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The payoff pitch home into right field, that’s a base head, Applause, he’ll hold it second, and there are two aboard now they’re a swing and he pops him up on the infield and the infield fly rule will be in effect here. He set the payoff pitch and he struck him out a 10 pitch battle, but he finally wears him down as the inning is over tony gonzalon. The california born right hander is on the mound lofted in the air out toward right center bets on the run. He gets there and that’s the second out. The one two heading out towards shallow right bets has a read on it and he’s got it for the final out of the frame. This is line to left and that’s into the outfield for a one out base hit Applause, good bike to that sinker, as he gets him to swing through it for round number two. The 3 2 pitch high in the air out to center field and marte will make the grab and that ends the inning dodgers. Leave one we’ll go to the bottom of the second no score. In now. Miguel rojas into center field line drive base head Applause and he misses with that one for ball. Four, so that’ll put runners on first and second now, with one away Applause right, three called and now he’s one out away from getting out of this into the box. John verde hit in the air down the left field line, paulo casa read on it and that ends the inning tough to work around the lead off, walk, grounded back up the middle and a base hit.

So the leadoff man is on to begin the inning Applause. Now, here’s a check swing and they appeal down to first no swing so that’s ball. Four now the set and the two in one pitch down the line in fair that’s, a hit alpha rounds, the corner and is headed home and the second run will score, as that makes it a two: nothing ball game yeah. I think he was sitting on the fastball. He was way out in front of it, but he kept his hands back long enough to keep it fair down. The line that’s not always easy to do, swing, high drive, left field and deep back goes pollock at the track. It’S out of here. So a two run homer down the line in left and the marlins opened it up now, four to nothing yeah with one out to runner on. Third, he just wanted to lift one to the outfield to move across the run, but he does a heck of a lot more than that by lifting it right over the fence. Applause swung on and hit pretty well out to deep left field and that ball gets down out near the wall and should be extra bases and now he’ll get into scoring position with two away at the plate. Miguel rojas hit out towards second and that’ll, get by into center field for a base hit and not in time as the run scores Applause. This is on the ground over to first and that’s through for a hit and that runner will hold up at second with two aboard now.

Hitters count all the way here it comes and he misses with it for ball four, so the bases will be loaded now with two away and strike three there as they’ll. Finally work out of the inning as the side is retired. Another good ending here for the marlins who says fans, don’t love their baseball in miami, more baseball on mlb network ground ball, sent back up the middle and a base hit so early trouble to lead off the inning hit ball towards the hole and that’s in there Base hit they’ll hold it second, and there are two aboard now if he’s got that this team’s in trouble liner toward right center, and this is going to get down for extra bases, as that will get one, if not both of them home. Just a great at bat there that one out double gets a run across and now they’ve got runners at second and third and are one solid swing away from making this a real big inning Applause into the box. Chris taylor hit on the ground to short he’s got it throw to first is in time, but meanwhile the runner is in to score at the plate. Gavin lux hit back up the middle and that’s through into center field base, hit muncie rounds. Third and is digging for the plate and he’s safe at the play, as they now trail by only two Music Applause at the plate. Now aj power pitch inside the throw, and he is out at second caught stealing to end the inning another look at the throw down that results in a third out on the bases.

Don’T touch that remote more mlb network right after this a bouncer to the left side, but the ending will continue as that’s through for a two out hit. He’Ll get it into second on the second. But the throw is wide stepping in now chris taylor waved at and missed for the third out, not much of a chance at hitting that one and the inning is over. Last thing you can do, though, is throw a fastball middle of the plate right here, and that gets through for a one out base hit oh and he’s not going to make it to third as he’s gunned down by the right, fielder and that’s. A tough second out anytime you’re going for third, you want to be really sure you can get there, because you know you’re already in scoring position standing on second base to begin with, he almost made it work because it ended up being a close play, but man, Those outs at third are tough to swallow, with two guys already on pretty good shot. He’S gon na get a challenge pitch right here. He hits it high. He hits it deep. It Applause is so it’s a three run shot to straight away right field as they open it up to eight to three swung on, and this ball is absolutely crushed. Forget about it. It bangs against the giant, cement pole and gone a solo shot down the line in right, as it is now an eight to four ball game shot toward right center and he’ll break through with a solid knock here.

His first of the ball game, not every day that you see a ball, come off the bat like that one did and looking at it again on show track. We see it a lot faster than it came in 113 miles an hour. Couldn’T have hit that one. Much better than that albert will come on to pinch it now the runner at first and nobody else albert, and he lays off ball four. So he comes right off the bench and works. The walk, usually easier said than done i’d, be sitting on a fastball middle end lifted in the air to straight away center. After it is marta, he makes the catch and the runner from second will tag and head for third and he’ll get into third here. On the fly out so he’s 90 feet away here with one gun swing and a miss and they’ll dodge a major bullet that time, two away the dodgers down to their final strike. He struck him out and that’s going to do it for the dodgers here tonight. It’S always nice to give your fans at home something to cheer about, and they definitely did that right here coming through with the big win at home 8 4 tonight, miami crossed the plate three times in the eighth helping propel them to the win. Ross detweiler gets the w on the mound.

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