Pittsburgh Pirates, MLB, Major League Baseball draft, Draft n Moran – surprising with his last 13 starts, 11 innings, 13 strikeouts, 8 hits

One three ground downs for gutierrez: the pitch is outside 67 mile delivery. That goes to the backstop from beyond the grasp of the catcher’s sullivan to his right. One ball: one strike for moran next pitch missing in brian moran, a 32 year old from the university of north carolina has had some big league time with two different clubs. 2 1 pitch missing away. Moran has appeared in the major leagues with the toronto blue jays and the miami marlins Applause. He was in the miami system just a year ago. The pitch here is in for a strike floating in at 83. Applause. Miami did not resign moran after last year, he signed on with tampa bay this year and now the pitch swinging, a miss and a ball up high and gutierrez is out on strikes. So one down here in the ninth inning brings out the designated hitter brent. Cumberland cumberland’s, been hit by a pinch, walked and struck out switch hitter turns around a bat from the right side. Here they shift on him and the pitch is in for a strike. Now the marlins actually waved miranda late last season. He was grabbed by toronto, as the pitch here is hit hard but foul outside to third base. So now in two count: cumberland over one officially with a strikeout in the sixth inning, he was hit by a pitch. His first time up and walked in the fourth inning, just four hits tonight for the tides, two of them belonging to first baseman jc askaro, the pitch there’s a to miss and cumberland.

It is taking care of back to back strikeouts for moran Applause, so the tide to last hope tonight is us. The tides have been shut out five times this year. Three of those occasions have taken place here at home. The pitch for moran is inside as diaz straightens up the knees to get out of the way, Applause and durham one out away from a fifth consecutive win the pitch home knocked away foul, also one out away from their 37th victory of the year. To put that in perspective, durham has more wins than five major league teams this year. Now, if you say so, what we’ll consider the fact that the major league started a month before the minor leagues and yet durham has more wins than kansas city, minnesota, texas, pittsburgh, baltimore and arizona.

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