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Remember, of course, this is important because the company has reached its limit in terms of how much socket can sell how many shares it can actually have, and it needed authorization from shareholders to sell more to raise more money to potentially change its trajectory in some fashion. Jim, as its market value, still hangs in there at above what over 25 yeah a million dollars. Let me just make sure i’m right on that, but it’s. Basically, i think that’s what i left – um i’ve known adam for years adam – has done what i think the capital market suggests you do as your stock goes higher. You need to perhaps refinance that by the way, carnival not even not selling stock that i can tell they did they’re refinancing 11 coupon uh. So what adam has to do is basically go on the offense now buying chains, okay, and he can do that because he’s got a yeah but he’s still in the movie business he’s still in the business of showing a close circuit, which is which is poster and By the way, the windows for which not it’s going away, but the windows for which are tightening – and i mean that’s – okay – he can get even bigger woohoo. Look at him, adam isn’t. Do you know all the companies that he has either saved? Maybe they should merge with gamestop, you are so brilliant, sometimes and my own tv, i mean that my partner is brilliant, brilliant right, he’s, brilliant yeah and it’s like robin hood.

Is they do it today robin who comes come public and you know there? I sit there and i think they pantsed the whole industry exactly they passed them you you would be. It would be over now a lot of people, this game. When you go to adam aaron’s uh, you know adam put out his statement on twitter. Yes, he did so adam really understands the complex of twitter. Robin hood he’s been communicating with his shareholder base, which is a very different one than he had pre pandemic and he said, listen, it’s, no secret. I think we could have authorized another 25 million, but what you think is important to us. Many yes, many know and we’re not going to go ahead with this with uh with such a move, so we’re canceling the july vote on more chairs now, let’s. Remember the adam aaron i mean at that point. He was talking about doing 500 million shares and uh whether he could vote on that it would have been voted on that. Obviously he pulled back but david if you’re, shorting, amc, right or you’re just like buying puts yes, because you know there’s some more coming. Yes, he just sucked you right in the kisser he did. He did. I just continue to come back to the long term. Viability of both amc as a business in terms of whether it’s worth 26 billion dollars, which, of course virtually none of the analysts who follow the company if there are any who even do anymore believe is the case.

I know a lot of people say to me: how can you go on air with a straight face and say this company? Well, you can’t! No, i exist. Of course you can well. I can come on yesterday that adam aaron is doing his darn best to save the company and that perhaps this was the right thing to do, because he does care about the shareholders he he has. He has said lately that he’s going to go on offense he’s, going to buy others david there are. I asked him if he’s going to buy the british company, that is, that holds that has lots of theaters uh. He obviously you know kind of he kind of. Might be something just quoted like a real pivot, i think he’s gon na have to come up with that big pivot david. You just came up big pivot. The game. Stop ryan ryan, cohen, right, adam aaron done your way. Oh, my god show guys together. Should you show movies in gamestop, would you sell excel gamestop? Maybe you game, maybe it’s? Maybe you bring people in to watch the big game tournaments in the amc? Yes, pay per view. Yes, and you go to take two and you go to. Maybe you get a subscription division blizzard, so you can go any time you want subscription. Subscription values are through the room. You always pay a higher multiple it’s consistent. I think we got it well, he does give you pop members.

Shareholders get popcorn, you get popcorn and david have you played, you know, we’re talking about seven, eight dollar, popcorn and don’t get that butter dave because it’s, not butter, it’s, not butter. It is not. I can’t believe it’s, not butter. Oh it ain’t butter. It is some sort of chemical that is definitely made either by dao or olin, and you see the price of chlorine still doing well shepherd smith.

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