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Thank you and uh let’s continue, ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the channel and welcome, i guess to my first baseball video um. So for those of you who don’t know i’m. Obviously a colorado fan a sports fan so i’m. I support the colorado rockies and right now. It is a tough such a touch: tough situation with nolan aronado being traded away before the season and a bunch, a bunch of news uh surrounding the rockies right now, but right now, i’m trying to get more into baseball than i already am uh. I’M. More of a hockey and football guy that’s, where most of my sports knowledge is um, and i would like to get like better at baseball knowledge. I know a lot about the rockies, but other teams not so much, and i just really want to learn and get more into baseball because it’s a fun sport and i really do enjoy it um, but yeah before we get started. I just want to remind you that jesus is king. I i pray that you give your life to him. It will make you so much more happy and fulfilled and give you a purpose in this life, and i really hope you you accept him as your lord and savior that he died on the cross for your sins and we can see each other in heaven. I truly truly hope that uh hope and pray that you take this advice, and i believe god put this video out there for you to see for a reason – and i give all glory and credit to him that you’re watching this video and all the support i’ve Gotten recently we’re nine subscribers away from 100, so make sure you subscribe if you don’t, if you haven’t already and yeah, of course, without further ado, let’s get started with the rockies trade deadline.

I guess this yeah. This is more trade deadline, um, so yeah with the all star game coming up, there’s been a lot of buzz on uh rocky’s potential, but uh rocky’s players potentially being traded, uh and let’s start off with our ace herman marquez now 2023 has a team option for The 2024 season – or he signed through uh 2022 and has the team option for the 2023 season it’s one of those two but i’m happy that he won’t be traded because marquez is a player that we want to build around in coors. He’S had quite he’s been quite successful, pitching at coors, and i truly do think that you know he is our ace and he’s a player that we can build around for the future uh. Currently this season he has a 2.4 war uh. He has seven wins. Six losses: he has an era of 3.59 he’s played and started 18 games, he’s pitched a total of 105.1 innings with 105 strikeouts, and he is rocking a 1.177 whip and again this is just the season. This isn’t his career. This is just what’s happening this season. For hermann, marquez and i’m glad that by black has said that it he won’t be traded. Next up is john gray, who could potentially be traded as well? I saw an article and sorry i don’t have it. This came up when i was making this video and getting all the stats, but right now our interim gm has uh shut down trade talks on both trevor story and john gray right now, and is going to pick that up again when we come back from the All star break now, i do hope we can get trevor story to assign to a long term deal, but that is just optimistic thinking, um and yeah.

So i have heard rumors that john gray is a potential trade candidate right now this season. Once again, this is just this season. He has a 0.8 war, has five wins? Six losses has a 3.94 era, has both played and started in 15 games, pitched 80 innings with 73 strikeouts and a one two three eight a one point: two three: eight whip: um yeah, john gray. I, like him, uh one of our better pitchers and has been for a while, and you know honestly, i wouldn’t be surprised if we move him for some prospects here. Um just we’re in that rebuilding phase and and john gray is definitely a potential trade candidate. Next up is trevor story. Now, of course, you know we can move normal aronado and as much as i wan na sign him to a long term deal and keep him in colorado for a long time. I don’t think that’s gon na happen. I got some potential trades um looming so before we get that this season, he he hasn’t been himself. He has struggled a little bit this season, but he has a 1.8 war. He had uh he’s had 269 at bats, with 68 hits. 11 home runs a 253 batting average 40 runs 41 rbis 15 storm bases a 326 on base percentage, a 450 slugging percentage, a 7 75 ops and a 103 plus um yeah. I mean i think those sets are right. I got them from baseball reference, i believe so i they should be right, but if not that’s, where i got the stats um and now with the rockies potentially training trevor story, i got three potential trades which i will link down below to where i got these Trades, the first one is the rockies and the yankees and the new york yankees would get trevor story on obviously, and the rockies would receive luis gill, who is, i believe, it’s their fifth best prospect and a pitcher uh josh bro and tyler wade.

Um, i mean that’s a solid option. I pretty much think that might be the destination for trevor. Is the yankees is, i think, the most likely spot that he will end up, but if he didn’t the second spot, i would end up – is actually the second trade that they have suggested here and it is the oakland athletics and they get trevor story where the Rockies get dalton jeffries, which i believe is the a’s fifth or not fifth, uh fourth best prospect and we also get brian uh levs, something like that. Um uh yeah, just two prospects, one of them’s pitching, i believe, maybe both of them are pitchers just yeah. Getting those pitching prospects, um and then the third one that they had listed was the tampa bay rays, get trevor story and the rockies get cole wilcox, blake, hunt and brent honeywell, which i wouldn’t mind. But i don’t know: if he’s going to be going to the race, obviously got wander, franco, um or franco coming up um, you know i i don’t know he could be potentially traded there. He could not. I don’t know, i think the yankees is the most likely suggestion and i’ve heard some buzz about him going to the white sox and also the athletics um. I can’t really link them but that’s. Just from what i’ve heard and seen on instagram and stuff like that. But yeah, that is that, and before i end this video off, i want to go over four prospects.

