Vaccine, Johnson & Johnson, Elmira Harlem..police Shutting Down All Black Neighborhoods

We ain’t going to be happy: hey yo, just a little bit, y’all it’s a little bit it’s a little bit. You know the thing is like you know, i know i know i don’t understand yo just a little bit y’all watching me a little bit so let’s just feel this let’s go talk a little bit without her, not loud come on man. You know what i’m saying like i know. I know he said this is going to make more people come people your lights, make people come down, no that’s, not something like that. You said the dj people attracted come on man, we haven’t known all right. Oh, oh, oh white, girls and so we’re, not the only so we’re the only ones out here, playing music ain’t, no other neighborhood doing it. No! This is not our first stop. Oh no don’t get me sick. No! This ain’t! Your first stop. Oh car. Of course not no, so everybody else is shut down, you’re, shutting the whole hall down everywhere, you’re going Music all right, so you cover a nice little region of the area. So then you got to be shutting everybody down like i said this isn’t our first stop. Tonight, no of course, it’s not gon na come Music. 85 85 y’all got a call, you got to go, get on, they got a call, they got a call. You just got a call 85. you’re going to get this ready on call i’m just trying to speak to you guys.

I know it’s, the fourth of july i’ll be right back. They got a call now they’re out of here they’re just out here and harlem harassing. Every harlem hood see they got to go, tend to the real crime they attend to the real crime, part of the real time Music to the real club. They sat out there all that time right. They sat out there all that time, trying to get one neighborhood. One block to stop playing music when everywhere you turn around they playing music on every block, every hood it’s, the fourth of july people having a nice time. They want to come, shut it down so that’s. Why? I asked him you’re going to every neighborhood doing this, or is it just right here, y’all, just picking us because there’s more blacks, they said the music going to attract blacks. I mean the music going to attract people because, because they’re going to see the equipment equipment attract people, what the is this a fly catch or some, how the the equipment gon na make more people come, have to come up with anything they come up with anything. I don’t know yo. I thank all y’all for tuning in all my subscribers and followers. I thank you all for tuning in Music, we out here – Music, Music, Music, definitely for the bottom Music it’s in here, Music, Music, oh Music, it’s called block work, Music yeah. Oh so y’all mixing girls, huh y’all mix it with your all right, yeah cause.

I don’t wan na litter go ahead, get that up we’ll pick it up. We’Ll pick Music what’s up blood, how you doing brother boy, how you feeling ten toes down man guys! I got ta come over here. I got ta get these ladies over here who these ladies right here i’m on, live right now, you’re the entourage. Oh there, you are all right where you from way more than that, though, see y’all over here with men, huh that’s. How it’s supposed to be that’s? How i’m supposed that’s awesome i’ll come down? Hey! Thank you. Thank you. All right, queens, you’re, good yeah y’all got y’all, got mixie huh, yeah mixy asses y’all up over here, concussion, so who’s, the big sister and, where you’re from all right Laughter they talking about the music. All this looking and we got out here – they weren’t about music, get the out of here. They got helicopters in this. Look at this yeah it’s a nice night to get nice feel good. Have fun, ain’t, nothing wrong with that. Okay, we got woman all over from this monster: Music, Music, no shut up; everybody be quiet for one. Second, you don’t hear it yeah. I can hear that music that’s it that’s crazy, now, i’m, just being look Music, Music, Music, um, Music. Thank everybody for tuning in for showing love thanks, everybody for showing love for coming in. You know what it is. What up i’m live, huh yeah y’all know what it is already.

Man, Music celebration, Music, but listen man i’m about to shut it down. I want to thank all y’all for tuning in for showing love we’re going to go we’re going we’re going we’re going to go through it one more time and then i’m shutting down they’re coming around again. Look these just don’t know how to stop them. They don’t want to stop. They just don’t want to stop all right. What’S happening you’re back again, what’s happening what’s up brother. You guys have the fireworks just over here. Your whole crew was just here. They came yeah, it is, they left. They said all right. Let’S keep the music down that’s it Music, with the fireworks i’m, not gon na, say not to do anything i’m, not gon na say to do it just be careful, oh yeah. Definitely, all all right. They coming back in those spanish, just playing music. Oh, no, they told me, i just be careful with the fireworks. No, they say nothing about the movie right: Music, oh Music, out, king Music, block work. You did that what you said that what we got we good all right i’m out of here i’m out of here.

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Vaccine, Johnson & Johnson, Elmira Police chase down black kid for a lighter while neighbors and friends are standing firm in support