Philadelphia Phillies, MLB, Pitcher, Draft, Major League Baseball draft Alex Vesia – This one that boots sparks faces three, strikeouts three and the referees review it

One batting left here over two tonight. First pitch fastball for strike one wanda’s flight out to center grounded out last time up sharply hit off the body of bibbin’s dirks to first base zazugo been in it. First, no one from the sia swinging a miss to a breaking ball: nothing in two soto’s shading, the middle burns, walking a few steps back on the left side of the infield. No balls hannah two strikes to london: vasilla delivers home fastball is inside ball, wood. Last appearance for vacilla was tuesday in sugarland, struck out off to wrap up a six to four win. A ball added, two strikes to lund. Pacia’S pitch swings and slaps. It foul off to the left side. I’Ve all added two strikes to london. The pitch from vesia swings and fouls it off in salt lake is only struck out twice over seven innings tonight and there have been very few swings and misses overall still a ball and two strikes to lund, leading off here in a two run game of the Eighth inning sea is next pitch swing at a miss strike. Three make it 11 in a row, one away here in the a finicka things up: jake gatewood he’s one for three, with the two run: homer for the right side of the plate. First, pitch to gatewood swinging a miss through a fastball; nothing in one Applause grounded down the first two run homer in the third grounded down the fifth five three dodgers with one away in the eighth inning.

The sea is 0 1 a little bit outside ball. One right, hander, felix pena, throwing the salt lake bullpen Music, a ball in a strike to gatewood it’s from vasilla, swings fouls. It back ricocheted off the mask of ruiz. Take the mask off catch his breath. A little bit. Malachi moore will give alex vasily a new baseball to work with ahead of gate when he wanted to we’ll see if the sea can make a 12 consecutive strikeouts not tonight looks in to get a shine from her weaves at one and two Music here’s macias pitch Swing gon na miss another active act strikeouts by the sia here to start off the eighth inning, not on two out for matt ice, nicest one for three tonight nice spanning from the left side. Soto, will play him up. The middle two run dodgers lead in the eighth pacilla’s. First pitch checked his swing, fouled it off rounded out in the first singled into the third and grounded out in the sixth three defenders on the pull side of the infield for theis, not on two out for salt lake here in the eighth inning. Nothing and one to count the pitch from vasilla swings and fouls. It back. We’Ve got another two strike count: he’s got the first two strikeouts with the fastball we’ll, see if he sticks with it here, a head of thighs at nothing and two joe adele on deck. Do not want to see him come up representing the tying run o2 pitch.

This is down and away with a fast ball for ball one. This is so critical here i mean a two run game. You’Ve got the howard threatened joe adele, of course, matt feist, no slouch you don’t want to give adele a chance now’s the tying run, two away in the eighth, not on two out of all in it two strikes the sea is set at one and two, this Pitch to thighs, swaying in a miss 13 consecutive strikeouts for alex vicia we’ll head to the bottom of the eighth inning, the dodgers in front five. Three.

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