Vaccine, Johnson & Johnson, Elmira Police chase down black kid for a lighter while neighbors and friends are standing firm in support

This is going to be one of my speak up moments and it’s, going to show you that if you speak up and you stand together – that you can get things done, the other night i put a post up on the fourth of july, showing the police, when They came and they harassed us a bit, but the night turned out. Okay, they said just keep the music down to a minimum and be careful with the fireworks 10 minutes after hanging up my phone, my live a unmarked police car pulls up on the corner lights. Blazing they pull up on the curb right in front of me. Standing behind me is a young brother. He has a light in his hand, a police sergeant and the officer jumps out the car, and they immediately rush at him saying what you got in your hand. From behind me, he hands the offer to the lighter. I only got a lighter. The officer grabs his hand takes his wrist and try to twist it around behind his back. He breaks loose and runs. They ended up catching him. A lot of us brothers run out of fear the unknown from what we hear from what we see on tv that’s. Why we run then you’re gon na? Have those that say why run if you didn’t do nothing police are shooting us killing us for reaching for our wallets they’re, killing us for sandwiches and they’re killing us for nothing? So this young brother had a lighter what you think was gon na happen to him.

They’Re gon na fire, his ass up with a lighter so after they called up to the brother, the whole block swarms the officers when we get up there, they trying to handle him, and we can see they want to do him bad the officers trying to twist Them up and do him dirty the first 10 seconds of the video was gon na. Have no sound, so just be patient. It got so bad that the officers began to ask me to help quiet everybody down to calm them down. It got so bad that the officers asked me to take care of the situation, because i was in the mix of it. I don’t look for no accolades. I don’t look for no props it’s, just i’m prepared for revolution with you to just pop off any moment. It’S nothing that’s planned. I seen him doing a brother wrong ready to do him dirty and a note to let it be known that the brother who you’re going to see in this video young brother is kind of slow don’t. Go all the way to the top floor and i’m trying to explain that to the officers that he’s slow mentally ill. Why are you overdoing it, but at the end of the day right, the officers admitted they were wrong at the end of the day, it wasn’t? No violence, nothing done and over a five mile radius in harlem from the area in which we were out gathering it’s, the fourth of july, which everybody was out, gathering lighting fireworks that’s what we do well, that’s what everybody does on the 4th of july as a Celebration, let me just play the tape.

Look at this look, how this turned out bro. All this look. I just was live with y’all and now the police come and shut this whole down. They start chasing getting crazy out. This is okay Laughter, oh Laughter, good. Tell me he’s making this bigger than it had to be.

What do you think?

Written by freotech


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Vaccine, Johnson & Johnson, Elmira Harlem..police Shutting Down All Black Neighborhoods

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