2021, Primetime Emmy Awards, The Crown MMY® AWARDS NOMINATIONS ANNOUNCEMENT

Thank you for joining us for the 73rd emmy awards nominations, announcement, nominations. Announcements are always exciting for us at the television academy, but this year they are particularly heartwarming. These nominations represent the work done in television through the most challenging year. I can think of, and all we want to do is celebrate them and all the amazing program that carried us through thanks to a giant effort by so many professionals from every trade in television. We can celebrate the stories. The jokes tender moments, news and pure fun from the last year that provided a lifeline for so many of us and while many of us in our medium worked remotely throughout the last 18 months, i have to say it feels so good to be getting back on A set making great television is a collaborative group effort where the sum equals more than the parts, and i can’t tell you how much i’ve missed it, and that includes the television academy’s own special occasions. Even though we still manage to deliver all our events to our membership and industry, virtually we are thrilled that getting together in person is on the horizon. Once again, virtual events kept us all connected when we needed it most, but i am ready to celebrate excellence in television face to face to help us get. This party started are two people who made emmy history in 2020. They are the only duel around to win. Matching father daughter, emmy awards in the same year, which they won for their exceptional performances on quibby’s, free, ray, shawn and nbc’s.

This is us respectively. Talent clearly runs deep in this family and we are so excited to have them announce the nominations for the 73rd emmy awards coming to us from new york city. We have the star of blind spotting on stars, jasmine cephas jones and here in the studio from the apple tv plus series, truth be told ron seafish jones. Thank you. So very much frank. I must say i’m feeling incredibly blessed this morning. It’S such an honor to be here with you all this morning, hey what’s, going on sweetheart, hey dad hi everyone so great to be here, and not only is it an honor to announce the 2021 emmy nominees, but i get to do it with my very own. Superstar daughter, dad, okay, you promised you wouldn’t embarrass me: okay, i’m, sorry sweetheart, but we did kind of make television history. Last year i mean, i know i’m partial, but i think your emmy is the most beautiful emmy in all the world. Oh thanks dad i mean it is pretty amazing and you know my emmy looks up to your emmy very much. Oh god bless you. Sweetheart uh wait a minute which one because i have two. Oh, oh, okay, so you flex it yeah. You know how we do. Jonesing, okay, joseph okay, i see well in a couple of months. A bunch of today’s nominees will get their very own emmy to humble brag about a whole new generation of emmys it’s, so exciting.

All right, dad well let’s get started. Do it you, the boss? Let’S go okay; our first category is for outstanding variety. Talk series here: are the nominees conan ever says something complementary to me on the street. Like i really like your work, my children look at me like what are they talking about the daily show with trevor noah? You want to keep wearing them so that you get your money’s worth, and i understand that someone who owns 743 hoodies i’m wearing these things, jimmy kimmel lies wenzel biden is our 46th president. It feels like i have to imagine this is what it feels like when the oncologist calls and tells you. The tumor is benign last week tonight with john oliver, the late show with stephen colbert i’m your host stephen colbert, huge day in american democracy. First of all, it still exists. I would not have put my money on that. Congratulations to the nominees for outstanding variety talk series. Our next category is for outstanding competition program. Here are the nominees the amazing race holy cow nailed, it Music, rupaul’s, drag race, happens here or online don’t. Let anyone make you feel like a loser and i’m proud of each and every one of you top chefs. The best chefs have traveled to portland oregon. For what will surely be an epic culinary showdown, the voice, it’s just nick’s, an incredible baseball player, i do play baseball. I didn’t know that we’re not playing baseball we’re at a vocal competition.