I don’t know a lot of prospects. This is just quick research. These past two days, maybe day and a half of four prospects that i want the rockies to get in this upcoming entry player draft now keep in mind that some of these they may not fall to us. So maybe we don’t get them, but the first one. I got is kumar rocker the right handed pitcher out of vanderbilt uh, i go to oklahoma state and when vanderbilt played us, this guy was playing the first game against us and he was just absolutely ballin had pitches in the hundreds um i mean this. Guy was unbelievable and ever since he played that game, i’ve wanted uh him to to come to the rockies. He has a record currently or this is throughout his whole um career at vanderbilt. He has a record of 28 wins: 10 losses, a 289 era starting ‘ games, uh with 236.2 innings pitched. He has a 22 whip and has 321 strikeouts now i’ve gone through a lot of mock drafts both online on websites and through youtube videos, and i don’t have none of them. Have the rocky selecting kumar rocker they he’s, either taken before the rockies can draft him to the royals or to the diamondbacks or some having the rockies passing on him. So you know who knows what happens i’ve heard from a lot of people that this is going gon na, be random there’s, not like a a set order that a lot of these guys are gon na go in so kumar walker.

If he becomes rocky, i would be absolutely stoked now. The second prospect that i want, i don’t see is happening because i see him going number two a lot and that is ra kumar, rockers, teammate and jack leader. Another right handed pitcher out of vanderbilt. Now he has a current record of 13, wins four losses. He has a 208 era, he started. 21 games has pitched 125.2 innings with a seven whip and has 201 strikeouts. Once again, i believe he played against us. I can’t remember if we beat him or if we lost to him, who knows. I know we won one of the three game series, but i mean i just want the rockies to build up a solid, pitching rotation. You know you got harman marquez, who i really like. I really like austin gomber, who we got in the nolan aronado trade um. I, like kyle, freeland john gray’s, probably gone, and i would really like one of these young pitchers to add to the rockies in order to have a strong pitching rotation. Obviously, you want to be able to score in coors, but if we’re able to limit the damage, and course and get a top pitcher who can pitch in chords and not have to worry about the effect of just going yard, all the time that would be familia. That’D be awesome and that’s. Why my draft prospect number three one is jackson, job who’s, a right handed, pitcher out of heritage hall, high school, and i i did a bunch of digging and i could not find any stats on him.

Um i’ve seen a couple mocks of the rockies taking him i’ve seen a couple mocks of him going before the rockies and i’ve seen a couple mocks of him going after the rockies. So who knows i mean i would be thrilled if we could get jackson job? The thing is is if we got kumar, rocker or jack leader, which i love i feel like they would be in the mlb quickly, which i think i would. I would love to see them in the mlb quickly developing, and i think that would be a great thing. But if we get someone like a jackson, job um, who ta will take maybe a little bit longer to develop because he hasn’t had that college experience. Yet and we’ll need to take a little bit more time in the minors. Potentially maybe he comes in around the same time. Zach fiend does um. Obviously we got ryan robleson coming in soon i’ve i’ve completely forgot about him adding to the rotation, but if we get jackson job i mean shoot man i think that’d be fantastic, and the fourth and final draft prospect that i i would really want would be uh Brady house a short stop out of winter barrow high school, and you know with the potential trevor story trade i mean finding. His replacement would potentially be a need for the rockies. If we don’t go uh picture out, i think we should take short stop. I’D.

Maybe an outfielder would be nice, but you know having brady house, you know we already got brendan rodgers, who can play both uh second and short, so wherever he can play and then, but if we got brady house move rogers to second, i mean shoot. That would be that’d be solid and then 79 games played with a 5 24 batting average uh, who had 250 at bats, scored 117 runs with 60 rbis and 17 home runs. I think brady house, with that power and coors shoot just just build up, build back up the prospects and and rebuild, and you know i think that would be a fantastic pick and i mean, while i don’t know as much as these prospects like i do. Football and hockey prospects – i – these are the four ones that i want after doing a very, very tiny amount of research. Again, who knows what the rockies are gon na do? I know their scouts have better information than i do. Hopefully, their interim gm is more competent than uh jeff britich was uh but yeah.

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