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yeah, the one two that one’s golfed out toward the green monster, it’s going to be off the green monster just near the top kicked around a little bit by verdugo and segura is on his way to third. He heads toward third ahead. First slide and he’s got a triple and the phillies have a runner 90 feet away: Applause and here’s jt and jt lines, one to left field that one’s toward the monster off the top of the scoreboard and it bounces high in the air he’ll get to second Segura will score and the phillies right out of the gate jump out to a one, nothing lead. They pick up right where they left off at wrigley fields, here’s the o2 swing and a miss. He sets down mccutcheon. He goes down hacking, so he comes back. He gets a couple of outs after the triple and the double and there’s velasquez, making his 14th start three and three a 4.50 era and here’s a guy. Here i tell you what he’s settled into center field, but he’s also settling into this lead off position. 1. 1 high fly ball down the line that’s deep into the corner that one’s sailing sailing. It is gone kk, hernandez with number 11. and quickly ties the ball game at 1, 1 Applause. He gets this inside fastball at least. I think it was a fastball the way he hit it. He crushed it now. This has become an absolute habit for hernandez, getting the red sox.

Their first run with the home run that ball middle in and somehow he’s able to keep that ball fair and a lot of times. You see a pitch like that. Guy swings at it it’s foul that ball stayed in fair territory and way out of the ballpark 3 1 coming. He takes ball four, so that’s, a third walk in the inning for the right hander velazquez that’ll fill them up for hunter. Renfro stand the two strike pitch swing. A little tapper here to gregoria, so shovel into second he’ll. Get that out as the run scores. They cannot turn two radugo in and the red sox have. The lead. Two to one Applause here is didi gregorius gregorius lines it to right center field, that’ll be in for a base hit hoskins around second heading to third, the throw goes towards. Second, it was bobbled for a moment by hernandez and dede slides in safely, and the fills have something going here in the second they’ve got second and third, with nobody out and it’s second to third for bowm lines, it the other way and that’s in for a Base hit kick by renfro that’s, going to score two as boehm stops. It first it’ll be a two run single and the phillies lead it three to two – and this is a perfect guy for alec bowman in that situation. Here in the bottom of the second inning brings up bobby dalbeck a bullet that’s, fair that’s, going to bounce all the way to the wall dalbeck taking off easily into second base with those big strides, he’s got himself a double with one down jd.

Looking to add to his 58 runs batted in high fly that one sucked to right racing back miller still going back turning now it is gone into the bullpen. He got that one jerry, because he did yep jd martinez, going to right. A three run shot to put the sox back in front 5, 3 fastball right down the middle, that beautiful opposite field swing by j.d and a quick three runs to the red sox, here’s raffy. He drives center field driving back jankowski all the way. Turning she’s gone. He’S done it again, raphael with number 22. and the red sox on top six to three well he’s for real. This kid absolutely amazes me every day by what he does look at this fastball right down the heart of the plate and he just tattoos it christian vasquez at third base and bobby dalbeck, hit first with two gone Music bouncing ball and through for a base hit. Another run is in vasquez will score dalbeck advancing to third rodugo pulling a single, as he picks up his 35th run bad at him and brings up jd martinez 2 2. He drives that one toward the gap. Nobody out there that skips and that’s off into the bullpen that’s going to cost the red sox a run by going into the bullpen, so he picks up. Another rbi is fourth in the ball game. Red sox extend the lead to nine to three right: here’s driving one high and shallow down the right field line.

Is this going to land fair? It is just inside the line. Seeing eye automatic double vasquez can trot home. It is 10 3 red sox, it’s just been that kind of night. I mean that thing. It was perfectly placed so now. Harper is up with a runner at second base, it’s sharply and that’s past the diving bogarts and into right center field, a runoff score as jankowski crosses the plate. It’S now, 11 to 5. it’s, an rbi single for harper by the way reuben ronald torres is in the pitch for the philly. This is never a good sign. There’S a fly ball to right field. Jankowski is there makes the catch ground ball to dede gregorius, and there are two outs quickly: the pitch and he popped him up and out into shallow center goes to reyes and or segura. He makes the catch and he’ll keep the souvenir baseball. He’S got himself a one: two three inning at fenway park. Gene segura began the game by rocketing a triple that almost got out the pitch to segura swinging a chopper to third racing in on it evers. He gloves on the run. He throws to first ball game over what a night for workmen and the red sox they blast off. 11. 5.

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