Pittsburgh Pirates, MLB, Major League Baseball draft, Draft chado Gets a Hit Off of Machado For His Birthday

His first batter today is jake cronenworth and he hits a long drive to left center field and it’s caught by victor robles. Machado offers some sticky stuff to row. Blaze, robloz is t bowing, and if you watch this replay, you got this guy with the yellow sleeves offering a hug, and this other kid offering a hug. And my question is why don’t they just hug each other dudes really be thirsty nowadays, but anyways great catch by robles. Now the next batter for machado is machado and it’s machado’s birthday. Today, machado already has a nice double and an rbi single going for him today and yes, this is the first time machado is ever facing machado or anyone else named machado. Machado takes ball one from machado. Then he takes ball. Two from machado and now machado’s got ta lock in so you get some sticky stuff and he’s ready to go again outside corner sticky. Stuff works, so why not go back to it and boom down goes machado turn to the replay and these two women aren’t paying attention so don’t ask him what happened tomorrow morning at work, but, more importantly, machado, fouls, this off the back knee and like when. Have you ever seen this happen? It’S, just a bizarre foul ball, but machado gets back up, takes a couple. Practice swings and what’s that going on. In the background, this woman’s way too hype manny manny boom ball, three full count and with the full count next pitch long drive to the outfield, and if you watch manny, he stares this down.

He thinks this is out of the park, but it doesn’t go out. The park it one hops, the wall, road blaze, feels it and now manny’s got ta turn on the gas roll blaze throws a seed and manny’s called safe on this play. Now the umps will take a look at this, and the thing i want you guys to look at is there’s a moment where manny’s right foot comes off. The bag and manny’s right hand goes on top of the bag, and i want you guys to see if there is ever a moment where neither is on the back. This first angle, it kind of looks like manny’s foots off the back there and his hands. Definitely not on the bag, if that’s the case then manny’s out now this other angle. This is the moment i think manny’s cleat is off the bag and i think, if you watch this replay, what you’ll see is that in a couple frames, manny’s fingers will compress on towards the back. So i don’t think manny’s fingers are on the back here either. So i think manny’s out on this play, but you already know the padres paid off the umps robles is pissed. Davey martinez is absolutely lost for words, and he has every right to beat because the next batter is will myers and that one lady is still throwing gang signs up in the back and will myers hits a line. Drive that drives in manny, machado.

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