up in the air to shallow right. The second baseman was covering second, so he’s, now going out late and makes no in and out of his club and here comes valade to score, and the isotopes lead at five to two it looked like cuddle, was able to make a great over the shoulder catch. But in and out of his glove again, the second baseman was covering the bag, because valade was running, and so he had to scramble to get back over. It would have been a routine catch instead of center fielder number two. Oh, he just missed it. Once ryan valade infield comes in and the first pitch a swing and a miss guerrero blows, a 97 mile an hour fastball by vallade isotopes lead 5 3 valade looking to extend the topes lead. The late is two for three he’s triple the center grounded to short and single to right, looking to get one through this drawn in infield here’s, the pitch a swing and a miss another fastball that was 98 on the ballpark radar gun Applause guerrero’s o2. Another fastball. This one’s fouled off that was 99 and velade was able to get a piece of it, send it onto the concourse on the first base side, he’s got 97 98 99 with his last three pitches, to put it mildly. Guerrero is a hard throwing right, hander and the wind is really starting to whip again it’s blowing in here’s the o2.

This one is hit in the air to right field, kevlar hand coming in diving and not able to make the catch. The wind knocked it down. Here comes ruiz to score the wind aids, another ball that’s, an rbi single isotopes lead at 6, 3 inside out swing, kevlahan thought he had it then all of a sudden whoa i better come in and a dive and not able to get it. I actually missed it. Here’S taylor motter, looking for his fifth hit of the game and he takes a cold strike on the outside corner. All star game is a week from tuesday it’s tuesday july 13th. At coors field. A week from today is the future scheme. The home run derby a week from tomorrow and a work from tuesday is the all star game. Oh one to mater, that is, a cult strike caught the outside corner. Oh and two Music rockies won today three to two. The final elias diaz, walk off rbi single second walk off for diaz this week. Now the o2 pitch way outside for ball it’s, one and two to modder johnson sets and the pitch liner up the middle base.

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