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He has got to be pumped right now. The adrenaline, through his veins san antonio double a numbers. 11 starts fastball, he’ll cut. It throws a slider, a change up 92 to 95. good start to his major league career strikes out his first hitter that’s rhyme otopia down by way of the k and that’s line back up the middle. So the first time he went to a little bit of a slider dazzle was all over it and a one out single for dazza who’s been slumping. He was two for his last 25 before that, waiting on an o2 pitch from kinnear bounce in and taking off for second base dazzle the throw high throw, but the tag is there. They got him. Oh interesting decision by jonathan dazza, a very late move after that ball hit the dirt rivas threw down and chronoworth with kind of the tatis esque tag got him as he went by 28 year old left hander from denver on the mound for the rockies 1 2. This year, with a five and a half era, freeland, as mentioned only his ninth start of the season, he began the year on the il with the left, shoulder strain suffered that injury during spring training and did not get his season started until late may 3. 1. Pitch to tatis is hit towards right, going back blackman onto the track, he’ll reach up and grab it here comes jake cronin worth pitch strike. Three called kyle freeland strikes out cronenworth in a one, two, three first, no score after one down in the count.

One and two kneers pitch is hit towards center field, going back christian it’s over his head, bangs off the wall and deep right center trevor’s story with a lead off double to begin. The second inning and the rockies have the bases loaded. Nobody out with the catcher elias diaz coming up and he misses with it outside and that forces in a run. The base’s loaded walk, makes it one to nothing colorado there you go swinging a miss and he strikes him out. Second strikeout for kinnear tonight needed that. First out of the second inning, bringing the heater two and two here’s the pitch and that one’s kind of fisted out towards shallow center cronenworth is back and he gets there to make the catch and in the inning reece caneer just call him harry houdini rockies get One run on the bases loaded walk to diaz, but they leave them loaded and we’ll go to the bottom of the second inning one to nothing, colorado, one away, manny’s still at first base and eric hosmer coming up and that’s held by diaz strike three on hosmer. Second strikeout for freeland two gone two two and as curveball hit right at cj, crow and he’ll go to the bag. The two walks do no damage one to nothing. Rockies have the lead, as we venture into the last half of the third inning comes back with the one two swing in a miss got rhys kaneer for out number one and strikeout number three for freeland popped him up right, side, foul ground over near the running Track cj krohn makes the catch and that’ll do it for the padres good inning for kyle freeland, one two and three so freeland will bat with a runner on first two down one.

Nothing rockies in the fourth hits one in the air deep left field, fam. Moving back, he reaches up and the balls off his glove around third owings heading to the plate and the throw off line he slides in safely down to second kyle freeland and the rockies lead it two to nothing so it’s, a double an rbi it’s, a rocky’s. Two, nothing lead in the end of the night for kaneer in his major league. Debut hits it on the ground first base way. Hosmer’S got it he’ll flip to diaz, for the out that puts an end to the top of the fourth rockies get a run on a hit. They leave. A man drives one to right. Blackman going back, it’s gon na be over his head and that’s gon na. Be off the bottom of the wall. Chronoworth to second base starts things in the bottom of the fourth: with a wall ball, double andres will bring the tying run to the plate and one down in the bottom of the fourth trent grisham, coming up with uh cronenberg. Still at second base to center it’s gon na drop for a base hit here comes kronenworth, no throw padres are on the board. They cut the rockies lead in half rbi single trent, grisham it’s, a 2 1 game in the fourth and the pitch to the plate and it’s hit in the air short right field, blackman coming in he’s, underneath it and puts it away and freeland gets the job Done against myers rivas over one grounded.

The first is only other time up and he swings here lines one right on into center field for a base hit. Second straight inning, the padres get the lead off. Man aboard against freeland and miguel diaz will come up in a bunt situation. Diaz is going to bat for himself hits it to second owings to story for one on to first with a double play on guess what the first pitch: how about that six pitches! Last inning and two pitches and two outs here: they’re going to get him again. Kyle freeland induces a pop up. Here’S dazza jonathan’s got it it’s been pop out city for much of the night for kyle freeland. He leads the padres after five rockies, two san, diego one, and he walked in the second hopped out to second base in the to left field for machado toffee on the runs not gon na get there. One hops up and over the wall and that’ll actually go against the padres a little bit and hurt him because it went over the wall. Noteworth has to stop at third. I think he would have scored, probably but the rulebook, double and it’s. Second and third, with nobody out, rockies, are clinging to a one run, lead and freeland is going to depart after gives up a single and a double to start. The bottom of the sixth inning runners on second and third, nobody out for trent grisham. He has driven in the only padre run of the night so far an rbi single and has lasted back there’s.

The pitch and trent swings hits it on the ground right side long way to go owings. He gets there spins from the outfield grass, in the throw to first in time, run comes in to score, though jake cronenworth crosses the plate, and we are 2 2 in the sixth two down mana machado at third base. The go ahead run for the padres myers sends one towards the gap and left center field that is going to get down and roll machado will score from third to second, with an rbi double goes, will myers and the padres take a 3 2 lead two on Two down for manny loop to right, that’s gon na fall coming around from second is fam manny, with a huge turn around first didn’t think anybody was behind him and now he’s caught between first and second trying to slide out of the way with cronenworth racing home And the run will not count but either way one run scores and the inning comes to a close rbi single for machado, but he ends up hung up. Austin adams into the game for san diego ‘th game for the slider thrown right, hander opponents leading 144. yeah. A few walks there strike three call strikes out trevor story for the first out of the eighth inning that’s straight three mcmahon knew it takes with him. The second strikeout for austin adams back to back case two down in the eighth inning d, backs lead three to two in l.

a. As this one is lined right to manny machado makes the catch, and the inning is over. Another good good inning of relief mark malanson. The closure for the padres 26 out of 30 in the same opportunity category a little tapper it’ll be melanson. His throw is good ball game over a one.

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