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11 starts good spots. Chris paddock, the night before good start to his major league career strikes out. His first tapia even agrees: okay, pretty good pitch 299, two homers 28 runs batted in four 32 and 17. base hit for dazza a one out single, very rarely miss pitches like trent grisham in center to his right in left, he’s junior short chronoworth at the keystone. Hosmer at first base we’ve got kinnear and reevos the battery for san diego tonight. Big league game is: they cannot believe how good the defense fly over shy of the track to haul it in for out number two Applause bounce in and take it off for second base daz of the throw high throw but going up to get it as jake Cronin, where it slaps the tag on dawes on the way by and it’s one run across his last three starts it’s over 17 innings at the bottom of the first inning lined and caught by the shortstop trevor let’s check out the rest of the padres starting nightly. Blackman in right, we just saw him jonathan dazza in center ryan, mcmahon trevor story. Short chris, oh and elias diaz for kyle freeland go. You know, plus five to get that six home runs for the dirt of the track to make the catch it the possible 91. The padres have played in strike three call and colonel strikes out looking freelancer one two three, but only one has gotten to the big league so far prior to 20th pitch his major league debut back can’t catch it out of his reach and then had to make The bead line back and could not make jenna 2 58 16 homer is 47 runs 25th pitch is in the dirt, and that is ball.

Four yeah 33 runs bad at him close pitch, but it is ball. Four and that’ll well he’s, grounded into eight double plays this year. Diaz that’s ball. Four. He walks in a run three straight and in from third his story, it’s one nothing sure he’s got the good change up, that’s his out pitch, but 286. No homer has three runs batted in for owing easy motion there you go swinging a miss and he strikes him out. Four seamer and 95 top of the zone of his major league career, one home run, is m.o last and coming in as fam to make the catch grand slams on his resume 4 12 average to get it bases, are left loaded, lead it off after cop franklin Had a one two three four 71 15 homers 59 runs batted ends up walking him in the end and down to who they were up against the score early popped up and under to make the catch for out number one of the inning stay tuned to that. But i i could not be happier with a swing and a foul tip into the catcher’s mid for strike three that is these pulling whatever. This is, what is it 33 it’s gon na be about and that’s ball four myers down to first base. Second, walk at the end and give it up by fri two homers four runs batted in banning here with Applause first base and to first with it goes chrome to end the inning padres kind enough to join us from the padres dugout associate manager.

It comes down to the leadership of the you know, the guys uh, you know the bats really come alive and put them in time and we’ve had guys hot at different times. But not you forget that this is his first full season. He looks like a veteran nothing’s too big. Just super excited to have him part of this group for the next. You know we thrive on this thing and uh as players. They just throw good here and um i’m so impressed by it for the san diego padres um. You know, i think it’s yeah, just very fortunate that uh you know aj preller could be a coach and um. You know try to go through the minor leagues and kind of learn the system. Luckily i you know, as a bench player 2 2 is the swing of the miss and that’s strike. Three, so ryan mcmahon strikes out bonding his major league debut polo shot would be nice swinging, a miss he strikes out for the still looking for their first hit of the evening. They they said the exact same thing, a short off balance, throw gets there and knows the x’s and o’s and knows how to handle players and stuff Applause. Papa, overcomes diaz and down from first is krone to make the catch. It sends out the top half of the fourth inning time to grab our answer to the valley view casino trip, but has time to recover and cj krohn is your major league debut, but you think he’s getting his feet underneath him Applause to make the catch let’s.

Throw that fastball gets the strike, call there Applause, it is the throw he will be safe for the head. First slide pulled a double and an rbi has the rockies on top two, nothing and two and one a two. Five five we’ve seen him out of the pen here: we’ve seen him spot Applause it’s a nice way, hosmer’s got it he’ll flip to diaz, for the out that puts in it and beerfest tonight was a great success. Three strikeouts compiled by kyle freeland, trying to be over his head and that’s, going to be off the bottom of the wall, conward to set popped up and catching out number one includes the walk off base hit last night he’s hit here comes cronenworth, no, throw padre. You know, being a good base. Runner entail hosmer popped orey onto the infield grass for out number two 320 average against freeland Applause fly ball. He recovers and gets there to make the catch. It ends the inning it’s when you and i are in our rocking chairs on the deck tatis has got it and it’s there in time they get dazza for the first good on the move. We’Ll get there through the box, giving his pitcher some more time in the dug strike. Three first strikeout for miguel diaz, looking good half the b this weekend in san diego petco park with a ringing single chill open up the bottom, not punting second base could be two second for one on the first, it is two Applause to the third baseline freeland Can’T field it, oh, this is a rally start and a base.

Runner hey to the warning track and fouled out to the first baseman cj crom got in on coming from center to make the catch it’ll end the inning padres, true pomeranz, going to the il guys. The shoulders still not quite el paso and things went well playing some first base. He had three at bats, had two hits an rbi and a run scored and as we go on sunday against john gray, in the finale getting well at all free hopper out to tatisse and they’re. Two outs in the section diaz has walked and popped out. Just like diaz may be going the other way. Applause, a two out single first owings, has struck out swinging, walked and scored swinging a mess and striking out his owings to end the inning third strike, looking in the first doubled and scored in the fourth inning on to start things in the sixth inning Applause is Not going to get there one hops up and over the wall and that’ll actually go like 475 era. When you take a look at the rockies origin scoring position this year, a 315 hitter on the moving is owings for the out runal score, that’s baseball. Just a little ryan reynolds of the pittsburgh pirates swing and a miss and hosmer strikes out. Applause. They’Ll walk to the second flight out to right in the fourth inning myers sends one twist gon na get down and roll little two out thunder for the padres pops.

Now takes care of out number three to end. The inning with the damage 247 with six home runs and 22 strikes, and a center and he’s there to make the catch for out number one in the left, hander and there’s. This 43rd game Applause single to center. In the first with two in the bottom of the sixth inning, and that is a four pitch walk to he’s not had any success. However, against tim hill pitcher keeps that front shoulder tucked in there upper hill’s waiting for it to come down. Then the flip gon na be close, and he just got him. Those are really good numbers for michael gibbons. Padres would like to obtain some insurance as they come on the right side for a base hit in the infield his last time up in the fifth yeah that’s another one over his owings he’s. Throwing one hop is going to be late. Tommy 1 0 swinging a miss it gets away and the second base goes fam it’s. Past ball strike three call right on the corner at 90.. Actually that looks like a four seam grip that given not even close and almost got away so i’ll walk in the second. He popped out to second base in the fourth coming around from second is fam for two: they got manny hung up and he is gon na be out at second base before the run game for the slider thrown right. Hander strike three call strikes out trevor story for the first step.

Applause that’s strike three mcmahon knew it takes with him. The second backdoor for the rockies yeah otto makes the catch letter. High gone are more in this game, got ta, be patient against justin lawrence picked up an rbi grounded out in the sixth inning picked up an rbi red t shirts, underneath the broken back rounder to second base owings will throw out like the early 60s. Did you ever wear these uniforms? I did not and hasbro take the walk with one out, so he Applause drops the bunt down no play anyway. To do that many times, yo good position, square mission, now runners at first and second with one down and short story, will go to second base for one on the first that’s two, so the that was back in 2011. He is only Applause swinging, a miss he struck him out for the first out of the ninth inning from the lansing backing up was tatissi’s, throw he’s in time. Two outs in the ninth and the prior faithful will come to their feet. A little tapper and it’ll be melanson. He’S still at the post game, show mike pomeranz what’s in store.

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