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A right handed native of the dominican republic will be the starter, hammered the other way to deep right field. It’S out of here, Applause it’s, a solo shot here for carlos correa and the astros. Take a one to nothing, lead hey! There was great arm action on that 3. 1 change up right here. He’S got this guy thinking, that’s the beauty right now and i’m sure the manager is just fine. With that. I mean it’s better to battle a slugger like that to the end and end up blocking him then serving on up, or he can really hurt here now the 2 2 hit high and deep out to left center field it’s up and out of here into the Archways so a two run shot to left center and the a’s have grabbed a two to one lead pick him up from this funk either way, we’ll see how it works into the box, elvis andrews, and he misses again ball four and that’s back to back guys. Now that have reached base via the base on balls swing in the line drive, but he will run this one down in right center. A tough l, 9 and the inning is over hit out towards second and that’ll, get on by into center field, for a lead off single ready with the one and two hit hard on the ground to the right it’s through for a base hit and he’s one. For two now, oh, but the feet of the second baseman is a wild one, batter right there, nice piece of hidden right there not trying to do too much.

He took a look at the defense now. Meanwhile, this ball is going to get through and that’s a base hit and not in time as the run scores at the plate. Now, mitch, moreland bounced to first guriel, picks it up one there, the relay back to the pitcher, covering in time to double them up on hitters in the bottom of the lineup into the box. Now seth brown and a sinker there swung on and missed for route number three Applause, Music, here’s, a shot to left field and deep, look at this gone as it’s into the crawford boxes: Music, Applause, Music, a solo shot here to left his second home run of The game and with it the astros, have made this a three to two ball game. Now: Music, Music, second home, run of the game right there. He is locked in at the plate. You hear so many of today’s players talk about rhythm and timing. Well, he is perfectly on time in the heart of the zone. Now a ground ball for altuve could be two there’s one on to first and they get them both got him swinging and that will end the inning nothing doing there for the a’s they’re up three to two grounder down the line at third and that’s through for A base hit make him one for two in this one: Applause standing in now, carlos correa. This is hit sharply out to left field and he’s got his third hit of the afternoon trying to hold the lead here’s.

The delivery swing in a liner that’s in there base hit he’ll come home with it, but this won’t be in time as he’s well saved from the run, scores Applause the set and the one two got him swinging as he runs the fastball by him to end The inning at the plate, matt olson, and he popped him up toro in foul ground. One away line shot to third and the side is retired. A’S are gone in order still tied three to three. Do anything to get this lead off hitter on and that misses here ball four and of all things, it’s a lead off walk that puts the winning run on base to start the bottom half standing in now miles strong strike taken the throw in time, and he Is nailed at second runner gets a good jump from first, but one of the things that helps as a catcher. If you have a plus arm – and he puts this – throw right on the money sent in the air out to straight away. Center l’oreal is under it and he makes the catch for out number three astros are down quietly score remains tied at three to three, because once they’re committed to swinging it’s hard for them to slow their swings down, and that appeared to be the case there and That misses ball four. So now the potential winning run moves in the scoring position. Applause it’s down for a base hit the throw to the plate and he is out at the plate trying to end it once and for all.

But we will play another inning. As the side is, retired Applause hit sharply on the ground and that’ll get through into center. So there’s your possible go ahead, run on base now to lead off the inning and he will get there as the a’s have themselves a lead off double chop toward the second baseman and there’s out number two Applause, one and two here it is a bouncer up. The middle and he has delivered one of the biggest at bats of the afternoon as he cashes in with a base hit and that’ll bring in the go ahead, run from third it’s. Now, a four to three game and he’s safe. Two and two here it is – and he strikes him out here for round number three, but the damage has been done is now they’ll need some extra inning heroics to pull this one out. The 2 2 one more time gets him looking at the knees for the strikeout and he’ll strike out here yet again, as it’s been a ball game to forget, thus far, four strikeouts power guy, like this, really wants something that he can elevate and drive out of The ballpark popped him up chapman is: there makes the catch and that’s the ball game, man. That was definitely a hard earned victory, but that’s what’s going to make it even more satisfying they take it in 12, innings on the road and it’s all smiles. Now a one run finish: 4.


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