Phoenix Suns, Milwaukee Bucks, The NBA Finals, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Chris Paul, Devin Booker E 2 Highlights | 2021 NBA Finals

They’Ve had two turnovers already booker to crowder. Crowder connects on a three and gets the crowd on its feet early, and you see what giannis did he came over as he dumps it on the spin there that’s here from milwaukee that is still many ways: their bread and butter and tedeco right on cue with The holiday against crowder, the spin move gets inside layup is good, drew just so fun to hear these crowds in both milwaukee and phoenix, because it’s so fresh being in the final game too. Nice feet inside crowder, back to bridges, bridges with a pair of Music playing with chris paul to playing with what he imagined, michael jordan, might be like middleton against booker tucker tries to corner three that’s good Applause. Hooker against connaughton crowder tries the three pointer it’s gon na Applause, paul gets away from holiday, it’s a wide open, shot down and didn’t get the call cameron’s pain in the game. Cam johnson. His first shot is good Applause. Six on the 24. booker fires, a three got it three pointers in the first quarter for phoenix connection, tries a three pat cottage from downtown defensively is where it sets it all for us his aggressiveness. There was good speaking of defense, that’s, something this team. Forbes tries another this time he connects. Music paul goes inside high off the glass first foul for the team. Obviously, first on middleton mikel bridges finds some space nice looking move.

Middleton throws it up perfect pass for lopez tucker in pursuit, booker finds a little. Space comes up short gets. His own rebound keeps the dribble alive, kicks it out to the corner, cam johnson, again, five points for cameron, johnson bridges with the steal ahead to bucker, one man to beat block play holiday, but eighteen on the slam as cam johnson’s hustle, kept it alive Applause when He goes into the paint, he’ll try a three pointer lopez, the offensive rebound put back and i think it’s because of the second round. Meanwhile, mckell bridges, the first player in double figures with ten connecting answers, naked, shot, rebounded. Oh, they need someone like that. As booker knocks down a three Applause: bridges inside to ayton back out crowder, three pointer punch it in 20.. They got it, they got to shoot the ball better they’re playing hard they’re, getting good shots. Chris paul knocks it down pumped away by middleton Music Applause, and then they do call a jump ball. Usa, basketball, no oversteer! No, no, no that’s the i’m preaching right there. The job you did! Nobody else could do bridges. Music gets inside that ball. Good. Looking jumper, there rides on the defensive player of the year. High shot is good defense as well booker. Trying to draw the foul tucked away by middleton bridges inside america wins three tacos phoenix up 13.. Remember phoenix when they’ve had a double figure lead in these playoffs. This holiday knocks down the 10 point advantage you’re in the opening minute of the third booker Applause.

Others have picked up the scoring slack chris paul booker long, three pointer, that’s good worry down, set of start of your Applause with the jumper the damage he does at the rim. Booker throws it up, they can somehow able to catch it. Prowler comes away with the ball: nice feed bridges, the cut and the finish, but it should be uh brook lopez, the rebound great water from the honest and federal good upper body; strength, honest against bridges, blows it up. That shot rolls around and drops in 11 points. In the quarter – and we played just over four minutes chris paul not to three from three point range bucks. Meanwhile, just six of 18. later kubo lays it up and in he is dominated first ball using the screen, floats it up to eight and again blocked by lopez. J crowder baseline drive opens right there and eighteen is foul Music, one on one with crowder spins kicks it out middleton. He gets a good look for three that’s good middleton drives off. Middleton gets inside whips a pass. The ball history punter is good. You got to look blocked by antenna, beautiful rejection off the glass holliday connorton, his three pointer that’s, good, that cop boy holidays transition. Defense is so good. Jeff teague back in from milwaukee cameron, payne cam johnson in for phoenix knocks down another isaiah thomas back in 88.. Great isaiah on the follow Applause. The big time plays when you’re trying to win the championship.

Middleton fires over cam, johnson and nails. The three pointer 24. paul drives on conophant stops, pulls up falling away, shot bounces up and drops through aggressive there’s chris paul off balance. Shots good and the foul from that distance, shoots and scores 30, surrounded by lopez hooker for three got it with a seven footer right on it up rebound taken by bridges to put back blocked by adenocambo. That was close to being a goaltend, but the ball never hit the rim holiday up top and lopez. Lays it up for three punches Applause. You wanted to be a rapper last game. Now, all of a sudden you, you have a down path: beautiful, pass, paul to payton i’ll, tell you what deandre ayton’s got down pat scream for print quest ball and roll to that rim. Holiday gets inside.

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Phoenix Suns, Milwaukee Bucks, The NBA Finals, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Chris Paul, Devin Booker d Devin Booker talks about the 120-100 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks in Game 3

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