Congratulations to the outstanding competition program nominees. What do we have next? Next? We have the nominees for outstanding, lead actress in a comedy series and they are aydah bryant shrill, kaylee cuoco, the flight attendant allison janney, mom tracy ellis ross, blackish gene, smart hacks. These are the nominees for outstanding, lead actress in a comedy series. Congratulations, and now here are the nominees for outstanding lead actor in a comedy series: anthony anderson, blackish, michael douglas, the kaminsky method, william h, macy, shameless jason, zedeski’s ted lasso, keenan thompson keenan. These are the nominees for outstanding lead actor in a comedy series. The next category is outstanding, comedy series let’s check them out. Blackish you can clap in your heart. You don’t mean that no, i don’t, let me hear it go, go! Hey, hey, cobra khan, run away from your problems. I might never be able to never can’t. So just words they’re meaningless, emily in paris. Has anyone noticed this is a very dysfunctional workplace? I think you’re, the one bringing a drummer hey, explain to me that i’m making your life hard. You don’t, even know what that means. Oh good, my ride’s here the flight attendant actually in trouble or something are you no i’m uh hungover in thailand, the kaminsky method. Well, sandy sweetheart, i never fell out of love with you, really no pin 15. that’s good, no, no, really ted lasse hey. One. Last thing, and i want everyone’s eyes on me when i say this look at me.

Congratulations to all the nominated outstanding comedy series let’s see who the nominees are for outstanding lead actor in a limited or anthology series, or a movie paul bettany, wanda vision, hugh grant the undoing, ewan mcgregor, halston lynn, manuel miranda, hamilton, leslie, odom, jr hamilton. Congratulations to the nominees for outstanding lead actor in a limited or anthology series or movie, and now i have the nominees for outstanding, lead actress in a limited or anthology series or a movie michaela cole. I may destroy you: cynthia arrivo genius, aretha elizabeth olsen, juan division and taylor, joy, the queen’s gambit, kate, winslet mayor of easton. These are the nominees for outstanding, lead actress in a limited or anthology series or movie. Congratulations! Everyone! Next up we have the nominees for outstanding, limited or anthology series here they are. I may destroy you where rules, clarity, law and separation cease to exist. We will show you exactly what we mean by violation, you’re, pushing everyone away, mayor of east town, including you. No, i won’t, let you the queen’s, gambit Music, the underground railroad, telling me how special i am. What good is a railroad that only special folk can take it. Wanda vision, Music, my wife for the flying saucers, my husband and his indestructible head. Congratulations to the nominees for outstanding, limited or anthology series. Next up are the nominees for outstanding, lead actress in a drama series and they are uzo aduba in treatment, olivia coleman, the crown emma corrin, the crown elizabeth moss, the handmaid’s tale, m.

j rodriguez pose journey smell. It lovecraft country – these are the nominees for outstanding, lead actress in a drama series, and now here are the nominees for outstanding lead actor in a drama series sterling k brown. This is us jonathan majors, lovecraft country, josh o’connor, the crown reggae, jean page bridgeton billy porter pose matthew, reese, perry mason. These are the nominees for outstanding lead actor in a drama series. Congratulations! Everyone! Congratulations! Okay, here’s! Our final category for the morning outstanding drama series here are the nominees the boys, Music bridgerton. There is nothing you cannot do the crown. How many times can this family make the same mistake Laughter, paying the consequences each time the handmaid’s tale Music, lovecraft country, he’s, beating us what’s? He doing i don’t know the mandalorian bokeh tan sent me. We need to talk po and who are you to come for me when you have half the wisdom and half the brain cell, that ain’t fear. I wanted to help. You know what i’m going through, and this is how you do me. This is us. I want them to know their dad sees greatness in them. Congratulations to the nominees for outstanding drama series and, of course, congratulations to all the nominees for this year’s emmy awards. You can find the full list of nominees online at be sure to tune in for the 2021 creative arts emmy awards airing on saturday september 18th, at 8 pm on fxx and join us for the 73rd emmy awards sunday september 19th, at 8 pm eastern 5 Pm pacific on cbs, you so much for being with us this morning and have a great day everyone sweetheart! This has been a joy i’m.

I can’t even begin to stop crying right now, but uh. I love you very much. You are so beautiful and i will see you on the flip side. I will see you on the flip side too.

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